I picked up a Plain Dealer today for the first time in a very long time and was very disappointed at the headline, “Cavalier’s Season Ends With A Dud”, with the byline, “Cavs lose Finals for the second year, LeBron has a decision to make.”  Now on the face, it seems that these are all facts and unfortunately they are, but my point here is that they could have led with the two positive stories that found the middle of the Finals section. Terry Pluto and Bill Livingston both wrote fantastic articles about how LeBron James left everything on the court for not only the Cavs franchise but also for this city that he loves.  The two articles, written by veteran and award-winning journalists, celebrated another run to the Finals for the Cavaliers led by James, they did not tear down the franchise that brought the city of Cleveland their first championship since 1964. The media should celebrate all the great things that go on around the city and the country instead of always focusing on the negative and what could be better.  Would it be awesome if the Cavs won the Finals and LeBron was locked up in a contract till the end of his career sure would be, but this is the real world and all things are not sunshine and flowers. Let us as Clevelanders, I’m really talking to you Plain Dealer, celebrate the positive that we have now and not the possible negative.


The reason that I point out this small sample of what the media is now is because when I look at the national news rather it be NBC, CNN, or Fox or even the local news the stories are always negative and fear mongering with a human interest story sandwiched in there on most nights. My point is fear and negativity sell, and that is our fault.  We as a people need to demand better from our news sources. Not to turn this political, but our President got himself elected by preying on the fears of Americans. If you watch the national news instead of focusing on issues that matter, i.e. healthcare, taxes, and immigration, the news will show 5 minutes of that and then the rest of the hour will be focused on stuff that essentially does not matter to the citizens of the United States.  There are plenty of these situations around the country of people who barely have enough to live and to keep their families alive.


I am a big Twitter reader and I see all of these people use the hashtag blessed, but are we really blessed and do we really understand how really blessed we are?  Our response to the Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico was embarrassing, it made our response to Katrina look almost competent. The United States response to Puerto Rico was laughable, Jose Andres had to go down and cook for the island because we could not get enough food down to the American citizens that live there.  The President of the United States spent less than one day on the island after the devastation, and the White House continued to shame the Mayor of San Juan as she complained that they needed more of everything to get the island back to being able to sustain life. The government report on the fatalities of Puerto Rico says that 64 people have lost their lives to the hurricane, but the real number is around 5,000 when you count all the people who died due to the power still being out and they were not able to get the medical treatment that they needed.  If what was going on in Puerto Rico was happening in the mainland United States, we would have had a riot and also demand answers for the reason the situation is not better by now. Hurricane Maria was September 20 almost 10 months ago and there are a number of people still without power and clean running water. We need to demand better of our government and ourselves.

My point is that the next time you are looking around and want to complain about what you do or do not have, remember someone always has it worse than you.  Americans appreciate what you have and especially the country that you live in with the freedoms that you did not have to do anything for besides be born in the right country.  The next time you are stuck in traffic do not complain about the traffic, be glad that you have a car to ride into wherever you are going. The next time you want to complain about your job, be glad that you have a job.  The great thing about America is that if you do not like your situation, change it. This country gives you opportunities that no other place on earth gives you, take advantage of them. Do not complain, do better!


To steal a line from Michigan Football, “Who has it better than us? NOOOOOBODY!!!

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