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We Are Ready For 2019!!

We Are Ready For 2019!!

As the year comes to a close I reflect on our family’s one word for 2018 which was simplify. We chose simplify because we felt that our lives became too hectic. We needed to slow down and reflect on what we were doing and how what we were doing affected us and what we wanted to accomplish. Simplifying did not mean that we became bored and did nothing, we were still spontaneous remember Zach Brown Concert?!?! We just decided as a couple that instead of agreeing to do something and then telling the other person we would say, “Let me ask Erin/Charley and I’ll get back to you?” This allowed us to take a breath and see how the other was feeling and if it was something that we wanted to do we would do it and if not we wouldn’t. This had a great impact on Erin and I’s health we were not as stressed because we had talked out what we were doing and found there were very few things we felt we had to do. This also indirectly lead to other improvements especially in communication because we talked out everything before we committed to it. This allowed us to let each other know how the other was feeling and also talk out why we wanted to do it. The communication aspect has been especially great for our relationship. Part of the deal was that we were not to agree because we thought that’s what the other wanted we had to be honest and open with each other. We learned that we could be raw with each other and that it was OK. The one-word technique really worked for us in 2018 so we are going to continue that into 2019. The 2019 word for the Peters family is positive. We chose positive because that is the type of people we want to be and the type of people that we want to surround ourselves with. Erin and I both believe that there is enough negativity in this world and that we do not need to contribute to that. I have made a pledge to unfollow anyone on my timelines that is negative. We are expecting twins in March and I want to bring them into a household that is positive and grateful. Part of being positive is being grateful for what you have.

Last night Erin and I watched Jack Ryan on Prime Videos and one line that stuck out to me was from the bad guy, Tony, that was helping Jack in Turkey. Jack did not like that they needed him to help them because he ran a brothel. Tony told Jack, “You see me as the bad guy and you are the good guy, but maybe if I was born in a nice city in America, like Cincinnati, I could be a good guy too. Geography is destiny, my friend, the world is the kiln and we are the clay.” This struck us and Erin and I looked at each other and both agreed that Tony was 100% correct, we got to be Americans because we were lucky and should feel blessed to have received that gift. It is my job to make sure that my children understand that they are being born into the greatest country in the world. When they work hard they have a chance to be whatever they want to be, but every day they wake up they need to be grateful that they were given an opportunity that millions of other kids around the world would die to have. 2019 is going to be the year of positivity for the Peters’ family and I encourage you to be as positive each day as you can. Smile at people, say hello or good morning to perfect strangers, hold the door for people, or pass out a compliment to someone. You never know what someone else is going through and what a small act of kindness can do for that person.

On Christmas Eve Erin and I went to church at St. Raphael in Bay Village. Fr. Tim gave one of the greatest most powerful homilies that I have ever heard. He showed a 4 minute and 30-second video about these guys singing “The Little Drummer Boy” at a pediatric cancer hospital. If you know what the song is about, it’s about a little poor boy who plays his drum for the king because that is all he has to give him. When the video was done Fr. Tim walked around with a big board that said, “What is your drum?” This went hand in hand with One Word for 2019, our drum is positivity.

Next week we have another ultrasound as we approach 26 weeks Saturday the 12th of January. Unfortunately, I will miss that one as we will have been back to school for just a couple days and I can’t miss since we are coming off of break. Over break, my father in law Mark Cunningham and I painted the nursery, alabaster which is just a cleaner white than it was when it first got painted. It took about 6 hours, we started about 9 am and finished around 3 pm. Thank goodness for Mark, as you can probably figure out I am not very handy, so thankfully he is. He has helped me with numerous projects around the house, in fact, if we do not call him first to help he gets about half pissed off at us, it’s kinda funny. I couldn’t have asked for a better father in law he helps me around the house and is a good drinking buddy we like Manhattans. He is retiring this year and I can’t think of a guy that deserves it more. Although he may want to rethink that as I think his daughters are going to keep him busy during retirement.

Let’s make 2019 the best yet! Be positive, grateful, and the best version of you. Here is to a fun, exciting 2019, Love you guys!

