As many of you have noticed, I have not written on this site for a while as I have begun writing for a website The posts there will be sports related while I will still be talking about cooking and everything else on here, I will include some sports talk too.

I want to open with, I love this country and everything that it stands for, especially the Constitution.  When you look at what the Constitution enables us to do and the mobility and opportunity it allows each and every citizen compared to other countries in the world it is amazing.  That is why it infuriates me beyond belief when people that should be encouraging young people to exercise their rights, looking at you Laura Ingraham from Fox News, are putting these young people down and trying to discourage them from being Americans.

David Hogg is a survivor of the shooting at Majory Stonemen High School and he is a lead activist for gun reform in the United States.  He is leading peaceful protests for change not Democratic or Republican change but American change.   I am not concerned with whether or not you think gun reform will stop the school shootings or not, this is not a blog discussing the two sides of the argument.   This is a blog that is discussing why some people think it is ok for them to have rights and others should just “shut up and dribble.”  I applaud both sides of this issue and the people that are exercising their rights by peacefully demonstrating and asking for a change to protect our children in these dangerous times.  That is why it appalls me that a person in Ms. Ingraham’s position would attack a student that is trying to elicit change by leading peaceful protests.  Instead of celebrating him and the other students for being better Americans than 90% of the citizens, she attacked him personally because she doesn’t agree with his point of view.

I love and hate reading social media at times like these, I read posts and shares by people that I really respect and the attacks on these kids are unbelievable.  As an American and a veteran of the United States military, I love it when people express their rights to peacefully protest and express their opinions which are well within their rights as an American to do.  People asked me during the football season what my opinion of was of the players that were kneeling during the national anthem, I responded consistently that it did not bother me at all.  I was in the military and went to Iraq to defend their right to peacefully protest.  These students should be celebrated in the same way and not personally attacked by anyone especially a member of the national media.  Fox News and Laura Ingraham especially have become the old man yelling, “get off my lawn!”  They are lead organization that wants the status quo and will attack anyone that is fighting for change.  They basically want everyone to sit down shut up and do what they are told instead of expressing themselves and fighting for what they believe in.  They preach being American and then personally attack anyone that does not agree with them.

The essence of America was summed up in one sentence in a movie called The American President. “You want free speech?  Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, and who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.” Free speech has to go both ways and if it is to be productive can not divulge into name calling, which happens in Washington 90% of the time.  For free speech to work, there needs to be an honest and open discussion with the same end goals in mind.

I applaud people like David Hogg, LeBron James, and Colin Kaepernick keep exercising your right to peacefully protest.  You do not have to agree with their protest but you as an American should at the very least respect their position and cause.  I will lead the charge to never support any company that sponsors the @Ingrahamangle on Fox News.  Keep fighting the good fight ladies and gentlemen fight for change and keep exercising your rights, especially the right to vote this spring and next November.

The Peters’s household is going clean and stop using products with chemicals in them.  There will be many updates on this going forward.



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