Week 11 updates and the Ryder Cup

Week 11 updates and the Ryder Cup

The babies are coming! The babies are coming!  The twins are consuming our lives and it is awesome!  There isn’t a second that goes by the I do not think about them or that Erin or I am not discussing them.  We have started to receive clothes for the babies and they are so small.  This time the pregnancy has become real, from hearing heartbeats to receiving gifts and shopping for cribs, shits getting real over here at the Peters’s! I believe this weekend we settled on two boy’s names and two girl’s names, I will reveal them at a later time, but I will tell you this they are strong, classy and fun.

When I think about the coming of the babies in the spring, people have asked me all kinds of questions.  One of my favorites being if I am going to be alright if they are girls?  Of course, I can’t put them back!  I have also been asked if they are boys am I going to make them play football? My answer to this question is simple I am not going to make them do anything besides work hard and be a good person.  These two qualities were taught to me and my brothers by our parents and I hope to instill these qualities in my children.  If you know my father you have probably heard a few of his famous sayings, one of our favorites is “God put us on the earth for two reasons, have a good time and help other people.”  This is what really matters, how you treat others will get you further than anything in this world and as long as the one thing people say about our children is that they are good people I will consider them successful.  The other thing that I believe is that no matter what you do, do it as well as you can.  If you are a ditch digger be the greatest ditch digger that you can be if you are a salesperson be the best salesperson that you can. No matter what you are doing do it as well as you can.  In Brian Kight’s Focus 3 part of it says “Be The Best Version of You Everyday” being a good person and working hard will help you be the best version of you and that is my hope for my coming babies.  Too many times people are worried about what they have, instead of what they can do for others.  I will teach my children to be servant leaders by putting the needs of others in front of theirs.

This weekend in Paris the Ryder Cup took place between American golfers and European golfers.  I love the Ryder Cup and events like it where we can all be Americans for a weekend.  America is the greatest country in the world with freedoms like no other but somewhere we get lost in appreciating what we have and what we are afforded.  America has lost the ability to admit when it is wrong.  It does not matter when someone takes a certain side they will fight to the death that they are not wrong even though they know deep down that they are wrong.  Also as Americans, we have lost the ability to listen, really listen to each other when we have discourse.  A lot of times we hear but we do not listen to the other side of a disagreement.  We are to busy formulating our rebuttal instead of listening to the other side.  Too many times in this country people think the longest, loudest talker is always right.  When we do not listen to each other we also lose the ability to see things from the other person’s perspective.  As Americans, we need to listen to each other, be good people, and work hard and America will continue to have a bright future.  Oh, and by the way, the American lost the Ryder Cup to the Europeans 17.5-10.5.  We will see you in Wisconsin in 2020 Europe!

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