Update 30 Weeks: They are Big!

When you read this we will be under 5 weeks from delivery and Erin will be 31 weeks pregnant. Last Friday afternoon we went to the ultrasound and everything was great again. The twins are measuring at 95 and 87 percentile respectively with regards to weight. Baby A is measuring at 3 lbs 14 oz and Baby B is weighing in at 3 lbs 12 oz. That is a lot of babies, as the technician informed us they do the percentages as if they were single babies! Whoa! The babies heartbeats, my favorite part of the ultrasound, by the way, were both in the mid 140 to 150 range. They showed us the kidneys, spine, heart, legs, feet, hands, and arms and of course their brains. I’m going to fill them with plenty of information in the years to come.

My wife, Erin is a trooper! She is getting bigger every day as the babies keep growing, which is great that they keep growing and at the same pace, but they are sucking the life out of her. She is constantly tired and hungry, but she never complains. She is the best and understands that she has to go through this so that we can get the greatest gifts of our lives at the end. I have a deep respect for women in the first place, but after watching what Erin’s body is going through my respect level for her is off the chart. Watching her work every day, and she is damn good at her job, and also battle through the hunger and tiredness from this pregnancy. Don’t worry babe it will be over soon and it will be well worth it!

Today I gave a talk about my military experience to the eighth-grade class as a part of a career day at school. The Marine Staff Seargent that was supposed to speak got the flu so they called me in from the bullpen. I was stoked to be able to talk about my military experience and especially the time I spent in Iraq. I loved my experience and as I told the students today it was truly a life-changing experience for me. I hope at least one of the students that listened to me today considers the military as a post-graduation option and they get as much out of their experience as I did.

This past Thursday was Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day means love and not just love for your significant other but love for everyone. This world could use more love. Love helps unite and enables us to not be afraid to lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. You never know how much it will mean to someone if you tell them good morning or just share a smile with that person. You never know what others are dealing with and what a kind gesture may change their mindset. Be kind to one another you never know what one kind word or act can change.

Love you guys, can not wait for these next five weeks to fly by and then we can start our journey with our two new additions. This week be kind to everyone, remember you don’t have to like everyone but you should love everyone. Have a great week, next Friday the 22nd we go back for another ultrasound. Thank you for your love and support.

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