Halfway there and Loving Every Minute of It!

Halfway there and Loving Every Minute of It!

Today was a huge day, the eighteen-week ultrasound we saw arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet, kidneys, brains, all kinds of stuff.  Erin and I were both nervous as heck last night as we are going into every ultrasound, but this one we felt was huge since it was the first one since our “scare” about 4 weeks ago.  They did kind of give us an idea about what the scare was, he saw a blood clot on the ultrasound so that was probably what it was and a good thing that it is clotted.  Again I am beyond amazed that they can tell what they can see on those ultrasounds.  To me, it seems that there are a bunch of parts floating around in a blob but somehow these amazing people at the Cleveland Clinic can see and tell the difference, amazing!  At one point during the ultrasound, Erin looked at me and said, “Can you believe that this is going on inside of me?”  It truly is miraculous how the creation of human beings happen.  The babies are progressing quite nicely as we again heard their heartbeats and were so thrilled. The babies are weighing in at 9oz and 8oz so they are sharing already, which is a good thing.  We are still not finding out the gender, today was the first day we could have, Erin did waffle a little on the table today but I am proud of her she held strong.  I am no expert but by the looks of the size of the hands and feet on the babies, they better hope they are boys.

This is an amazing journey that I love being on with Erin, I could not imagine missing one of these appointments and not seeing our family growing right before our eyes.   We have been through so much on this journey from miscarrying two years ago through IVF shots round one then the first egg not taking and then insertion of the next two eggs with one taking and shots round two through five weeks of pregnancy.  Now we are where we are 18 weeks deep, we have to go to ultrasounds every two weeks until we deliver in March.  Our due date is still the same, April 20th but that is the full 40 weeks and we will not go farther than 36 weeks which will put us around March 23rd.  My wife is as amazed as am I when people tell her that they love reading the story of our journey. 

My father’s birthday was November 8th and it allowed me to reflect on what a fantastic father and grandfather he is and will continue to be when the twins get here.  First off there is one thing about my father that he is proud of he is an Irish, Catholic, Democrat and if you ever talk to him you will know that within seconds.  This pales only in his pride in his four sons and his 6 soon to be 8 grandchildren, we know that he loves us and would do anything for us.  My Dad is a giver he gave of himself as long as I can remember, he volunteer coached football at St. Joseph grade school for 19 years and among other things a few years ago he announced to us that in lieu of Father’s day, Christmas, and Birthday gifts he wanted us to donate to Christ The King School in Chicago.  The school is located in a section of Chicago call Austen, it is poor and violent and the Jesuits went in to try and help so my father wanted to help the cause so that is what we do in his name.  There are times when it scares me to death about being a father to these two coming in March, but knowing that I have a mentor and a role model in my father to help me along the way eases my fears.

Now that I got all of the sappy stuff about my father out of the way here are some of the best memories that I have of him.  When we were younger the state championship games were held in Massillon, 20 minutes from where we grew up.  He would only take us if there was a Catholic school playing because as he would say he needed someone to cheer for.  Another time there was a situation happening and one of my cousins asked him what he was going to do about it and he responded with “Pray and Drink Beer” which remains his email to this day.  Growing up he told us that God put us on the earth for two reasons, “Have a good time, and help other people.” He is the greatest guy that I know and am happy that he will be ever present in my children’s lives.  

This week the Avon Eagles will be playing in the state semi-finals against Akron Hoban.  It has long been my goal since I started coaching to practice on Thanksgiving morning and finally in my 15th year we are accomplishing this feat. Here’s to one more week playing together, let it rip Friday and see what happens!  Avon is a special place and this is a year that I will always remember in my football life.   

Happy Thanksgiving from The Peters

This is for sure a glimpse into the future

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