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Big changes coming to the NCAA in all sports and in my opinion basketball is just the tip of the iceberg.  With Sean Miller getting caught by FBI wiretap offering a $100K payoff to a top recruit, coupled with the Yahoo! report, a lot of top NCAA coaches have to be shaking in their boots.  I along with probably a lot of the nation just assumed that most major schools were cheating for these top recruits.  I believe that cheating has gone on long before, but the advent of the one and done rule has really exasperated the situation.  There are a number of reasons that the cheating occurs, one is that the Head Coaches are making millions of dollars and the assistant coaches are making hundreds of thousands of dollars to coach basketball and will bend and break rules to keep that job.  Once they get caught, however, they are still paid and allowed to go coach somewhere else, which is flat out wrong and needs to be changed.  If a coach whether Head or Assistant gets caught knowingly committing a major rules violation, they should never be allowed to coach at an NCAA institution no matter what division ever again.  I can not fully take credit for this take as I heard Dan Dakich this morning on “Pardon My Take” say the exact same thing.  This would give the coaches pause before knowingly breaking a rule because then the only places they could go coach would be the NBA, High School, or overseas.  Secondly, AAU coaches are scumbags, the majority of them, some are good but most of them are scum.  They will fly players all over the country in the name of winning.  The coaches get money from the shoe companies and the team’s sponsors.  The coaches then, in turn, push these players to schools that wear the shoes of the company paying them.  It is a huge scam and the only one that gets hurt are the players and the schools.  Thirdly, the agents are terrible human beings trying to get to these kids early because they know they are getting drafted.  The agents use these “runners” to bring the athlete cash and clothes, etc. they are terrible chasing down these collegiate athletes and knowingly breaking the rules to try and make a buck off of them once they turn pro.  Fourth, the NCAA needs to gain some common sense.  If the agent wants to buy the young man and his family dinner the athlete should not be punished.  They should establish an amount that makes sense and the agent should be allowed to take them out to dinner, this goes for boosters too.   Fifth, and probably the most important get rid of the one and done rule.  This is the dumbest rule in sports!  Let these guys go directly to the NBA if they want too.  The problem is that everyone blames this rule on the NCAA, but it is really the NBA that mandates the draft age.  This rule has done nothing but kill college basketball teams, they can not build a champion. The Champion usually has a couple of the one and dones that are stars.  The NCAA needs to work with the NBA and establish the same model as baseball uses.  You can go right away to the pros, but if you take that scholarship you are committing to college for at least three years.  Make this universal also in all sports that you receive money for, aka football.  I know a lot of people say that high school cannot go straight into the pros because of the difference in bodies and maturity, who cares if a guy thinks he can do it let him try they know what they are giving up if it doesn’t work.  I can think of at least three guys that could have done it, Clarrett, Clowney, and Marcus Lattimore just off of the top of my head.  What makes me sad are the guys that are missing out on scholarships because a guy is taking one up for a year.  I am interested to see what will happen to the media darling Coach K if and when this investigation turns up that he has sold his soul to the devil to win with the one and dones.

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I have been squarely on the side of the players in college do not need to be paid.  I feel that them getting a free education is good enough and the fact that about 1% of the athletes could make money off of their likeness had me convinced that they did not need to be paid.  Can you imagine getting a free education and entering the workforce debt free as a 23-year-old?  That to me is a payment, and proponents of athletes will say they earned that scholarship, which I do not disagree.  Let’s not forget that they also get exclusive rights to use the $50+ million athletic facility that houses everything that they need for free also while they are at school.  They also get to wear team-issued gear, which they get to keep, which is top of the line stuff from Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour.  Alas, I have come to a new conclusion, and a few of my neighbors and I had a spirited debate on this subject Saturday.  I feel that the athletes should be able to make money off of their likeness if the bookstore is going to sell a jersey with their number on it the athlete should get a cut.  I feel they should also be able to sell their autographs at a legitimate signing session, not charging for random signings just do not sign outside of your signings. One of my buddies suggested that lesser-known players would not benefit from this, I disagree I think that if Ohio State’s center from Austintown held a signing in Youngstown people would come out and pay him for his autograph.  They may not benefit as much but I believe that they would still be able to benefit some.  There you have it I believe that I solved all that is wrong with the NCAA and paying athletes, yeah right!

On Friday, expect a resolution that will impact the college football playoff.  I have a radical idea that will make every game important.  I think you will like it.  Then on Sunday, I will have the first mock draft.   Oh and 30 days till opening day, let’s go!  See you then, love you guys! Cheers! 🍀

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