Fly Eagles Fly!!

This weeks edition includes a Super Bowl LII recap of both game and party foods, Hall of Fame Class, and The Phoenix Open.

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Super Bowl LII proved to be one of the greatest Supr Bowls of all time.  The game was well played and cleanly played for the better part of the game.  Philadelphia started out strong and continued that way to a 9-3 first quarter lead.  The kickers had a rough game today as they combined to miss a field goal and two extra points.  The second quarter had some more fireworks and it looked like the Patriots were going to take control, but then the Eagles ran a trick play on the goal line to seize momentum for the rest of the game.  The second half saw the two teams trade touchdowns, with the Patriots taking their first lead at 33-32 on a Brady to Gronk TD pass with about 4 minutes remaining.  Nick Foles calmly led the Eagles down the field converting one fourth down and culminating with a TD pass to Zach Ertz with just over 2 minutes remaining.  This is a move by Doug Pederson that will get overlooked because the Eagles won.  When they scored to go up 5 at 38-33, Pederson elected to go for two and they missed.  He should have kicked the extra point and gone up 6 with just over 2 minutes remaining.  The Patriots got the ball back and on the first play Brady got strip sacked by Brandon Graham, and the Eagles recovered.  The Eagles proceeded to run the ball and kicked a FG to go up 41-33 with just under a minute remaining in the Super Bowl.  Remember, if the Eagles would have kicked the extra point they would be up by nine now and the game would be over, but they didn’t and gave the greatest QB of our generation the ball back with time to tie.  I tweeted about this as it was happening, so it is not second guessing, it is first guessing.  As it turns out the Eagles survived a last-second heave into the end zone as time expired.  Congratulations to the Eagles and Patriots on a great game.  Congratulations to the city of Philadelphia, it has been a long time coming for the city of brotherly love to win a Super Bowl.

The MVP was Nick Foles, he threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner to Zach Ertz.  Foles has a great story, he had a great year for the Eagles about 4 years ago, in fact, he was MVP of the Pro Bowl.  Then he got traded to the St. Louis Rams were he stunk it up and was contemplating retiring and getting out of football.  Then his brother in law talked him into trying out again and the KC Chiefs gave him a shot, and when Pederson, who was the KC offensive coordinator before becoming head coach at Philly, got the Eagles job they signed Foles as a backup.  This year starter Carson Wentz was having an MVP type season before he tore his ACL in a late-season game against the Rams.  Foles stepped in and the rest is history, Super Bowl MVP, and Champion.

The Patriots need to shore up the defense, they scored 33 points and lost by 8.  If you would have given the Patriots defenses in the early 2000s 33 points they would have won 100 times out of 100.  For the drafting genius that Belichick is supposed to be, he has really missed on some defensive talent, namely, they have none!  Their defense is porous at best and the only reason they are playing in the Super Bowl is that of Tom Brady’s greatness.  This defense is proof that Tom Brady is the GOAT because despite how bad they are the Patriots were in the Super Bowl and Matt Patricia, the defensive coordinator is going to be the Lions head coach tomorrow.

The Hall of Fame class of 2018 was announced Saturday and the members are Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Bobby Beatherd, Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins and senior committee selections, Robert Brazile and Jerry Kramer. All are deserving of the nomination but I find it hard to imagine that there would be a Hall of Fame class inducted and there would be no lineman in the class.  The only guy that I am shocked at that got in is Owens, I believe he deserves to be in the hall, I just thought the committee would make him wait a few more years.

Justin Timberlake did not disappoint this year at halftime.  He is the greatest entertainer of our generation and was on fire during his halftime performance.  The tribute to Prince was phenomenal as was all of his singing and dancing throughout the show.

Super Bowl parties had all of the usual fares.  I heard of parties having buffalo chicken dip, sausage bread, wings, fries, and brownies and cookies for dessert.  All of it was fantastic I am sure but it is back to the ole diet and exercise plan tomorrow.

Once again the Phoenix Open did not disappoint with their breathtaking views and great shots the players were making.  16th was its usual loud and raucous self.  17 and 18 were holes you could really score on too. Hope all in attendance had a great time as we creep closer to the Masters in April.

That is all for this week as I will leave you images of the Zach Ertz winning TD tonight.

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