Perfect Time to Count Our Blessings

Perfect Time to Count Our Blessings

Yesterday we started our 23rd week of pregnancy and we had another ultrasound on Friday. This is a case where the Lord knows exactly what he is doing if Erin had one or two ultrasounds instead of the number of ones we have had, she would have driven herself crazy not knowing what is going on down there. The babies look great, they are each 1.3 lbs. so they are still sharing well, we are not quite out of the woods yet with regards to twin-twin transfusion but we are nearing the clearing of the forest. Dr. Kouhry told us the latest that he has seen twin-twin transfusion was 26 weeks, in fact at the beginning of his career he couldn’t understand why they followed the pregnancy so long and then he got one at 26 weeks. So we are nearing the clearance of that hurdle which is pretty exciting that they are doing so well. This Christmas break will be a busy one, not only do we have plenty of plans with family and friends but we are also going to make a major push in getting the nursery ready for the babies arrival. This week I need to paint and get the basement organized before the shower. Our basement is a place where things go to never be heard from again, so my goal this break is to have a section marked off for everything that is down there. We’ll see how much I get done but that is the plan.

As I was sitting in church the Deacon delivered a very apropos homily today especially with the usual hustle and bustle and stress of the Christmas season. What the Deacon said really hit home for me, especially with what is going on in our country right now. He said that there are three things that we should reflect on and do during this holiest of seasons. First, is be content with what you have and do not be jealous of your neighbor and what they have. Too many times Christmas has become a race about how many presents did I get and did I get as many as my sibling but that is not what Christmas should be about. Presents are a bonus and should not be given with the expectation of one in return, the present itself is a symbol of someone caring about you and showing that care with a gift. As the old saying goes and it is true, “It is the thought that counts”. Second, we should share the gifts that God has given us. We have been blessed and should feel privileged to share those gifts with others and to help those left fortunate than us. The most precious gift that we have is time since we all have a finite amount of it this Christmas season we should all find a way to spend a little bit of our time for the betterment of others. Lastly, we should care for those in need. We live in the greatest country in the world and the fact that there are homeless and hungry people in our country is absurd. These people are still people and if you can we should be helping to make their day a little bit brighter. As I was listening to the homily I was thinking about my future children and my only hope is that they are good people and take care of those less fortunate themselves. That is the only expectation for Baby A and Baby B in March.

Hopefully what Jerry Tillery will be doing top Trevor Lawrence next Saturday in Dallas

This week is the week that I have been waiting for since the end of November. Notre Dame is in the College Football Playoff with a shot at the National Championship, their first in 30 years. Notre Dame plays Clemson in Dallas, Texas at 4 pm on December 29th. A large sentiment of people are saying that ND has no chance against a seasoned Clemson team that 90% of its roster has already played in CFP, but I think that ND has a punchers chance because they play great defense and can run the football effectively. When you can do those two things you always have a chance as long as you do not turn the ball over. Another advantage I believe ND possess is at QB. Trevor Lawrence is a great QB but at the end of the day has never been in game pressure and is a 19-year-old freshman. Ian Book, on the other hand, has been in ballgames where he needed a game-winning drive or led his team back from a deficit. With that being said in my biased opinion I see ND moving on to the National Championship game in Levi Stadium with a 31-28 victory.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone enjoy this time with your family and friends and get ready for an awesome 2019!

Serious FOMO!

Serious FOMO!

On Friday something happened that I hope never happens again, but I know it is going to be unavoidable.  Erin had an ultrasound and I couldn’t go.  Being mono-di twins puts us in the high-risk category so we have to get ultrasounds every two weeks from now till we deliver. Friday the appointment was at 1:00 pm and my planning period at school start at 1:30 pm, so I was expecting a call on how everything looked shortly thereafter or at least by 2:00!  I have never been so nervous in my life.  I called her at 1:45 and then again at 2:00 she finally texts me that ultrasound was over and that everything was fine.  I almost threw up I was so nervous! I was so mad at myself because in my mind Erin was getting bad news and was on her own and I wasn’t there.  I think I get that from being around Erin, although she blames her mother for being so high strung. The babies are continuing to share and grow together.  They are 14 oz. each and she got to see all of their anatomies, save for their sex.  I was so proud of her, I was sure that her mother had gotten to her earlier that day and convinced her to find out since I wasn’t going to be there but she held strong.  At this point, you can put it in sharpie that we won’t know the gender until they arrive. 

One thing that comes with pregnancy that no one warned us about are unwanted comments from basically strangers.  On Friday we were in Parma and an elderly lady came up to Erin and said, “Wow being 36 I bet you were shocked to find out you were pregnant!”  This was funny because we really don’t know the lady, she was a friend of Erin’s grandparents, so we really relish her input.  Erin’s belly is also growing as the twins get bigger and the old lady’s friend feels the need to tell Erin, “You sure there aren’t three in there!”  Thanks for your concern lady, but three has been ruled out by a couple of doctors.  You never know what you are going to hear on a random Friday night in Parma!

