20 Weeks! Holy Sh** Time Flies!

20 Weeks! Holy Sh** Time Flies!

On Saturday, Erin and I hit the 20 weeks thresh hold and we couldn’t be more excited, although we still have a ton of stuff left to do before the arrival of Baby A  & Baby B.  We have picked out the cribs and the stroller that “we” want, I kid it is a great stroller Erin told me and that is why it is the one we want.  I really am kidding good thing she is in Dallas because Erin would strangle me with that sentence.  I’m going to brag about myself here for a second, we went to look at cribs and strollers the Saturday of the OSU and Michigan game, I missed the entire second half, I should get some husband of the year votes for that.  Admittedly, I’m not an OSU or Michigan fan but that is not the point.  I’m sure everyone has, but have you noticed how small baby’s clothes are, we have started to get some clothes to our house and these things are tiny, but when you have two of everything it starts to take up space.  We have a walk-in closet in the room we are using for the nursery and it is getting filled with diapers, clothes, and other baby stuff we can barely open the door.  It is coming fast and we are enjoying this whole process.  

Erin traveled to Dallas today for work till Wednesday, her last bit of travel until the babies are born.  I have a feeling these babies are going to be huge!  They were 8 & 9 oz. at the last ultrasound and that is the size they are supposed to be if they were a single baby, being twins and supposedly sharing everything theoretically they should be smaller.  No medical experience here just an armchair observation.  Although Saturday night a couple of my neighbors and I were talking about them getting us a lodge when they are linemen in the NFL.  Let’s Hope!  Not revealing anything here but after seeing their bone structure and feet size plus watching what Erin is eating and not gaining a pound these cats are boys and they are going to be biggins.  When I was born I was 10lbs 12oz and Michael was 10lbs 10oz, right now most of you reading this just gasped and said, “your poor mother” and I agree with you God bless that lady we were pains from the beginning!   Honestly, I do not care if they are boys or girls as long as they are healthy, one day one of my co-workers told me they are going to be girls and they will have me wrapped around their finger, all probably true.  Then she said that one day when they are about 3 or 4 they are going to want to have a tea party right in the middle of a college football game.  I told her that is fine as long as they understand that Daddy’s tea comes from the green bottle.   

This Friday will be the real test as we have started the ultrasound’s every two weeks and I won’t be able to make everyone, by the way, I am so jealous!  I think it will be tough for Erin especially when the technician tells her that she can tell her what gender it is to hold strong and not find out.  I hope she holds out, we’ve made it this far might as well go the distance.  I am coming around to the idea of being the guy that gets to walk out of the room and announce to everyone whether they are boys or girls.  I think that will be really cool!

A lot of times we classify people as courageous or selfless, but what I witnessed the last four years was one of the most courageous and selfless things I’ve ever seen.  This week one of Erin’s favorite Aunts, Martha Kappa died from a prolonged battle with breast cancer.  Aunt Bitty, as she was affectionately known put up a fight against this awful disease not for herself but for her family.  She exhausted every option she could to hang on for her husband, three daughters, 8 siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews. Admittedly I did not spend a whole lot of time with Aunt B, but I’ve gotten to know her daughters pretty well and also a lot of people that she has obviously touched during her life and if what they say is true that a person’s legacy is defined by those left behind Godspeed and rest in peace Aunt Bitty you’ve done great.  

This weekend we lost another national treasure in 41 George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States of America.  I read this weekend as everyone was memorializing his death on Twitter that, “You may not have agreed with his politics, but you knew for a fact that he loved his country.”  The man was a Navy pilot, Vice President of the United States and President of the United States he spent his life in service to our country.  The letter he wrote as he departed the oval office to Bill Clinton was a reflection of what he was about and who he was as a man, he was humble and grateful to a country that elected him to lead the country. Godspeed 41 as you and Mrs. Bush are united, we can only hope that the next President of the United States is as humbled by the awesome responsibility as you were.  

This week was also a historic week as Notre Dame made the College Football Playoff and that means they get the Clemson Tigers in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. This has been a turn around of epic proportions as the Irish were 4-8 just 2 short years ago.  Since that time ND is 22-3.  Brian Kelly the Head Football Coach made some organization changing moves after the 4-8 season in 2016.  The leadership that Kelly showed by making those tough decisions showed that he is the best man for the job.  Notre Dame routinely plays the toughest schedule in the country and to be able to navigate that to a 12-0 record just two years after going 4-8 is nothing short of remarkable.  Here’s to the Irish making a run at ending their 30-year national championship drought.  Go Irish!

20 weeks in 16 at most to go.  That’s just four short months.  Thank you to everyone for your support, I appreciate it as does Erin.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

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