This is not going to be a normal blog, the usual sports, and lame stuff I do will have to wait until the end.  This week we suffered a tragedy as an American society that we face all too often.  I started typing a different sort of blog yesterday, one that was written from a place of anger and sadness.  The blog, I will let you read it if you would like, was not going to achieve what I feel this blog should.   I wrote a blog last week that talked about culture bringing people together.  The blog that I started yesterday was a total one-sided response to a problem where there are no easy answers.  What happened in Florida and what has happened in schools far too often cannot be allowed to happen again.  We as a society must do everything in our power to protect our greatest asset, our children.  I do not know the answer whether it be gun control, mental health help, better security at schools, not publicizing the suspects or whatever it may be.  The one thing that I am sure of is that we are never going to have a solution if we are torn apart as a country.  Our elected leaders need to come together and bring our country together to find a solution to all of the violence in our country.  Now is the time for our elected leaders to stand up and do whatever is necessary to protect our children.  They need to put aside their differences for the safety of our children because if nowhere else they should feel safe at two places home and school.  In my original write, I was going to make this highly political and therefore be part of the problem, but I am choosing to be part of the solution to finding an answer to this epidemic.  Listening to the response from the leaders of our country it did not sound to me like they, Democrats and Republicans, were willing to put aside politics to keep our children safe.

It is at times like this that our country shows that we are mightier than the evil that befalls it.  At times like this, we as a country work as one no matter our differences to do what is needed to help other Americans.  America is the greatest country in the world and we are like one big family, that may at times get upset and frustrated with each other but if there is an attack on one of us it is an attack on all of us, and we take it personally.  Remember 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Boston Bombings, or Newtown?  It did not matter your race, ethnicity, gender, or religion we were all Americans doing whatever it took to help our fellow Americans, wouldn’t it be great if we could have that attitude every day and not only when tragedy strikes?  Our leaders need to be unifiers and not dividers going forward, they need to understand there is no right way or wrong way there is only the American way and what is best for American citizens and most importantly American children. is also brought to you by @TB12sports and @mbpeters4 see them for all of your nutritional and workout needs.

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On to more lighter things, pitchers and catchers reported this week which means 43 days until opening day.  The tribe is looking good again, all of our main pitchers are back, but we lost Jay Bruce and Carlos Santana to free agency.  I like the look of this club it should be an interesting summer and hopefully fall here in Cleveland.

Erin and I have been enthralled with the Olympics from South Korea.  I was never an extreme sports guy but I caught the halfpipe men’s and women’s final. These guys and gals are nuts the way they flip and turn is amazing.  Sean White and Chloe Kim both brought home the gold.  White’s third run which he needed to get the gold was amazing as you can see here:

Chloe Kim was equally impressive as she dominated her way to gold.  This was her run even as she already had the gold medal wrapped up:

The guy that is stealing the show with his exuberance and showmanship is Adam Rippon.  He had a great run last night in men’s figure skating landing a number of different tricks, but the greatest part of Adam Rippon is post-program interviews. He calls the reporters by their first name, for instance when he was asked how he liked the Olympics, he looked the reporter right in the eye and said, “Andrea, it’s pretty amazing!”

Here is a video of his performance that had the crowd rocking and the post-performance interview:

On Fat Tuesday Erin and I went to Fiesta Jalapeno in North Ridgeville.  Erin loves Mexican food, I’ll eat it but I’m not as big a fan.  It was good the decor was nice but not too over the top.  They give you all the chips and salsa that you can handle, which is bad for me since I have no willpower to say no.  I got three soft shell chorizo tacos, I did like the tacos because they just come with cheese and meat and then you add your own vegetables from the taco bar.  Great idea!  Overall the experience was nice and we will probably go back again.  I am instituting a new rating system of shamrocks, 5 being the best that you can get so I give Fiesta Jalapeno  ☘️☘️

That is all for today, wow that was a tough one to write.  Thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy and also to the survivors from the school. Remember this America and its citizens will always be there for you.  I will close with two things, first do not judge others for you have no idea what battle they are fighting within themselves and number two smile and say hello to everyone it takes no effort and you never know being nice may just save that person from the depths of depression.  Lastly, if you are feeling depressed talk to someone talk to anyone if you need to talk to me through this blog or my Twitter account @WCPeters_1, my DMs are always open. Parents talk to your children let them know that they are never alone.  The most underused word in the world is Love, tell someone you love them and mean it.  I know I am guilty of not telling the people that I love that I love them enough, plus love heals all.

Love you guys have a great week!

Cheers!! 🍀🍀

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