Babies Update Week 16

Babies Update Week 16

As we embark on week 16 we had a surprise ultrasound last Friday as we had a scare at 4:30 am, but no worries the high-risk Dr. told us all was normal.  As we were sitting in the ultrasound for 45 minutes we saw our babies again and heard their heartbeats,  we saw their heads and arms and legs and also saw their stomachs for the first time.  Going to these ultrasounds is more exciting than any football game I have ever participated in as a player or a coach.  The technology that the hospital possesses is amazing, the fact that they can see the babies and tell which part is which is fascinating to me.  To see these two growing inside of their beautiful mother is certainly one of the great wonders of nature.  The babies are now 11cm long, at 16 weeks we have another 16-20 weeks to go before they are here.  When you type that or say that out loud 16-20 weeks is not that long, it is a good NFL teams season.

We are getting ready, making a list and checking it twice so that we are ready for the babies in the spring.  (excuse my Christmas reference as Erin has been inundating me with Hallmark Christmas movies already!) We are painting the nursery alabaster, which apparently is white but not white more like buttercream frosting on a cake.  Also, I’m told it is Johanna Gaines’s favorite color!  I wish Chip would get his rear end up here and paint then! It is a little overwhelming making a registry and shopping for the things that you are going to need when the babies get here.  We went shopping for a stroller on Sunday, that was not as enjoyable trek as one might think.  We, Erin, like this stroller by UppaBaby this thing apparently is the Cadillac of strollers and putting two in this thing makes it really something.  It rolls really good and folds down so I’m pretty sure that we are going to get that one.  The next thing we are looking at is cribs, those also are something especially the ones we are looking at, apparently, the kids will be able to use these until they leave for college, which will be nice.  When you are looking for this stuff it really makes everything real, and it makes it really real when you multiply it by two for everything.

Our next Dr. visit is November 20th, where we will see all of the anatomies and it is D-Day.  The day that we could find out the gender, and we will all be holding our breath to see if Erin can hold out.  I still have my doubts but the question will be answered on the 20th!

I am going to try and update the babies progress and how Erin is feeling every week so you guys do not have to worry.  Erin did tell me that she thinks they are going to be boys and that her mother had a dream that they are boys, so all I’m asking is does Chuck Kyle have another 18 years in him??

We love everyone and thank you so much for your support, and are so excited for Baby A and Baby B in the spring!

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