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Another weekend in the books with a lot to talk about.  I am going to start with the attacks on the NFL.  If you read Twitter or any news outlet they would have you believe that the players kneeling for the anthem are the cause of the falling ratings.  I am sure that it is a slim part of the rating drop, but not the major reason.  I will, as a veteran give my opinion on the matter as I have been asked to since this protest started, I’m not saying as a veteran that my opinion matters more than yours because it does not.  The reason I label myself a veteran is to disprove these talking heads that all veterans are feeling disrespected when NFL players kneel for the anthem.  I myself will stand every time they play the anthem but that is my choice.  That is what my fellow soldiers and I fought for was freedom.  I did not go to Iraq to protect America’s freedoms only to come back and tell you how to exercise those freedoms.  So whether you want to kneel for the anthem or want to feel disrespected by those that do kneel during the anthem, go ahead it is your choice.  Now on to the people that say if the players had another job they wouldn’t be able to get away with that, no they wouldn’t but they are blessed to be the best in the world at what they do.  People including the President of The United States were calling for owners to kick off the players that were kneeling.  Good luck with that the number one reason NFL owners buy a team is to win. I have used this example before, Tom Brady could go out and urinate in the middle of the field and Bob Kraft is not going to cut him. Why? He is the greatest QB of all time.  If you are really good at what you do and in this case one of the top 1% of all the people that can do your job, you can use that platform to stage a protest if you want.

What I really loved is when anyone wanted to point out low attendance at NFL games the first picture they used was Browns stadium as they were in the midst of a 0-16 season, surprise, surprise no one was showing up to watch that garbage.   Which leads me to the real reason for the rating drop, the poor product on the field and the fans are tired of watching one team always win.  I will touch on the latter first.  Dynasties are bad for sports, no one wants to watch one team and in this case, a couple individuals dominate week after week and year after year.  The Patriots are arguably the greatest dynasty ever.  In an era of free agency and the salary cap, they have worked magic to keep this well-oiled machine running.  Tom Brady taking a couple pay cuts also helped, but that is an example of a player recognizing and doing what needed to be done to win. When your favorite team, and in the NFL the loyalty to your team does not run as deep as it does in college football, is out of it most guys find something else to do on Sunday besides watch their team or another.   It is my opinion people are tired of watching the Patriots win year after year and that has led to a decrease in the ratings.

The next reason that the ratings are declining is the poor product on the field.  There are way too many awful teams to keep people interested.  The teams are out of the playoff hunt after 4 or 5 weeks and then you are basically rooting for them to lose the rest of their games to get the #1 draft pick.  In the NFL, you either want your team to be at the top or the bottom, to be in the middle is awful you are not good enough to be in the playoffs and you are not bad enough to get a really good pick.  Purgatory is the worst!

I’ll get back to more football talk when I give you winners for the Championship games.  On Friday I got home from work and little did I know that was when the physical work would begin.  As you recall we painted our house last weekend and this week we got new carpet installed in our great room.  Therefore, all of the furniture was moved out of the great room and in the dining room and now needed to be moved back.  My wife wanted to rearrange the great room so all the furniture was not going back where we had it before, this was a scary proposition as my wife tends to change her mind quite a few times before she settles on something.  We have this buffet that weighs roughly 1000lbs and she wanted it on the opposite wall.  I told her I would move it but it was not getting moved again for a month.  I moved it and by the grace of God she loved it, so it is staying!  Then I moved the rest of the furniture back to the great room too.  Also, by the way, cancel the Amber alert we found the Christmas plates!  They were in a trunk we had put them in last year when my mother-in-law gave them to us.  Backstory Erin wanted to use them about a month ago, and after we thought we had looked everywhere and had lost them, we found them.

On Friday, Erin made a perfect pot roast and it was delicious!  Go to her facebook page and take a look, she posted pictures of it, and why not if it doesn’t get posted it doesn’t happen right? She had carrots, onions, and a 5lb roast in the dutch oven for about 5 hours and it was fantastic.  She is traveling to New York this week and I am sure glad I have that for lunch/dinner for this week.  On that note Hank and I are going to be baching it this week, so say an extra prayer for us that we survive the week.  On Saturday Erin went with our sister-in-law Catey and her three daughters to Disney on Ice, I drove Erin downtown and then met my brother at Buffalo Wild Wings to wait till the show was over.  It was awesome hanging out with Pat just talking about life and different things, even though we have always been pretty different I always learn from him everytime we talk.  After that, we watched the NFL playoff game at our neighbor’s house and called it a night.  Hank, our dog was up most of the night, he was jumping up and sitting up straight in our bed staring out the window, so if Hank is up I am also up, thanks, Hank I’m working on about 2 hours sleep right now.

We got a Peloton bike and it is awesome!  I have done 5 classes on it and I have loved them all!  I forgot how much I enjoy a good spin class.  This coupled with curbing my sugar intake, you are going to see a new Charley in 2018!  I highly recommend getting one of these bikes if you enjoy riding at all.  In the winter it is awesome I jump on for 20-30 minutes and am done.  We set it up in the office so while we are riding we can look out the window, listen to music and the next thing you know you’ve ridden for 20 minutes and rode 5.5 miles!

After a successful bowl season, the NFL playoffs have not been kind to FF&E.  As we stand right now, we are 3-6 so far with a couple of brutal beats.  The AFC Championship is pitting the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the New England Patriots, who are a 9 point favorite.  In the NFC Championship the Minnesota Vikings at the Philadelphia Eagles who are a 3.5 point underdog.  These games are a little fresh and I will have some winners at the end of the week.  The QB matchups look like this Brady vs Bortles and Folk vs Keenum, who would have guessed that at the beginning of the season?

If you are looking for something to watch on TV tomorrow the Cavs are hosting the Golden State Warriors at 8:00pm on TNT.  The Cavs are a 5 point underdog.

No worries Pitchers and Catchers report in 32 days, on Fat Tuesday, February 13, 2018. Let’s Go, Tribe!!

Tomorrow is also the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a great civil rights leader.  Tomorrow is a time to remember as the great Dr. King said: “Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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