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The NFL Combine where guys are running around in tights jumping, catching, and lifting.  100s of old guys in the stands watching and judging every move, answer, and measurement.  Day after day and month after month of studying and the teams still get it wrong!  The NFL Combine is an excuse for all executives of the NFL to gather in Indianapolis at the end of February.  The NFL Combine is the most overrated event in the NFL calendar.  Since the Combine is here I might as well give my plan for the Browns, I believe that I have laid this out before but here goes.  First, let’s recap the assets that the Browns are armed with this offseason:

  •  $117 million under the cap
  •  12 picks in this year’s draft including 5 in the first two rounds

They need to go out in free agency and sign a veteran QB that can lead a team that is on the cusp of being good.  I read all of the time how we need this type of QB or this type of QB to win championships.  We need to slow down a bit here and focus on building a team that can compete before we start talking about championships.  There is one thing that I am positive of, no matter what level of football you are playing winning championships is done by running the ball and playing great defense.  The QB is important, but look at the playoffs this year, 7 out of the 12 were drafted in the first round, but the two that played in the Super Bowl was not drafted in first round.  Three out of the four teams in the conference championships played outstanding defense and that is what got them there.  So I do not put as much stock in drafting a QB as some do, and my plan to win will reflect that and will be the sticking point for most of you.

6 Step Plan to Make The Browns Competitive:

Step 1:  Go out and sign either Cousins or McCarron, McCarron will be cheaper but money is no object this offseason.

Step 2: Sign a lockdown CB the secondary needs a facelift and getting a guy that can play man to man on a number one receiver is paramount.

Step 3: Work a deal to trade the number one pick, but stay in the top ten.  Try and pick up a first in 2019 and another second rounder this year.

Step 4: Draft Minkah Fitzpatrick and Roquan Smith in with the two top ten picks.  The defense just got infinitely better.  Fitzpatrick solidifies the backend of the defense and Smith adds a great Ray Lewislike LB to an already good core.  If you watched the college football playoff Smith was the most impressive player on the field during both games.

Step 5:  If one of the top 6 receivers falls to the end of the first round trade back up, into the first round with your multitude of second rounders and get a playmaker for your new QB.

Step 6: With the rest of our picks take the best player available at that spot, we need playmakers and help at all positions.

If we can not make any trades with number one or to trade back into the first round, I am still of the opinion that we take Fitzpatrick number one and Smith number four.  If we can not make a trade we still have three-second rounders 33, 35, and 64, get playmakers during the second day.

Would love seeing these two making plays in Brown and Orange next year!!

The reason that I am not high on taking a QB in the first round is that I do not believe that any of them are transcendent talents, ala Eli, Big Ben, or Peyton.  The other reason that I advocate getting a Veteran FA QB instead of drafting another one in the first round is that we have wasted too many picks on QBs and passed up on playmakers.  Another reason is that our offensive coordinator Todd Haley has never developed players in a system, he has always been handed all-pros the two stops he was successful, Pittsburgh and Arizona.

The Shamrock scale and review of local restaurants is brought to you by @RodanFieldsECP

There is a little pizza place in Avon called In Forno, and it is fantastic.  Erin and I went there and had a wonderful time, it is family owned which we absolutely love and they make you feel apart of the family as soon as you walk in there.  They specialize in wood-fired pizzas and salads, they do have some beers but alcohol selection is limited.  We both had arugula salads which were fantastic.  Erin had the pepperoni pizza and I had the Di Parma, both were excellent with fresh ingredients.  The pepperoni on the pizza was big and you could tell it wasn’t like the pepperoni from the chain pizza places.  The Di Parma has tomato sauce, prosciutto, grated mozzarella, garlic, olive oil, and arugula, all ingredients were fresh and very tasty.  In Forno is a little pricey but I believe it is well worth it once and a while.  I would not go there every time I wanted pizza but when I want a good specialty pizza we are definitely going to In Forno.  On the Shamrock scale, I give In Forno ☘️☘️☘️ for alcohol selection lacking and being a little expensive.

Any BBQ catering needs in the Cleveland area see @WCPeters_1 Calendar is filling up fast for spring and summer!

This weekend Erin is going away on Saturday, so every time she goes away I make her a treat so that she will come back to me and Hank. This weekend I am making ribs on the Big Green Egg, they are her favorite, plus it gives me a chance to practice for Easter and the neighborhood rib burn off this summer.  We bought three slabs of baby back ribs at Costco this week.  The rub I am going to use on the ribs is Three Little Pigs All-Purpose and Three Little Pigs Sweet.  I will prepare the ribs by squirting yellow mustard all over them and rubbing it on them and then adding the two rubs.  After I get the Big Green Egg to 300* I will place the ribs in a V rack and place the V rack in a drip pan, I will then cook them for 2.5-3hrs or until the meat registers an internal temperature of 190*.  Then I will raise the Egg temperature to 500* place the ribs directly on the grid and baste with the BBQ sauce every few minutes for 5-7 minutes.  Then I will transfer to a platter and serve to Erin immediately.  The final product will be pictured here on Sunday.

As of this writing, there are 27 days until opening day.

3 Outs Baseball Academy is hosting a baseball camp at Westlake High School for kids ages K-7th grade.  Contact Brendan Zepp @3outsbaseball

Until Sunday which will include initial mock draft and a preview of conference tournaments and the conclusion of Big Ten tournament and of course the ribs and how they turned out.

Until Sunday Love you guys!

Cheers! ☘️






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