Open Letter To Jimmy Haslem!

Mr. Haslem,

I am writing to you to express my displeasure with the decision to keep Hue Jackson. This decision is unbelievable, there really is nothing you can say that would justify this decision.  He is currently 1-31 as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, the team you own! Why you put up with this ineptitude is beyond me! I could have coached that team to at least 5 wins this year blindfolded!  Sashi Brown, who you got rid of, had done a 1000x better job than Jackson.  He gathered all the assets that the Browns currently have for the upcoming draft.  Somehow Hue Jackson keeps his job?!?!

Moving forward I applaud you for hiring the front office that you have, by all accounts we have great people in those spots.  Now we have to do something about the Head Coach, the face of the franchise. He is like a millennial all he does is blame others for not winning, which is what losers do!  He has no accountability for any of HIS team’s actions or lack thereof.  I have an idea I will coach the Browns for this year and I will give you a deal.  I will take HALF of whatever you pay Jackson.  I think it is around $5 million, so if you pay me $2.5 million a year on a one year contract and every year I win one game you renew it.  I will guarantee that if you make me the Head Football Coach of the Cleveland Browns I will win progressively more games every year.  Unlike the clown, you have now that somehow after winning one game his first year won fewer games his second year!

Mr. Haslem if you care about this team or this town please fire this joke of a Head Coach that we have or sell the team to someone that wants to win.  I am a viable option I will win you more games and for less than you pay Jackson.  You are a good businessman that likes a deal, I mean what can it hurt?  We won 0 games this year!

Do The Right Thing,

Charley Peters

P.S. If Jackson is blackmailing you how bad can it be?   

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