This Has Got To Be A Joke Right?

Terrell Owens is widely known as one of the most selfish football players in a game full of egomaniacs.   In a last most despicable move Owens has declared that after visiting Canton, Oh earlier in the year he has decided not to attend the induction ceremony but rather hold his own celebration elsewhere at another time.  The move is unprecedented and at first glance, I thought maybe it was a form of peaceful protest against the NFL because of their new anthem policy, that I could have understood. No this is totally a selfish and ungrateful move by Owens who arguably doesn’t even belong in this class in the first place.  I am sure Owens will have 1000’s of cameras at his ceremony probably right before or right after the real inductions of the real Hall of Famers just so he can steal the spotlight. This is a disgraceful move by Owens in a long line of disgraceful moves throughout his career. The guy was the worst teammate there was in the ultimate team game.  

Is Canton, Oh the greatest city in the world?  Having grown up 20 minutes south of Canton and spent a lot of time there I can say it is not.  That is not the point the point is that Canton is where Professional Football was born and that is where the entry point of the greatest most select club is and where Owens should be if he wants to go into the Hall.  Canton, Ohio is a blue collar gritty town that signifies what the NFL and the Hall of Fame are about, the Hall of Fame is not about loud mouth has beens making everything about them, it is about grinding for years in the league to be the best there ever was, putting team and team success first.  

This was  Owens’s third time on the HoF ballot and the first two times when he did not get in he went on any and every radio and TV show and cried about how the voting was against him and how he was being persecuted and he pulls this stunt.  Owens only cares about himself, what about the fans that want to go see his speech and see him get inducted it to the hall, he doesn’t care if it is not about TO he doesn’t care! There is a reason that a receiver with his type of talent was on 5 different teams. I don’t care how many times he gets on TV and cries about, “This is my quarterback man!”  Owens only cares about himself and always has, he is a selfish child that doesn’t deserve to be in the same Hall as the other great players. Randy Moss is another modern day wide receiver that is going to the Hall in the same class and Owens could not sniff Moss in the talent or teammate department.

If the Hall had any guts at all they should strip Owens of his Hall of Fame status, at the very least there should be no mention of him at all during the weekend.  There should be no picture hanging off the side of the stadium as is customary, nothing! If the networks had any guts at all, looking at you ESPN, there would not be a single mention let alone a camera at his “ceremony”, do not allow this child to make a mockery of the most sacred Hall of the NFL and its opening weekend.  I am sure Owens is only =doing this so his broke ass can monetize his induction somehow. Terrell Owens is a selfish child and should be treated as such and have his status taken away by the Hall of Fame. Do not placate him ESPN, NFL Network, NFL, and Hall of Fame.

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