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Babies Update Week 16

Babies Update Week 16

As we embark on week 16 we had a surprise ultrasound last Friday as we had a scare at 4:30 am, but no worries the high-risk Dr. told us all was normal.  As we were sitting in the ultrasound for 45 minutes we saw our babies again and heard their heartbeats,  we saw their heads and arms and legs and also saw their stomachs for the first time.  Going to these ultrasounds is more exciting than any football game I have ever participated in as a player or a coach.  The technology that the hospital possesses is amazing, the fact that they can see the babies and tell which part is which is fascinating to me.  To see these two growing inside of their beautiful mother is certainly one of the great wonders of nature.  The babies are now 11cm long, at 16 weeks we have another 16-20 weeks to go before they are here.  When you type that or say that out loud 16-20 weeks is not that long, it is a good NFL teams season.

We are getting ready, making a list and checking it twice so that we are ready for the babies in the spring.  (excuse my Christmas reference as Erin has been inundating me with Hallmark Christmas movies already!) We are painting the nursery alabaster, which apparently is white but not white more like buttercream frosting on a cake.  Also, I’m told it is Johanna Gaines’s favorite color!  I wish Chip would get his rear end up here and paint then! It is a little overwhelming making a registry and shopping for the things that you are going to need when the babies get here.  We went shopping for a stroller on Sunday, that was not as enjoyable trek as one might think.  We, Erin, like this stroller by UppaBaby this thing apparently is the Cadillac of strollers and putting two in this thing makes it really something.  It rolls really good and folds down so I’m pretty sure that we are going to get that one.  The next thing we are looking at is cribs, those also are something especially the ones we are looking at, apparently, the kids will be able to use these until they leave for college, which will be nice.  When you are looking for this stuff it really makes everything real, and it makes it really real when you multiply it by two for everything.

Our next Dr. visit is November 20th, where we will see all of the anatomies and it is D-Day.  The day that we could find out the gender, and we will all be holding our breath to see if Erin can hold out.  I still have my doubts but the question will be answered on the 20th!

I am going to try and update the babies progress and how Erin is feeling every week so you guys do not have to worry.  Erin did tell me that she thinks they are going to be boys and that her mother had a dream that they are boys, so all I’m asking is does Chuck Kyle have another 18 years in him??

We love everyone and thank you so much for your support, and are so excited for Baby A and Baby B in the spring!

2 Heartbeats 4 Legs & 4 Arms

2 Heartbeats 4 Legs & 4 Arms

This week was a big week as I turned 41 years old a week ago.  I know many of you would have lost a bet not sure if I was going to make it this far.  As I look back at all of the blessings that I have had in my life I am amazed that one person can have it go so right for them.  Erin and I talk about this all the time the number of things that had to fall just right for us to have met in the first place and now we are expecting twins in the spring.  Sometimes I have to say it aloud so I remind myself that it is real and we are so excited.  Something this wonderful isn’t supposed to happen to a guy like me, from coming home after my third semester of college with a whopping 1.1 GPA and my father uttering the best thing he has probably ever said to me: “I am not spending one more dime on your education!”  I will never forget when they made me call Coach Corradini that night and tell him I was not coming back to MSJ.  It did lead me to one of the best decisions I have ever made, joining the United States Army.  I grew up and grew up fast spending almost 13 months in Iraq in a war zone will do that to you.  When I got out I graduated from Kent State University and started teaching, got my Masters degree from Ohio University and love every day that I get to go to work for the Willoughby-Eastlake school district and coach football at Avon High School.  I married my best friend and without a doubt the best person that I know three years ago this December and now we are awaiting the arrival of our identical twins this spring.  If you would have told me seven years ago this would be my life, I would have told you that you were nuts! Now I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!

Enough about me, because I know that you guys are here for the updates on the babies. We had an ultrasound today.  It has been two weeks since the last one and it has felt like it was two months.  During that time we went to Cincinnati for a weekend and this Saturday we had our families over for my birthday dinner.  We had a lot going on but today was always at the front of our minds, the twins are always at the front of our minds.  The ultrasound nurse, I think that is what she is called, took all kinds of pictures we got to hear the heartbeats again, she measured them and they measured about the same.  This is good because it means that one is not taking all of the nutrients and they are sharing, I’m sure they get that from me.  They had good spine lengths and good skin thickness on their necks, as Dr. Kory said as he walked in the room, “Everything is looking great!”  We are so pumped, we get to go back to get another ultrasound where they look at their anatomy development and we can find out the gender if we want, but so far Erin is holding out at first I thought it was to spite her mother and her sister but also she has a good bet with her father if we don’t find out.  Keep holding out honey!

