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I apologize for missing Friday’s blog, I was in Columbus, Ohio at the OHSFCA annual clinic.  I love this clinic, not so much for the speakers that they lineup, but I love catching up with guys that I see once or twice a year.  I love the camaraderie that is at the clinic, everyone is there for the same purpose to learn and get better, and that is why I go but it is also nice to come home to Erin and Hank.  Also, shout out to Coach Pavlansky of Canfield High School, one of the best human beings that I have ever come across, for letting me hang out with their staff during the weekend.

The reason that I love football is its correlation to the military which is another part of my life that I am extremely proud.  The military and football are alike in a lot of ways, mainly if you have a great football team or a great platoon or squad on a mission they will be vertically aligned in their beliefs and vision and are striving for the same goal or end result.  Leaders are made from great football programs and also from the military if you do not have a great leadership you are not going to be able to accomplish your mission, plain and simple.  One belief that I have is that there are great leaders and then on the other side of the coin there is no leadership, I do not believe that there is anything in between, there is no o.k. leader.  I believe that great leaders are always trying to improve there ability to lead, not so that they become better leaders but so that their subordinates can benefit from better leaders.  The best leaders are servant leaders that put their people first before themselves, they understand that as their people improve the organization improves and that makes everyone better. The main goal of any leader is to make others better, and to align the organization with clear and concise expectations and a vision of where they want to go.  I was listening to a Podcast with Jon Gordon and he was talking about Dabo Swinney, Head Football Coach at Clemson University, when he was getting interviewed to be the HC at Clemson.  The board told him they wanted their football program to be mentioned in the same breath as Ohio State and Alabama.  Swinney looked at them and said that he had the vision to make Clemson bigger and better than those two programs.   Arguably, Swinney has built Clemson to their level and are getting better, all because their leader has a vision and a plan to execute and is aligning his program to chase that vision.

This weekend there was a lot of talk about creating a culture and different ways of doing it.  There is one thing that I know any organization that can not tell you what their expectations and vision, have no culture.  Culture is a buzzword nowadays, no doubt, but it is vital to creating a successful organization, whether that be a business, team, or a family.  Everyone has to be aligned to the same goal and vision for the organization to be successful.  I would love to be a head coach one day, not because I want to have a team run my offense and defense, I think that is boring, but to be able to build a culture that creates leaders of men.  I think that is what is the most important thing that comes from playing high school sports, especially football.  The world needs leaders for the future that will bring everyone together, rather than the so-called “leaders” that we have today that drive a division between people.  America needs what we have in a locker room, 100 guys of different backgrounds all fighting for the brother to the right and left of them and for a common cause.  This is why football is the greatest of all sports.

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I have been watching the Olympics from South Korea, and I love them!  How about this kid from Rocky River pulling out the Gold medal in snowboarding.  Red Gerard was awesome in that third run!  After his second run when he fell and came up grabbing his back it did not look good for him.  He pulled out an awesome third run and thanks to WKYC Channel 3 and their spoiler alert I knew he won gold before it was telecast, thanks a lot, guys!  I can’t even imagine being 17 years old and being on top of that mountain with all of that pressure and pulling out the run of his life.  Erin and I were emotionally invested in him since we lived in Rocky River for 5 years.  We were cheering every jump and twist and turn and Hank was running around barking, “USA! USA!”  It is amazing how everytime the Olympics come on you get behind the country no matter the sport, in fact, I am watching figure skating right now and am totally invested because it is country vs country.

How about the Cavs?  They made some deals at the deadline and I think they got younger and better.  For a quick recap, they got rid of Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert, Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose, and Jae Crowder.  In return, they acquired Larry Nance, Jr., Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, and George Hill.  I must admit they looked great today in blowing out the Celtics.  These trades and this result pretty much secure the Cavs as the favorite once again in the East.  They had to get Thomas out of that locker room.  He came here and thought he was an alpha, and quickly found out that the alpha of all alphas already resided in Cleveland.  Also, you can not be an asshole and call out perennial all-stars when a) you are brand new to the team and b) you are a 5’5″ ball hog that plays no defense.  The Lakers will be his 6th team since he got to the NBA, there is a reason you’ve been on that many teams and there is only one common denominator, you!  Good Bye and Good Riddance!  It was a nice move to send D Wade back to Miami, that is where he belongs and he can retire a Heat.  The others were expiring contracts and the only one we will miss will be Frye’s versatility.  All in all, I like the moves especially since they kept the Brooklyn pick which will be a lottery pick, so they will get even younger next year.

In my opinion, LeBron is going to stay and retire in Cleveland.  This will be the best move for his legacy and I think he will bring at least one more title to the ‘Land.

Today we celebrated my mother and father in law’s birthdays and I cooked 20lbs of pork for the occasion.  I made two kinds, one was New Orleans style and the other was Carolina style.  Everyone said they were tremendous and I can not wait to cook for more people in the future.  I love to make pulled pork, it is good and easy, the only difficult part was that it took 15 hours.  Hank and I started cooking around noon and we finished around 3am.  We were a little tired but it was well worth it! Happy Birthday Mark and Barb!

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