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A lot to discuss today, we have the government shutdown, a smorgasbord of food I made today for the week, and the NFL.  This government shutdown is one of the most ridiculous things in the history of our government!  The federal government has been a middle school playground for about 9 years now.  Basically, Democrats and Republicans look at each other and say, “You wouldn’t let us do this so we are going to block you from doing that!”  The only people who get hurt when Congress fights is you and I.  This government shutdown in which the Senate is in charge of fixing is unforgivable.  The men and women of Congress are still getting paid while thousands of government workers that depend on getting a check go without.  What is the incentive for Congress to settle this, their lifestyle is not being changed at all, in fact, I saw where they adjourned at 10pm on Sunday.  The President needs to step in and demand that they get this done before anyone goes home, I do not care if the vote comes at 3am.  They need to get this done for the government workers that are not getting paid and get these people what they have earned.  The reasons for the shutdown I am not going to get into because this is not a political blog, but when Congress is screwing with the American people I feel the need to write about it.

I believe Congress needs term limits and also if there is a government shutdown the top people in the three branches of government, the legislative, executive, and the judicial need to be the first to see their paychecks and benefits, that the American public pays for, cut off.  Let’s see how they like it when they take their child to the Doctor and do not have insurance to pay for it.  Let them live as so many of their constituents live.  The other is term limits, we need term limits for Congress.  I am tired of reading about these Congressmen and women that have been there for 25-30 years, we need some new blood in there to inject some energy and enthusiasm.  Right now Congress cannot get anything done because they are too worried about getting re-elected instead of doing what is right for the American people.  The fighting between the two parties has to stop so that the country can advance.  As long as our elected leaders keep fighting with each other and doing things the same way they always have we will always be stuck in the same rut that we are in right now.  In the midterm elections, we as Americans need to send a message to our elected leaders that we will not sit by and watch as they continue to get rich and the population gets crapped on.  I understand that these are amendments to the constitution and would take a 2/3rd vote to change them and Congress is in charge of that so it is probably not happening.  Just get out and vote!

I was watching the news this morning and the moderator brought up a Senator from each of the parties at separate times.  Both men, when asked about the shutdown instead of offering up a solution, tried to assign blame to the other party.  We have dissolved as a country to a place that is more concerned with who’s fault it is rather than how can we fix it.  People ask me all the time why I love sports so much and I’ll tell you when you are in competition and on a team if something goes wrong you do not have time to point fingers and look to blame someone you need to move on fix it and do it better the next time.  The United States of America would be a better place if our elected officials treated their job more as a team rather than competing against each other.

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Enough with that heavy talk, I cannot believe I just wasted 500 words on them.  Today Erin left for Dallas, she will have been gone for 9 out of the last 10 days when she gets home Thursday night.  At least I’ll have Hank with me this week as he was at his Grandparents last week, thanks, Mark and Barb.  Today was food prep day for the week and it was awesome, Hank and I had the oven going and The Big Green Egg going, we even snuck a walk in there somewhere.  First, I made, with Erin’s help before we went to church and I took her to the airport, a pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and filled with blue cheese and potatoes and carrots, that will be lunch for the week.  After that, I started The Big Green Egg and let it warm up while Hank and I took a walk through the neighborhood.  It was nice seeing more people out since it was almost 50*, rather than being bitterly cold like it was in early January.  When the Green Egg got to temperature we threw a sirloin on and grilled it up about 4 minutes on each side then it was done.  That will be dinner this week, tomorrow I’ll make bacon and brussel sprouts with it and Tuesday broccoli.  For dinner tonight I had a cauliflower pizza,  which is one of my all-time favorites, the toppings were cheese, pepperoni, and red and green peppers.  It was fantastic!

Tomorrow morning I am planning on getting on the Peloton bike at 5am.  Check my Twitter and Facebook to see if it happens.

Super LII is set Tom Brady and the Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Minnesota.  Brady is going for his sixth title and second in a row, while the Eagles are relying on a stout defense and a backup QB to try and capture the title.  I am looking forward to the game and the chess match that will ensue between the two teams.  Rob Gronkowski’s health will be a huge question in the next two weeks.  If the Patriots do not have Gronk I think the Eagles can shut New England down and win the game.  Foles will have to protect the ball to get it done though.  I will have a winner for you the Friday before the Super Bowl.  Vegas opened the line at Patriots -6.5.

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