Week 11 updates and the Ryder Cup

Week 11 updates and the Ryder Cup

The babies are coming! The babies are coming!  The twins are consuming our lives and it is awesome!  There isn’t a second that goes by the I do not think about them or that Erin or I am not discussing them.  We have started to receive clothes for the babies and they are so small.  This time the pregnancy has become real, from hearing heartbeats to receiving gifts and shopping for cribs, shits getting real over here at the Peters’s! I believe this weekend we settled on two boy’s names and two girl’s names, I will reveal them at a later time, but I will tell you this they are strong, classy and fun.

When I think about the coming of the babies in the spring, people have asked me all kinds of questions.  One of my favorites being if I am going to be alright if they are girls?  Of course, I can’t put them back!  I have also been asked if they are boys am I going to make them play football? My answer to this question is simple I am not going to make them do anything besides work hard and be a good person.  These two qualities were taught to me and my brothers by our parents and I hope to instill these qualities in my children.  If you know my father you have probably heard a few of his famous sayings, one of our favorites is “God put us on the earth for two reasons, have a good time and help other people.”  This is what really matters, how you treat others will get you further than anything in this world and as long as the one thing people say about our children is that they are good people I will consider them successful.  The other thing that I believe is that no matter what you do, do it as well as you can.  If you are a ditch digger be the greatest ditch digger that you can be if you are a salesperson be the best salesperson that you can. No matter what you are doing do it as well as you can.  In Brian Kight’s Focus 3 part of it says “Be The Best Version of You Everyday” being a good person and working hard will help you be the best version of you and that is my hope for my coming babies.  Too many times people are worried about what they have, instead of what they can do for others.  I will teach my children to be servant leaders by putting the needs of others in front of theirs.

This weekend in Paris the Ryder Cup took place between American golfers and European golfers.  I love the Ryder Cup and events like it where we can all be Americans for a weekend.  America is the greatest country in the world with freedoms like no other but somewhere we get lost in appreciating what we have and what we are afforded.  America has lost the ability to admit when it is wrong.  It does not matter when someone takes a certain side they will fight to the death that they are not wrong even though they know deep down that they are wrong.  Also as Americans, we have lost the ability to listen, really listen to each other when we have discourse.  A lot of times we hear but we do not listen to the other side of a disagreement.  We are to busy formulating our rebuttal instead of listening to the other side.  Too many times in this country people think the longest, loudest talker is always right.  When we do not listen to each other we also lose the ability to see things from the other person’s perspective.  As Americans, we need to listen to each other, be good people, and work hard and America will continue to have a bright future.  Oh, and by the way, the American lost the Ryder Cup to the Europeans 17.5-10.5.  We will see you in Wisconsin in 2020 Europe!

We Live in the Grey Area of Life

We Live in the Grey Area of Life

As I read my Facebook/Twitter timelines it occurs to me that Nike using Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson has really riled some people up.  Let’s boil this down to what Kaepernick has done:

  1. He exercised his right to free speech and to peacefully protest police brutality, this was not protesting the anthem or the flag, that was just the stage that he used same as Tommie Smith and John Carlos in Mexico in 1968.
  2. He basically made himself a pariah in the NFL because he wasn’t good enough to be that big of a distraction and still be a starting QB in the NFL.
  3. He has continued his work even while being out of the league by donating to police training and helping to reduce excessive force and racial profiling.
  4. Now Nike has dropped an ad campaign with Kaepernick with the title “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

What Kaepernick did by peacefully protesting is what America is all about.  Is America great? You better believe it, but at the same time, America also has some flaws that we need to work on.  Kaepernick put his entire livelihood on the line in the same vein as Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Tommie Smith, and John Carlos.  Kaepernick was bringing awareness to a problem in American society that needed attention and had the stage of the NFL to do it.  The peaceful protest leads to Kaepernick being an outcast in the eyes of the NFL.  It turned out Kaepernick wasn’t a good enough QB to still be in the league with the distraction he would have brought to the team.  Colin has not played an NFL game in two years, because he decided that his cause was more important than his playing career.  Kaep has proven that he is dedicated to his cause by continuing to raise money for excessive force training and racial profiling.  Two days ago Nike launched an ad campaign depicting Kaepernick with the saying “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

The outrage to this ad has been unbelievable, I had a 2 hour Facebook discussion about it and I was essentially agreeing with this person the whole time.  Here is the problem people want a 100% win about everything.  They need a black and white answer to every question, well guess what people we live in an intensely grey world.  I was reading this morning and people were all up in arms about the way Kaepernick was exercising his rights and I also read veteran responses answering “I did not protect your freedoms so that I could tell you how to use them.” This is America there are no 100% wins that is because we have freedom and are not run by a police state.

