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Another Week, Another Great Ultrasound

Another Week, Another Great Ultrasound

On Friday we went to another ultrasound, at this point, I have no idea how many we’ve been too. Every ultrasound I get a little bit nervous the night before because you just never know what is going on in there. I usually wake up early and send a few emails and keep my self busy with some house chores till time to go to the doctor’s office. When the technician starts I have no clue as to what she is looking at but my favorite part of the scan is when we hear the heartbeat, that is when I can first relax. The other things after that are gravy until they tell us the size and the twins are within 2 oz. of each other, which is great. Apparently, baby A is in the 95th percentile and baby B is in the 84th percentile as far as height and weight go. This time we got to see their faces and I might be biased but they are some good looking kids! As we wind down to the delivery date each ultrasound is looking more and more like actual people and it is an awesome feeling! As my father-in-law, Mark said, “Most of the time you send me those pictures I can’t tell what I’m looking at, but these look like little people!”

Friday we also continued to get the nursery ready, I broke down the bed in there and took it downstairs, vacuumed and cleaned the carpet and now it is ready for the crib and dresser delivery this Friday, February 1st. Is it amazing to anyone else that it is February already, it feels like we just celebrated the New Year! February is the shortest month of the year and then we are into March, that is when the babies arrive. I did find out some great news today the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament are that weekend and as Erin said, “At least we will have something to watch on TV while we are at the hospital.” That was Erin that said that not me, I would not dream of saying that for fear of repercussions! I am really glad we are thinking on the same plane though.

My wife is a trooper she had a stuffed up nose on Friday that turned into a sinus infection on Saturday and on Sunday she finally called the doctor who called her in a prescription. She is feeling better now but was she feeling miserable on Saturday and I was away at our conference middle school wrestling match, which we did awesome at by the way. I hate sinus infections and I couldn’t imagine having one at 27 weeks pregnant. She hardly complains at all. Here is to hoping she feels better and can finish the pregnancy strong.

Hope everyone has a great week, we love you guys and want to thank everyone for their support of the Peters twins. We know they will have the best life ever because of the people they are surrounded by. It takes a village to raise a child and we feel they will be surrounded by the greatest family and friends any two kids could have. Thank you and God Bless.

Babies are Growing!

Babies are Growing!

Erin has signed me up for this e-mail that tells you what your baby or in this case babies looks like in the womb.  Great news they became fetuses this week, we are officially in week number ten only about 26 more to go!  Also, this Friday morning was a major milestone, I gave Erin her last shot in the morning, what a glorious day for the both of us!

Anyone that follows us or has been to our house in the last 18 months has met our English Springer Spaniel Hank. Hank lives the best life of any puppy that I know, as my father-in-law, Mark has stated: “when I come back I want to come back as Hank!”  He definitely hit the lottery when we adopted him in December of 2016.  Hank spent about one month sleeping in a crate, then one morning as I put him back in the crate as I was leaving for work he started whining and Erin who did not need to be up for a couple hours said: “oh just put him in bed so he’ll shut up!” Hank hasn’t slept outside of our king size bed since unless he is sleeping over at his grandparents, where he sleeps with Mark in his king size bed.  Well, his life is about to change as he knows it, in fact, it already has started.  He has been getting less and less attention and his whining has been getting him nowhere.  He likes to spend every waking and sleeping moment with someone and he also enjoys swimming in the pond in our backyard.  Well as we have been working and preparing for the arrival of the twins in the spring he has been fending for himself.  Yesterday was a great day for Hank because he got to spend the day with Poppy.  Poppy is very active and has a lot of property for Hank to run around which he loves.  Apparently, Poppy was working and Hank wanted to play so he went into the garage and got the frisbee and dropped it at Poppy’s feet.   Today, the neighbors had a brunch for their daughter which we went to directly after church so Hank had to be alone for about two hours then I went outside when the landscapers came to plant the rest of our flowers in the beds.  I let Hank out and man did he take advantage, he went swimming multiple times, he knew that everyone was at the neighbor’s house so he ran in there, and it took me forever to get him back in the house.  He is a nutcase!

Erin has been feeling pretty good except for being extremely tired.  We go back in for another ultrasound October 9th to make sure everything is ok.  It seems so surreal to talk about but everytime that we get another gift from our wonderful friends and family I realize it is happening.  Erin and I aren’t the most patient people in the world and we can hardly stand it that we won’t meet our little pumpkins for 26 more weeks but preparing for them is keeping us busy.

This football season couldn’t be going better as Notre Dame is undefeated, the Avon Eagles where I help coach is 4-1, and the Browns won a game Thursday night.  All is right in the world of football.  Erin and I went to ND’s third game against Vanderbilt, we never get to go to a game before November so we jumped at the chance when Andrew said he had some tickets.  It was hot but we enjoyed the trip there and back, plus they won.  This Saturday night my Dad and I will be in attendance when the Irish play in a top ten game against the Cardinal of Stanford.  The Irish have seemed to find their stride with a new QB in Ian Book.  They seem to be set up to go undefeated as the schedule is not that tough and hopefully we can sneak into the College Football Playoff.

Life is going well at the Peters’s household as we are very blessed.  Stay tuned as I will have a week 11 update on the twins next week on