Thoughts from a Great Weekend!

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Admittedly, I do not listen to the music that is on the radio my commute is filled with podcasts and books from the library.  Therefore, when Erin wanted to watch the Grammy’s tonight I wasn’t sure who would be nominated much less win, but I saw the commercial and Bruno Mars was performing so I watched.  Bruno Mars is a great entertainer and I would love to take Erin to his concert, she absolutely loves him, but other than that I have never heard of 75% of the artists James Corden is announcing.   I will say that “Despacito” is a very catchy song and probably my favorite so far of the Grammy’s.  It was also great to see legends such as The Edge, Bono, Sting, and Shaggy tonight performing.  I love seeing Tony Bennet get out there to present an award with John Legend. Bennet is 91 years old and won a Grammy 56 years ago and still seems sharp as a tack.  I obviously started this segment before the Grammy’s were over, but they may have just saved themselves with Elton John and Miley Cyrus singing “Tiny Dancer”.  By the way, Miley Cyrus looked tremendous in that gown, can’t remember ever saying that before usually, she looks like trash. is also brought to you by @TB12sports and @mbpeters4 see them for all of your nutritional and workout needs.

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Tiger had a great showing at The Farmer’s Insurance Open at Torry Pines near San Diego, California.  I just saw where they suspended the Open playoff, with Noren and Day tied at -10 after 6 holes, and I’m assuming will finish tomorrow.   Tiger finished tied for 23rd after making the cut right on the number Friday.  I saw today where he finished 656th at the end of 2017 so for him to be able to finish in the top 25 in a legitimate PGA event is awesome, considering he did not have near his A game this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how he rebounds in two weeks at Riviera Country Club at the Genesis Open.  It is one thing to get up and make a cut at one tournament but can he do it at multiple tournaments in a row, if he can do that I will then get excited for Tiger’s return to Augusta.  This weekend Tiger finished 3 under par and shot even on his final round, not bad for a guy that at times looked like he had never played Torrey before today.  Although, it was great seeing the redshirt back out there on Sunday!

One thing that I do pride myself on is that I feel that I am very self-aware.  Erin has asked me before, “If we have a boy will I push him into football?” I told her honestly, no I hope he plays something that I know nothing about so I can stand at the top of the stands and enjoy watching him play.  I discovered that it doesn’t matter if I know the sport or not I enjoy arguing with referees, and before you say anything I am fully aware that it doesn’t help he or she is not going to change the call.  I can not help myself that striped shirt is like the red cape to a bull, it just fires me up from the get-go.  Thinking back to my time as a coach and even as a basketball referee I constantly yell at officials.  That’s right I when I was refereeing basketball I would in my head tell myself that was an awful call that I just made, I yelled at myself more than the coach did.  One highlight, or lowlight depending on the viewpoint, of my past, was when I was 21 years old coaching football at TCC.  We were down 2 points and our QB rolled out from our own end zone and no one was open so he threw the ball out of bounds happens all the time right? The head official called intentional grounding resulting in a safety and effectively ending the game.  I was in the booth and was so upset that I took my headset off and threw it against the wall, exploding it.  I then left the booth and hopped over the railing at the bottom of the stands and ran to the sideline where I expressed to the official my displeasure and he gave me a flag.  This prompted my Aunt who was listening to the game on the radio to call my mother and ask, “Which TCC coach got the flag at the end of the game?” To which my mother answered, “You’re dumbass nephew!”  She was 100% correct it is not a moment I am proud of, but it is one of many.  This weekend we had a wrestling tournament and admittedly I only coached wrestling because they needed someone to be an assistant.  I allowed this referee to get to me again and I spent the whole day mad at this referee because he was not good at his job of being a referee.  I tell you these stories to bring us back to my original point and admit that it will not matter what my son or daughter plays I will always yell at referees, always have always will.  I apologize for my actions in advance.

In the last I stated that I wanted to make Erin ribs for her prize for coming home to us from Dallas.  I was unable to get ahold of her before she went to the butcher and bought an 11lb pork shoulder, so I made that instead.  I hope next week to make the ribs, they sound like a good Super Bowl Sunday treat.  I put the pork shoulder on the smoker yesterday at 6:30pm and it was going to take 16.5 hours so it should be done around 11am the next day.  I prepared it as I usually do by spreading yellow mustard on it and sprinkling Three Little Pigs All Purpose followed by Three Little Pigs Kansas City Sweet, then injecting it with the Kansas City Sweet, and started the smoker at 250*.  I woke up at 5am and went outside and the pellets had all run out of the fire box, I refilled it and then I went back inside.  Two hours later I went back out and the firebox was empty again and the temperature had fallen and the pork was at 134*, so I took pork off of smoker and finished it in the oven.  It was finished around 3pm and was as good as ever, I figured it would be since the smoke had gotten in the meat and therefore the taste.  I think what happened was over the winter the drop in temperature and then the subsequent rise caused moisture to get in the pellet bag and mess them up, but we saved the pork.  I will be having that for lunch this week!

Until next week when we will talk all things Super Bowl from the game to the party and everything in between. Don’t worry even with this winter storm warning coming tonight feel better because pitchers and catchers report in 15 days!  Go Tribe!!

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