A Great 2019 and Even Better 2020!

This was supposed to be the Christmas Card!

It has been awhile since I’ve written and I apologize, we have been busy watching the ladies, Ava & Elizabeth, grow into little people. Every New Year Erin and I have a new word that will guide our actions for the year and this year is…Grateful! The first thing that I am truly grateful for in 2019 is the birth of our beautiful identical twin daughters Ava Grace and Elizabeth Marie on March 22. I am also grateful for Erin’s company Deloitte that she got six months off after the birth and we got to spend the entire summer having adventures with our girls. We went everywhere this summer Boston, Washington D.C., Lakeside, and back to Boston for the Baptism of our Goddaughter Quinn Caroline. I could not have envisioned a better start for the girls’s lives, I kept telling Erin everyday that it was like being retired but with newborns. I will post pictures of them in this blog, but if you follow my wife or I on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen them all. I am so grateful for our family and the time we got to spend together. Two things that I found to be true and the first is time flies but it really flies when you are tracking things by months such as the girls’s age. The second truth is that I have no idea what I did with my time before them, legitimately I cannot remember what it was like when it was Erin, Hank, and myself. 2019 was fantastic and we are looking forward to 2020 as the twins turn 1 and start walking and talking and terrorizing Hank. We are having so much fun I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Christmas Eve 2019

Another event in 2019 that I am so grateful for is that I was a candidate for Avon City Council and even though the results weren’t what we had hoped they would be, I learned a lot about myself during the campaign. It is very surreal to see your name on a legitimate U.S. election ballot. I have a number of people to thank that helped me get onto the ballot and this list is in no particular order. I want to thank my wife Erin, who put her heart and soul into this election also, she was amazing she put together my signs, advertisements, and fundraisers. There were times during the campaign that she would call me and tell me, “this is not your wife, this is your campaign manager!” It was usually because I had not done something in time and she had to do it or something else I screwed up. In the end I loved working that closely with her, but man is she tough! I also need to thank all the neighbors that supported this idea from the first announcement. Jay and Julie setting up a lemonade stand at the Duck Tape Parade route. All the neighbors trekking up and cheering us on as we passed by the entrance to the development. All the kids and adults that that helped pass out candy at the parade we couldn’t have done this without you. Also, letting me put signs in your yards and coming to our fundraiser to support my campaign. Thank you to Anthony Detillio and his family for helping get my petition signed and taking a sign and getting a bunch of others to take them too. Also thank you to you and Laura for the fundraiser idea and being supportive every step of the way on the campaign. Also thank you to my family you guys were supportive from day one whether driving up for the fundraiser or editing my write ups for the newspaper, you guys were awesome. Thank you to Erin’s family you also were supportive from day one, walking in the rain in the Duck Tape Parade,coming to the fundraiser helping with advertisements and prizes for the trivia night, you guys were awesome. Also thank you to my father-in-law Mark Cunningham, trustee in Columbia Township, for all of your council during the campaign. Thank you to everyone that helped me in anyway whether that by actually voting, coming to fundraiser, a kind word, whatever you will never know how much it meant to me, thank you thank you. I got roughly 2000 votes in the election or 20%, if you would have told me ten years ago 2000 people would have voted for me in a legitimate election, you would have been laughed out of the room. I could not have gotten 1 vote without the help of so many wonderful people that supported me, again thank you.

These were the two big events of 2019 that helped me grow and made me a better person and a better husband, father, and all around human.

I know a lot of you will stop reading here as I get out of the serious stuff and get into more newsy things. As Erin says this is my favorite time of the football season, the coaching carousel and two of my favorite teams are looking for coaches, the Browns need a Head Coach and Notre Dame needs an offensive coordinator. I’ll tackle the OC at ND first since that is easier. A couple weeks before signing day BK fired Chip Long as offensive coordinator. This is kind of a big deal since the Irish are coming off a 33-6 stretch over the last three years. In the Camping World Bowl Tom Rees, former ND Quarterback and current QB coach, called the plays and ND won 33-9 against an over matched Iowa State squad. Rees is still young and may not be the guy ND needs right now to take them to the next level which is beating top 5 teams and winning playoff games and NY6 bowls. There are a lot of big time jobs out there and BK needs to get busy and hiring a big time guy to take the offense to the next level.

The Cleveland Browns are about top embark on another Head Coaching search as the disaster that was the Freddie Kitchens experiment and the guy who hired him John Dorsey were both fired last week. According to reports they have already interviewed Mike McCarthy former Super Bowl Winning Green Bay Packer’s coach, the Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh from the San Francisco 49ers, and Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy from the Kansas City Chiefs. My second choice would be Mike McCarthy he won a Super Bowl with the Packers and has a ton of experience dealing with egos. My first choice is Josh McDaniels Offensive Coordinator from the New England Patriots. Josh was a former HC with the Denver Broncos about 10 years ago where he took them to the playoffs. He has been apart of 6 Super Bowl winning teams, he has worked closely with the greatest QB and Head Coach of all time, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. He has buddies he has worked closely with in the Patriot’s organization that will fill open spots in the Brown’s organization. I’m not sure that Josh can bring us a Super Bowl but I know one thing if he is our coach we will be competitive and competent on the field. I do hope the Browns get this one right we are setup for the future and can be competing with Baltimore for division titles next year if we get the right guy.

I could write another 1000 words on the state of America and the world but I’ll save that for another time. I see a lot of big things in 2020 for the Peters and I hope nothing but success and health for all of you.

We had a lot going on at the end of the year so we weren’t able to get a Christmas Card out so here is the picture that was going to be on it. Spoiler alert I’m not in it!

We love you guys, I can’t believe how lucky I am to know all of you. Stay safe and remember be kind to one another you never know how much a kind word might mean to someone.

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