America was founded by a group of immigrant protestors that were tired of being oppressed by England, and they wanted change.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lead peaceful protests all around the south as part of the civil rights movement to exact change.  Peaceful protests are a great part of American history and also what makes America great. What also makes America great is the fact that we can have these discussions where no one is right but that we also do not have to fear for our lives because we disagree.  In America Kaepernick is allowed to peacefully protest, Nike is allowed to hire him as their spokesperson, and if you do not like that you are allowed to boycott all Nike products.  This is the way America works and this is the way America works best.  Everyone has their own individual rights to express and exercise how they want without the fear of repercussion from the government. Democracy is not easy my friends if it were everyone, would do it.  God Bless America!

What a Weekend in Sports in the State of Ohio!!

What a Weekend in Sports in the State of Ohio!!

The Ohio Sports Blog

The first weekend of August 2018 was an awesome weekend in sports for the state of Ohio.  It started on Wednesday with the controversy and allegations of covering up domestic violence by Head Football Coach Urban Meyer, then moved to the Indians hosting Mike Trout and the Los Angles Angels, the finale of the Bridgestone Classic at Firestone Country Club in Akron, and finally the inductions of the newest 7 members into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Oh.  All of that was going on and also the Cleveland Browns entered their second week of training camp in Berea in preparation for the 2018 season.

The Bridgestone Classic has been at the South Course at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio since 1999.  The first winner of the event was Tiger Woods, twenty years later the event is coming to a close.  The Bridgestone Classic was originally…

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Crazy Last Couple of Days

Hand up I am not a supporter of President Trump, I am a democrat and I am pretty liberal, but that being said I do believe that I do possess common sense, intelligence, and most importantly empathy for others.  That being said I am a pretty positive person and I love America and what it means to be an American.  To me, the idea of being an American is lost on a lot of the citizens.  If you were born in America congratulations, you won life’s lottery and are afforded rights and freedoms for nothing more than being born in the right place at the right time.  Therefore instead of flaunting these freedoms and being offended by every little thing that happens, I’m talking to both sides here, how about we be thankful for the blessings that we have and as Jesus said help and look out for the least of our brothers.  Americans need to exercise their rights and demand that our elected officials do better and represent us in a better light for all of the world.

America needs to step up its game in all facets if we are to be seen as a superpower again in the world.  The actions of our government show that they have zero empathy for any of the refugees that are showing up at our borders fleeing violence in their home countries.  The fact that our leaders hide behind the fact that some of these people maybe MS-13 or other gangs is ludicrous! We are a country of immigrants so we as a people owe it to our ancestors to help immigrants and refugees to get to safety and be able to eat, sleep, and live under our blanket of freedom.  The pilgrims were the original refugees fleeing religious persecution and that was when they landed on Plymouth rock.  We as citizens of the United States of America need to stand up and demand that our country take care of the 95% that are here to make a better life for their families and not make them pay because a small percentage of the people may be here for the wrong reasons.

This is not a slam on Donald Trump’s administration, but I am sure that I will get blowback of “That’s the same thing Obama did!”  Which is another problem with our country that both sides of the aisle are content with two wrongs instead of listening and compromising for the betterment of the United States citizens.  I digress this is not the same as when Obama was in the Presidency, in fact, it was not the same as any administration since the law was enacted in 1997.  The law was put in effect to capture and deport dangerous people, the biggest difference is that President Trump broadened the interpretation of the law to include “criminal offenses” which is applicable to anyone trying to enter the country since they would be doing so illegally.  The broader language is not prioritizing criminal offenses, a first-time offense of illegal immigration is a misdemeanor, so everyone is subject to deportation.  When the Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled out his zero-tolerance policy in April the numbers of separations of families at the border skyrocketed because they no longer prioritized crimes, misdemeanors were treated the same as felonies.

What Corey Lewandowski did on the state-run news that is referred to as Fox News is unbelievably disgusting.  Fox was having a debate between Lewandowski, President Trump’s campaign manager, and Former DNC Adviser Zak Petkanas as Petkanas was recounting a story where a 10-year old girl with down syndrome was ripped from the arms of her mother at the border an attempt to try and highlight the atrocities that are occurring at the border.  In the middle of the story, Lewandowski mocks the little girl, her family, and Petkanas by saying “womp, womp”.  At best he has zero feeling for the little girl and her family that are trying to come into the United States for a better life.  At worst he is mocking the child because of her disability, which is of course he thinks is ok since his boss did the same on the campaign trail.  As a guy that has dedicated himself to helping children with disabilities the actions of Lewandowski make me want to puke.  This is the picture of cruelty and bullying of someone that had no power over the way they were born.  Lewandowski tried to come out today and not apologize to the child or the family for his disgraceful actions but rather rationalize them that he was mocking Petkansas.  If this is true, which I doubt, it shows how low mainstream media has fallen that they would allow this type of action on a show that is meant to inform people of the travesty that is happening at the border of our country.  The President should come out and admonish the actions of Lewandowski since he was his campaign manager.  In case you did not see the video I linked it below.