This weekend was the greatest game of the year Army vs Navy.  I ran a poll on Twitter and it had two choices, best game of the year Army vs Navy, or any other game.  I’m pretty convinced that whoever did not vote for the Army/Navy game has no understanding about what that game really means.  This game is not about individuals and looks at me athletes, this game is about the Midshipman and Cadets playing a game that they love and getting a break from their everyday grind they endure every day.  The pageantry at this game is awesome from the Midshipmen and the Cadets all being on the field for the national anthem, the President of The United States doing the coin flip, flyovers, and the winning team singing their alma mater second this pregame will bring a tear to your eye. The game in itself is well played, players are all fundamentally sound, you don’t see anyone showing the other side up, there are no cheap shots it is very refreshing to see athletes legitimately giving all they have for the guy next to them.  There is a brotherhood on the two teams before the game and there will be a great brotherhood between all of them as they embark on to their next duty station.  This is the only game where all of the players are willing to die for all of the viewers.  That is why this is America’s greatest game. Oh and by the way, Army has no won three in a row, I’ll be collecting shower weekend from Michael.  

In two weeks we get to see the twins again so look forward to another update then.  Until then Merry Christmas and have a great week.  

20 Weeks! Holy Sh** Time Flies!

20 Weeks! Holy Sh** Time Flies!

On Saturday, Erin and I hit the 20 weeks thresh hold and we couldn’t be more excited, although we still have a ton of stuff left to do before the arrival of Baby A  & Baby B.  We have picked out the cribs and the stroller that “we” want, I kid it is a great stroller Erin told me and that is why it is the one we want.  I really am kidding good thing she is in Dallas because Erin would strangle me with that sentence.  I’m going to brag about myself here for a second, we went to look at cribs and strollers the Saturday of the OSU and Michigan game, I missed the entire second half, I should get some husband of the year votes for that.  Admittedly, I’m not an OSU or Michigan fan but that is not the point.  I’m sure everyone has, but have you noticed how small baby’s clothes are, we have started to get some clothes to our house and these things are tiny, but when you have two of everything it starts to take up space.  We have a walk-in closet in the room we are using for the nursery and it is getting filled with diapers, clothes, and other baby stuff we can barely open the door.  It is coming fast and we are enjoying this whole process.  

Erin traveled to Dallas today for work till Wednesday, her last bit of travel until the babies are born.  I have a feeling these babies are going to be huge!  They were 8 & 9 oz. at the last ultrasound and that is the size they are supposed to be if they were a single baby, being twins and supposedly sharing everything theoretically they should be smaller.  No medical experience here just an armchair observation.  Although Saturday night a couple of my neighbors and I were talking about them getting us a lodge when they are linemen in the NFL.  Let’s Hope!  Not revealing anything here but after seeing their bone structure and feet size plus watching what Erin is eating and not gaining a pound these cats are boys and they are going to be biggins.  When I was born I was 10lbs 12oz and Michael was 10lbs 10oz, right now most of you reading this just gasped and said, “your poor mother” and I agree with you God bless that lady we were pains from the beginning!   Honestly, I do not care if they are boys or girls as long as they are healthy, one day one of my co-workers told me they are going to be girls and they will have me wrapped around their finger, all probably true.  Then she said that one day when they are about 3 or 4 they are going to want to have a tea party right in the middle of a college football game.  I told her that is fine as long as they understand that Daddy’s tea comes from the green bottle.   

This Friday will be the real test as we have started the ultrasound’s every two weeks and I won’t be able to make everyone, by the way, I am so jealous!  I think it will be tough for Erin especially when the technician tells her that she can tell her what gender it is to hold strong and not find out.  I hope she holds out, we’ve made it this far might as well go the distance.  I am coming around to the idea of being the guy that gets to walk out of the room and announce to everyone whether they are boys or girls.  I think that will be really cool!

A lot of times we classify people as courageous or selfless, but what I witnessed the last four years was one of the most courageous and selfless things I’ve ever seen.  This week one of Erin’s favorite Aunts, Martha Kappa died from a prolonged battle with breast cancer.  Aunt Bitty, as she was affectionately known put up a fight against this awful disease not for herself but for her family.  She exhausted every option she could to hang on for her husband, three daughters, 8 siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews. Admittedly I did not spend a whole lot of time with Aunt B, but I’ve gotten to know her daughters pretty well and also a lot of people that she has obviously touched during her life and if what they say is true that a person’s legacy is defined by those left behind Godspeed and rest in peace Aunt Bitty you’ve done great.  

