The Best Is Yet To Come!

This has been a heck of a year for the Peters.  Last September we moved into our new house in a brand new development.  After the first of the year, everyone else started to move in and we could not have asked for nicer people to live with for the next chapter of our lives.  It seems that every weekend someone in the neighborhood is hosting something and the whole neighborhood comes out to a party, it is awesome!  this neighborhood rallies together like nothing I have ever seen before. This summer a family was dealing with a particularly difficult time and the amazing women of Avondale mobilized like MacArthur in the Pacific theatre, providing meals and decorating the neighborhood for their homecoming.  The ability to rally together for a common cause is awesome and everyone is willing to drop whatever they are doing to help those in need.  Erin and I could not have picked a better place and neighborhood to live and we are thankful every day we made this choice.  If there is one thing my wife loves it is tradition, and on our wedding anniversary we like to go to Strip Steakhouse in Avon, Oh. At dinner, Erin and I were talking about the fun times we had in 2017 and outside of the things we did with our respective families, staying in the neighborhood and having an impromptu Memorial Day party or watching the Finals on Sam’s outdoor projector are some of the best times we had.  My favorite event of the summer was when we held Erin’s cousin Julie’s wedding shower at our house for her side of the family in Cleveland.  A couple hours into the party as I was making pitchers of margaritas I ran out of tequila.  I went across the street to get a bottle of tequila, thanks Greg, and as I come back Uncle Tim says to me “this neighborhood is badass, most people go borrow a cup of sugar but you went across the street for a bottle of tequila!” Looking forward to a great 2018 with some great people!

Last year around Christmastime we got an English Springer Spaniel named Hank.  This year has been a learning experience for all of us.  He is a ball of energy and drives his mother crazy most of the time.  About this time last year, he was going to his kennel every night.  Then one morning I took him out before I left for work and when I put him back in his kennel Hank began to cry.  So Erin says just put him up here, now he sleeps in our bed every night.  When we got him Hank was 6lbs now he is 45lbs and he still likes to sit on our laps.  Hank is the neighborhood mascot everyone knows him and he has been in everyone’s house whether invited or not.  Hank is in love and does not care who knows it.  Hank is in love with the boxer next door, named Millie.  When we let Hank out he will stare in their windows looking for her, it is a pitiful sight. When they are both out they love playing with each other, it is quite the sight.  We love Hank and are thankful for all the joy he brings to our lives.

This is my favorite time of the year, not only is it bowl season it is the battle for conference supremacy.  I happen to live in Big Ten country in the state with the best Big Ten team, Ohio State.  So, I hear it from all sides how the Big Ten has now not only as good as the SEC but now they have surpassed the SEC.  This is flawed logic since the Big Ten’s best team is Ohio State that has two losses and one of them by 31 to Iowa.  The SEC is as good as it has ever been and still the best conference in the country.  The reason people think that other conferences have caught up with them is that certain teams have, OSU since Meyer became the coach is as good as any SEC team and also Clemson is as good as any SEC team.  The conference as a whole be it either the ACC or Big Ten is not as good as a whole as the SEC.  The SEC is the first conference to have two teams in the playoff.  The SEC plays the hardest schedules in the country bar none, the only problem that I do have with SEC schedules is that they play a non-conference game before their rivalry week in November.  That is not a good look.  So, for now, I am rooting for an Alabama vs Georgia national title game to put this argument to rest.  I do have to thank my good friend @jaybird3452 for a great debate this morning on the question who is better the SEC vs the Big Ten.  He is very knowledgeable about the Big Ten which makes him awesome to debate.  Thanks, buddy, until next time.

Now for the winners, F&F&E went 4-1 between Friday night and yesterday.  That showing puts us at 17-14-1 overall for 55%.  So let’s keep the good times rolling!

  1. South Carolina +7.5 last time these two played a Michigan RB lost his helmet!
  2. UCF/Auburn over 63 lots of points and pretty cool Frost is staying to coach his team in the Peach Bowl.
  3. LSU -3 I think too many offensive weapons suspended for ND to score enough.
  4. Georgia -2.5 Too good on defense and the two best running backs in the nation against a porous defense. I do hope Mayfield is 100% though to make the game close.
  5. Alabama -3 revenge game and Alabama will establish the running game.  Clemson’s young QB will be in distress all night from Bama pass rush.

Here is looking to an all-SEC National Final game in Atlanta. Let’s go 5-0. Coming down to the end of the bowl season, it has been a very enjoyable bowl season.  Lots of close games and underdogs winning.  Next week we will have the NFL PLayoff winners.

When I was younger the annual New Year’s day feast included pork, coleslaw, black-eyed peas, and mashed potatoes.  Tomorrow we are having pork and sauerkraut at my mother-in-laws I can’t wait, it will be delicious.  Plus they do not mind if I eat in front of television since the Citrus Bowl is on at 1pm.  Go Irish!

Tonight is the big night, let me be the first to say congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Neil Patel.  Congratulations guys and I can not wait to celebrate with you guys tonight.

As I close the year I want to say thank you to all of you that read my thoughts twice a week.  I started doing this because I really enjoy talking about different topics especially sports.  I started writing in November and I have had over 400 people read it.  I feel so blessed that I have this platform to do something that I really love and that so many people read the blogs.  Thank you and I promise that I will have a new segment in the new year I think you all will enjoy.

Have a great New Years, be safe and see you in 2018!

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