After weeks of digging in on his policy that separated families at the border, President Trump today finally after feeling the pressure signed an executive order that will keep more families together.  All though it took a while to find his conscience I do applaud him for signing this order to keep families united.  There are two things that the order does that are good, families are detained together and families cases are moved to the front of the court caseload.  There are also two things that the order does not do reunite families already separated and they do not know how the DHS is going to house them but at least it is a start to reverse this terrible policy.  One of the biggest problems with the previous policy was that children were only allowed to be detained for twenty days so then they were separated from their families and place into the system and therefore very hard to be reunited.  You can imagine the difficulty of reuniting children with their families when the children do not even know their parent’s full names, it takes weeks even months.  President Trump has ordered AG Jeff Sessions to go to the court and get Flores vs Reno overturned so that children can stay with their families for the duration of their detention.  This will go a long way toward solving the problem of family separation.



I picked up a Plain Dealer today for the first time in a very long time and was very disappointed at the headline, “Cavalier’s Season Ends With A Dud”, with the byline, “Cavs lose Finals for the second year, LeBron has a decision to make.”  Now on the face, it seems that these are all facts and unfortunately they are, but my point here is that they could have led with the two positive stories that found the middle of the Finals section. Terry Pluto and Bill Livingston both wrote fantastic articles about how LeBron James left everything on the court for not only the Cavs franchise but also for this city that he loves.  The two articles, written by veteran and award-winning journalists, celebrated another run to the Finals for the Cavaliers led by James, they did not tear down the franchise that brought the city of Cleveland their first championship since 1964. The media should celebrate all the great things that go on around the city and the country instead of always focusing on the negative and what could be better.  Would it be awesome if the Cavs won the Finals and LeBron was locked up in a contract till the end of his career sure would be, but this is the real world and all things are not sunshine and flowers. Let us as Clevelanders, I’m really talking to you Plain Dealer, celebrate the positive that we have now and not the possible negative.


The reason that I point out this small sample of what the media is now is because when I look at the national news rather it be NBC, CNN, or Fox or even the local news the stories are always negative and fear mongering with a human interest story sandwiched in there on most nights. My point is fear and negativity sell, and that is our fault.  We as a people need to demand better from our news sources. Not to turn this political, but our President got himself elected by preying on the fears of Americans. If you watch the national news instead of focusing on issues that matter, i.e. healthcare, taxes, and immigration, the news will show 5 minutes of that and then the rest of the hour will be focused on stuff that essentially does not matter to the citizens of the United States.  There are plenty of these situations around the country of people who barely have enough to live and to keep their families alive.


I am a big Twitter reader and I see all of these people use the hashtag blessed, but are we really blessed and do we really understand how really blessed we are?  Our response to the Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico was embarrassing, it made our response to Katrina look almost competent. The United States response to Puerto Rico was laughable, Jose Andres had to go down and cook for the island because we could not get enough food down to the American citizens that live there.  The President of the United States spent less than one day on the island after the devastation, and the White House continued to shame the Mayor of San Juan as she complained that they needed more of everything to get the island back to being able to sustain life. The government report on the fatalities of Puerto Rico says that 64 people have lost their lives to the hurricane, but the real number is around 5,000 when you count all the people who died due to the power still being out and they were not able to get the medical treatment that they needed.  If what was going on in Puerto Rico was happening in the mainland United States, we would have had a riot and also demand answers for the reason the situation is not better by now. Hurricane Maria was September 20 almost 10 months ago and there are a number of people still without power and clean running water. We need to demand better of our government and ourselves.

My point is that the next time you are looking around and want to complain about what you do or do not have, remember someone always has it worse than you.  Americans appreciate what you have and especially the country that you live in with the freedoms that you did not have to do anything for besides be born in the right country.  The next time you are stuck in traffic do not complain about the traffic, be glad that you have a car to ride into wherever you are going. The next time you want to complain about your job, be glad that you have a job.  The great thing about America is that if you do not like your situation, change it. This country gives you opportunities that no other place on earth gives you, take advantage of them. Do not complain, do better!


To steal a line from Michigan Football, “Who has it better than us? NOOOOOBODY!!!