This weekend we lost another national treasure in 41 George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States of America.  I read this weekend as everyone was memorializing his death on Twitter that, “You may not have agreed with his politics, but you knew for a fact that he loved his country.”  The man was a Navy pilot, Vice President of the United States and President of the United States he spent his life in service to our country.  The letter he wrote as he departed the oval office to Bill Clinton was a reflection of what he was about and who he was as a man, he was humble and grateful to a country that elected him to lead the country. Godspeed 41 as you and Mrs. Bush are united, we can only hope that the next President of the United States is as humbled by the awesome responsibility as you were.  

This week was also a historic week as Notre Dame made the College Football Playoff and that means they get the Clemson Tigers in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. This has been a turn around of epic proportions as the Irish were 4-8 just 2 short years ago.  Since that time ND is 22-3.  Brian Kelly the Head Football Coach made some organization changing moves after the 4-8 season in 2016.  The leadership that Kelly showed by making those tough decisions showed that he is the best man for the job.  Notre Dame routinely plays the toughest schedule in the country and to be able to navigate that to a 12-0 record just two years after going 4-8 is nothing short of remarkable.  Here’s to the Irish making a run at ending their 30-year national championship drought.  Go Irish!

20 weeks in 16 at most to go.  That’s just four short months.  Thank you to everyone for your support, I appreciate it as does Erin.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Halfway there and Loving Every Minute of It!

Halfway there and Loving Every Minute of It!

Today was a huge day, the eighteen-week ultrasound we saw arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet, kidneys, brains, all kinds of stuff.  Erin and I were both nervous as heck last night as we are going into every ultrasound, but this one we felt was huge since it was the first one since our “scare” about 4 weeks ago.  They did kind of give us an idea about what the scare was, he saw a blood clot on the ultrasound so that was probably what it was and a good thing that it is clotted.  Again I am beyond amazed that they can tell what they can see on those ultrasounds.  To me, it seems that there are a bunch of parts floating around in a blob but somehow these amazing people at the Cleveland Clinic can see and tell the difference, amazing!  At one point during the ultrasound, Erin looked at me and said, “Can you believe that this is going on inside of me?”  It truly is miraculous how the creation of human beings happen.  The babies are progressing quite nicely as we again heard their heartbeats and were so thrilled. The babies are weighing in at 9oz and 8oz so they are sharing already, which is a good thing.  We are still not finding out the gender, today was the first day we could have, Erin did waffle a little on the table today but I am proud of her she held strong.  I am no expert but by the looks of the size of the hands and feet on the babies, they better hope they are boys.

This is an amazing journey that I love being on with Erin, I could not imagine missing one of these appointments and not seeing our family growing right before our eyes.   We have been through so much on this journey from miscarrying two years ago through IVF shots round one then the first egg not taking and then insertion of the next two eggs with one taking and shots round two through five weeks of pregnancy.  Now we are where we are 18 weeks deep, we have to go to ultrasounds every two weeks until we deliver in March.  Our due date is still the same, April 20th but that is the full 40 weeks and we will not go farther than 36 weeks which will put us around March 23rd.  My wife is as amazed as am I when people tell her that they love reading the story of our journey. 

My father’s birthday was November 8th and it allowed me to reflect on what a fantastic father and grandfather he is and will continue to be when the twins get here.  First off there is one thing about my father that he is proud of he is an Irish, Catholic, Democrat and if you ever talk to him you will know that within seconds.  This pales only in his pride in his four sons and his 6 soon to be 8 grandchildren, we know that he loves us and would do anything for us.  My Dad is a giver he gave of himself as long as I can remember, he volunteer coached football at St. Joseph grade school for 19 years and among other things a few years ago he announced to us that in lieu of Father’s day, Christmas, and Birthday gifts he wanted us to donate to Christ The King School in Chicago.  The school is located in a section of Chicago call Austen, it is poor and violent and the Jesuits went in to try and help so my father wanted to help the cause so that is what we do in his name.  There are times when it scares me to death about being a father to these two coming in March, but knowing that I have a mentor and a role model in my father to help me along the way eases my fears.

Now that I got all of the sappy stuff about my father out of the way here are some of the best memories that I have of him.  When we were younger the state championship games were held in Massillon, 20 minutes from where we grew up.  He would only take us if there was a Catholic school playing because as he would say he needed someone to cheer for.  Another time there was a situation happening and one of my cousins asked him what he was going to do about it and he responded with “Pray and Drink Beer” which remains his email to this day.  Growing up he told us that God put us on the earth for two reasons, “Have a good time, and help other people.” He is the greatest guy that I know and am happy that he will be ever present in my children’s lives.  

