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I am thinking about a new segment for the blog to add to the food section.  The weather has been terrible so the food section has been awful and I apologize for that.  This new segment which will start today, because I was hungry and Erin has been out of town the last week, is a review of a local restaurant.  These will happen every Thursday and the only caveat has to be that it will be a local place, no chain restaurants! I am excited to see where this new adventure takes me and I hope it leads me to an even greater adventure this fall that will hopefully marry my love for football and food.

For my first adventure, I stayed local, one mile down the road as a matter of fact, and went to Avon Brewing Company.  Admittedly this was not my first venture into the restaurant.  This is a locally owned Craft Brewing Company, is family owned and operated.  The bartender tonight, Patrick, was great he waited on me promptly at my seat at the bar.  I ordered an Eagle IPA, it was smooth and hoppy and very refreshing.  I ordered the Tuna Sashimi as an appetizer, I usually get the Tatchos which I highly recommend but decided to switch it up tonight.   I followed that with a bowl of the widow maker 46 chili, and 6 King Coffee wings, traditional style.  The Tuna Sashimi was great, it was thin with a pile of seaweed in the middle, when you mix them up it tasted like sushi without the rice and it was glorious.  Next, I had the chili, it was fantastic it had a lot of meat and beans in it and you could taste a hint of the Makers Mark 46 in the chili.  Finally, I had the King Coffee Wings, the best wings I have ever had!  I tried them on the recommendation of David another of the bartenders.  I wasn’t sure about them when I ordered them but they were cooked to perfection and the coffee grounds added an awesome texture along with great flavor.  I highly recommend Avon Brewing Company if you are in the Avon area.  The atmosphere is relaxed in the historic building that ABC occupies in the French Creek area of Avon.  Everyone at ABC is friendly and courteous and I’ve never had a bad experience there.  If you are in the Avon area I highly recommend stopping in Avon Brewing Company for lunch or dinner, or a quick snack and make sure to try one of their craft beers.  Here is the link to their site:

If you have any ideas for this new segment in please do not hesitate to reach out with your suggestions.

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I have picked up a new podcast from barstool sports called Fore Play.  It is a golf podcast,  hence the name.  It has got me itching to play some golf!  I ended last season playing pretty decent for a guy like me and I hope to continue the upward trend this year.  Being in Ohio tends to set the game back over the winter months.  In Ohio, you could get anywhere from 3 months to 12 months of playing.  My father who loves playing the game now, he picked it up around age 67, played in all 12 months two years ago.  We have some great courses in Northeast Ohio, and I hope to play a number of them this season.  My game breaks down like this; I can drive the ball pretty well and I can putt half decent, meaning if I am 30ft away I can lag one to within 4ft and two putt.  The part of my game that I would like to improve this season is my second shot, last year on more than one occasion I was under 50 yards from the hole after my drive and ended up bogeying.  Anyway, this is shaping up to be a great golf season for me!  Hopefully, I can get Erin to come out and play a few holes with me or at least meet me at Bootlegger’s after my father in law and I play at Mallard Creek.

We have two weeks of football to go until the end of the season.  This is Championship weekend for the AFC and the NFC.  In the AFC the Patriots are playing the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars and in the NFC the Eagles are at home versus the Minnesota Vikings who are vying to be the first team in league history to play in Super Bowl at home stadium.  On paper, it looks like we should just hand Tom Brady his 6th Super Bowl win and call it a season.  The four QBs that are left are Brady, Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, and Case Keenum.  If you would have said the those four would be the last four playing this year, you might have been committed.  We will start with the AFC game which I do not think will be as easy a walk for the Patriots as one might think.  Jacksonville plays great defense and if they can get Bortles to play like he did against the Steelers they will keep it close.  As Lee Corso says this one will be closer than the experts think!  The line is 7.5, of course, the Patriots are favored see below for the winner.  In the NFC, I think the Vikings are going to make history and play at home in the Super Bowl.  This one will also be close most of the game but after last week you have to think that the Vikings are a team of destiny.  The Vikings are also playing great defense and as long as Keenum protects the football they will win a close one.

Super Bowl LII will be The New England Patriots vs The Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota.

FF&E has struggled so far in the NFL playoffs, but there is no time like the present to make it up.  Here we go:

  1. New England -7.5 have to take the Patriots although I do think if Bortles plays it can come down to the wire.
  2. Vikings -3 and under 39 Minnesota’s defense is awesome and so is the Eagles.  I think Minnesota wins 21-7or something in that range.

I’ve never felt better about three picks all year, so you know what that means??  Let’s go 3-0!!

Bravo to my alma mater Kent State University in denying Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, from speaking at the campus.  At this time in our nation when we are widely divided the last thing we need is to give a guy a platform in which to drive a bigger wedge in that divide.  I am all for free speech but I am also glad the universities leaders made the correct decision by not giving Spencer a platform.

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