Peters Family is Expanding!

Peters Family is Expanding!

This summer Erin and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime.  Neither of us knew what to expect but we were positive what outcome we wanted to happen.  After getting pregnant in the fall of 2015 and unfortunately having a miscarriage we were ready to give it a go again, for crying outloud, I’m 40 years old I want to still be able to hang during Dad’s weekend when the kids get to college.  In early June just after I had finished school for the year our summer of trips to the Avon Cleveland Clinic commenced.  We were starting IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and we had no idea what to expect but we were willing to take this journey together and see where it ended.  We signed up with a wonderful Dr. at the clinic and her nurses and the fun began.  First off if you ever decide to do this process you and your spouse’s relationship will never be the same, you will be closer than you ever thought and this process will not work unless you really love that other person because your privacy is practically over.  Erin gave herself the shots and took all of the medicine that she had to and we came out with three viable embryos, one great, one good, and one that barely made the cut.  First time around we implanted one, with plans to implant the others at a later date.  Unfortunately, the embryo did not take and it was on to round two.  This time we discussed it and decided to implant both embryos that were left, this gave us a greater chance of getting one baby but also increased our chances of getting multiples, meaning twins.  In August we implanted the two embryos and had to wait two weeks to get an ultrasound to see if they took and would become babies.  All this time I had to give Erin shots in the rear end every morning before I left for school, which I was usually waking her up between 6:30 and 7:00. Not sure if any of you guys have seen my wife in the morning before coffee but I have felt safer doing missions in Iraq than waking her up!

September 4th is a day that I will never forget as we went in to get our ultrasound to find out if the embryos implanted successfully into a pregnancy.  As we sat in the ultrasound room Erin was laying down and her feet in the stirrups, I was sitting beside her and I could see the ultrasound on the screen on the wall, now this is where things took a turn.  As the nurse was scanning her uterus she says”there is one baby”, well on the other side of the screen I could see the exact same image and then she says “…and there’s baby number 2!”  Erin starts crying tears of joy as we were so happy that we were having a baby it was overwhelming us.  I’m not sure if I really remember much of what was said afterward, but when we left the Clinic we went to First Watch for breakfast.  At breakfast, we sat right next to this young couple and Erin told them all about our wonderful news.  Then the Dr. called Erin and her face dropped as she was talking to her.  The Dr. was not in the ultrasound and saw the scan afterward and then called Erin.  She told us that the one embryo split into two babies creating identical twins, but they weren’t sure about the other embryo that they had implanted.  We had to schedule another ultrasound with a high-risk pregnancy Dr. in two weeks, September 18th.  This was the longest two weeks in the history of time.  Every day we would look at each other at least a half a dozen times and say, “what if it is three?”  We would lie in bed and try to figure out a way for one of us to trade-in our vehicle for a mini-van.  Erin was relieved when she found a triplet car seat for the Volvo.  We knew that whatever the lord intended for us to have we would be able to handle because we have a wonderful support network of family and friends.  I’m still giving Erin shots in the butt at this point and her ass looks like a war zone of needle punctures!

September 18th is finally here and we have two appointments, Erin was able to get us into her OBGYN in the morning while we are seeing the high-risk Dr. in the afternoon.  In the moring, the Dr. does an ultrasound and confirms that the babies are in the same placenta, but isn’t sure if they are in the same sac (which would be the worse case) or in their own sac (which is the best case).  We go to the high-risk Dr. in the afternoon and he confirms that the babies are same placenta and separate sacs which is medium risk and best we could have hoped for knowing that they already shared the same placenta.  As we stand now the Peters family is growing by two as we are expecting twins in the spring of 2019.  As of right now, Erin does not want to find out the gender as well as I do not either it will be the greatest surprise of our lives!

Stay tuned and follow as I will be updating how Erin is feeling and how we are preparing for the arrival of the twins in March 2019. Please keep our growing family in our prayers.

4 thoughts on “Peters Family is Expanding!

  1. So excited for you two! God is good! Hope and pray for healthy and happy times for y’all as you go through the next few months! Yeh! For twins, especially identical! They are quite an experience! Love you guys and be well!

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