This week the Avon Eagles will be playing in the state semi-finals against Akron Hoban.  It has long been my goal since I started coaching to practice on Thanksgiving morning and finally in my 15th year we are accomplishing this feat. Here’s to one more week playing together, let it rip Friday and see what happens!  Avon is a special place and this is a year that I will always remember in my football life.   

Happy Thanksgiving from The Peters

This is for sure a glimpse into the future
Week 17 Updates and Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Week 17 Updates and Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

In comparison to last week, this week was a figurative breeze.  Erin reported that she felt that the babies are growing and she was feeling pregnant, but overall she is doing great!  We go for our next ultrasound in a couple of weeks on November 20th there will be a ton more to update as we see all the anatomy and get their sizes.  The question, as we get closer, will be can Erin holdout or will she break down and find out the gender?

Tuesday is the mid-term election day, I know what you are thinking but this will not be a political blog endorsing any candidates.  This blog is about exercising your rights and getting out and using your voice to elect our leaders.  The following Saturday will be Veteran’s Day and everyone will be posting on social media “Thank You For Your Service”.  These words will ring hollow for me because we will see the election numbers and they will be right around 50%, which is a slap in the face to all veterans.  I’m not going to sit here and preach to you about this candidate is better than another or the other garbage that you see on TV or in the mail.   I am just asking you to vote, get out and be a participant in your government.  The thing that drives me crazy is the people that complain about our government and then do nothing to help and change it, by participating in the democracy.

In America, we have a government that only works if its citizens participate.  There are countries around the world that are fighting to the death literally for the rights that we as Americans take for granted.  As Americans, we have won life’s lottery by being born in the United States of America and instead of being grateful for what we have been given, Americans are sitting on their rear ends and not doing their part.  In America, we have a voice as citizens and if you choose to not use your voice, please do not tell me on Saturday “Thank You for your Service”.  Please walk on by without insulting me because you feel that thanking me is what you should do because it is Veteran’s Day.  The best way to thank a veteran is by voting and doing the one thing that many have died for so you can have a voice.  The biggest thanks I can get will be seeing the stickers that say “I Voted Today!”

This week was pretty easy as far as the pregnancy goes and remember on Tuesday please, please get out and vote! Love you guys and remember to vote on Tuesday or early vote today!

Babies Update Week 16

Babies Update Week 16

As we embark on week 16 we had a surprise ultrasound last Friday as we had a scare at 4:30 am, but no worries the high-risk Dr. told us all was normal.  As we were sitting in the ultrasound for 45 minutes we saw our babies again and heard their heartbeats,  we saw their heads and arms and legs and also saw their stomachs for the first time.  Going to these ultrasounds is more exciting than any football game I have ever participated in as a player or a coach.  The technology that the hospital possesses is amazing, the fact that they can see the babies and tell which part is which is fascinating to me.  To see these two growing inside of their beautiful mother is certainly one of the great wonders of nature.  The babies are now 11cm long, at 16 weeks we have another 16-20 weeks to go before they are here.  When you type that or say that out loud 16-20 weeks is not that long, it is a good NFL teams season.

We are getting ready, making a list and checking it twice so that we are ready for the babies in the spring.  (excuse my Christmas reference as Erin has been inundating me with Hallmark Christmas movies already!) We are painting the nursery alabaster, which apparently is white but not white more like buttercream frosting on a cake.  Also, I’m told it is Johanna Gaines’s favorite color!  I wish Chip would get his rear end up here and paint then! It is a little overwhelming making a registry and shopping for the things that you are going to need when the babies get here.  We went shopping for a stroller on Sunday, that was not as enjoyable trek as one might think.  We, Erin, like this stroller by UppaBaby this thing apparently is the Cadillac of strollers and putting two in this thing makes it really something.  It rolls really good and folds down so I’m pretty sure that we are going to get that one.  The next thing we are looking at is cribs, those also are something especially the ones we are looking at, apparently, the kids will be able to use these until they leave for college, which will be nice.  When you are looking for this stuff it really makes everything real, and it makes it really real when you multiply it by two for everything.

Our next Dr. visit is November 20th, where we will see all of the anatomies and it is D-Day.  The day that we could find out the gender, and we will all be holding our breath to see if Erin can hold out.  I still have my doubts but the question will be answered on the 20th!

I am going to try and update the babies progress and how Erin is feeling every week so you guys do not have to worry.  Erin did tell me that she thinks they are going to be boys and that her mother had a dream that they are boys, so all I’m asking is does Chuck Kyle have another 18 years in him??

We love everyone and thank you so much for your support, and are so excited for Baby A and Baby B in the spring!