Week 17 Updates and Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Week 17 Updates and Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

In comparison to last week, this week was a figurative breeze.  Erin reported that she felt that the babies are growing and she was feeling pregnant, but overall she is doing great!  We go for our next ultrasound in a couple of weeks on November 20th there will be a ton more to update as we see all the anatomy and get their sizes.  The question, as we get closer, will be can Erin holdout or will she break down and find out the gender?

Tuesday is the mid-term election day, I know what you are thinking but this will not be a political blog endorsing any candidates.  This blog is about exercising your rights and getting out and using your voice to elect our leaders.  The following Saturday will be Veteran’s Day and everyone will be posting on social media “Thank You For Your Service”.  These words will ring hollow for me because we will see the election numbers and they will be right around 50%, which is a slap in the face to all veterans.  I’m not going to sit here and preach to you about this candidate is better than another or the other garbage that you see on TV or in the mail.   I am just asking you to vote, get out and be a participant in your government.  The thing that drives me crazy is the people that complain about our government and then do nothing to help and change it, by participating in the democracy.

In America, we have a government that only works if its citizens participate.  There are countries around the world that are fighting to the death literally for the rights that we as Americans take for granted.  As Americans, we have won life’s lottery by being born in the United States of America and instead of being grateful for what we have been given, Americans are sitting on their rear ends and not doing their part.  In America, we have a voice as citizens and if you choose to not use your voice, please do not tell me on Saturday “Thank You for your Service”.  Please walk on by without insulting me because you feel that thanking me is what you should do because it is Veteran’s Day.  The best way to thank a veteran is by voting and doing the one thing that many have died for so you can have a voice.  The biggest thanks I can get will be seeing the stickers that say “I Voted Today!”

This week was pretty easy as far as the pregnancy goes and remember on Tuesday please, please get out and vote! Love you guys and remember to vote on Tuesday or early vote today!

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