Perfect Time to Count Our Blessings

Perfect Time to Count Our Blessings

Yesterday we started our 23rd week of pregnancy and we had another ultrasound on Friday. This is a case where the Lord knows exactly what he is doing if Erin had one or two ultrasounds instead of the number of ones we have had, she would have driven herself crazy not knowing what is going on down there. The babies look great, they are each 1.3 lbs. so they are still sharing well, we are not quite out of the woods yet with regards to twin-twin transfusion but we are nearing the clearing of the forest. Dr. Kouhry told us the latest that he has seen twin-twin transfusion was 26 weeks, in fact at the beginning of his career he couldn’t understand why they followed the pregnancy so long and then he got one at 26 weeks. So we are nearing the clearance of that hurdle which is pretty exciting that they are doing so well. This Christmas break will be a busy one, not only do we have plenty of plans with family and friends but we are also going to make a major push in getting the nursery ready for the babies arrival. This week I need to paint and get the basement organized before the shower. Our basement is a place where things go to never be heard from again, so my goal this break is to have a section marked off for everything that is down there. We’ll see how much I get done but that is the plan.

As I was sitting in church the Deacon delivered a very apropos homily today especially with the usual hustle and bustle and stress of the Christmas season. What the Deacon said really hit home for me, especially with what is going on in our country right now. He said that there are three things that we should reflect on and do during this holiest of seasons. First, is be content with what you have and do not be jealous of your neighbor and what they have. Too many times Christmas has become a race about how many presents did I get and did I get as many as my sibling but that is not what Christmas should be about. Presents are a bonus and should not be given with the expectation of one in return, the present itself is a symbol of someone caring about you and showing that care with a gift. As the old saying goes and it is true, “It is the thought that counts”. Second, we should share the gifts that God has given us. We have been blessed and should feel privileged to share those gifts with others and to help those left fortunate than us. The most precious gift that we have is time since we all have a finite amount of it this Christmas season we should all find a way to spend a little bit of our time for the betterment of others. Lastly, we should care for those in need. We live in the greatest country in the world and the fact that there are homeless and hungry people in our country is absurd. These people are still people and if you can we should be helping to make their day a little bit brighter. As I was listening to the homily I was thinking about my future children and my only hope is that they are good people and take care of those less fortunate themselves. That is the only expectation for Baby A and Baby B in March.

Hopefully what Jerry Tillery will be doing top Trevor Lawrence next Saturday in Dallas

This week is the week that I have been waiting for since the end of November. Notre Dame is in the College Football Playoff with a shot at the National Championship, their first in 30 years. Notre Dame plays Clemson in Dallas, Texas at 4 pm on December 29th. A large sentiment of people are saying that ND has no chance against a seasoned Clemson team that 90% of its roster has already played in CFP, but I think that ND has a punchers chance because they play great defense and can run the football effectively. When you can do those two things you always have a chance as long as you do not turn the ball over. Another advantage I believe ND possess is at QB. Trevor Lawrence is a great QB but at the end of the day has never been in game pressure and is a 19-year-old freshman. Ian Book, on the other hand, has been in ballgames where he needed a game-winning drive or led his team back from a deficit. With that being said in my biased opinion I see ND moving on to the National Championship game in Levi Stadium with a 31-28 victory.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone enjoy this time with your family and friends and get ready for an awesome 2019!

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