Food, Family, Football, and more Food!

Sorry for the late edition but I think you will understand after reading the following.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one that leads to a lot of confusion.  No one knows what day it is or what the actual date happens to be.  I find this to happen especially when Christmas falls on a weekday.  Christmas and Christmas Eve and New Year’s and New Year’s Eve always seem like they are a weekend, this leads to the majority of the confusion.  Plus there is college football on the television each and every day and night which does not help when trying to decipher the date and day of the week.

My youngest brother Michael, his wife Kai, and their baby Teddy were in town the last couple of days.  They live in Boston and it is always a joy when they come to town.  My parents have stayed with us the last two days, which is interesting.  MSNBC has been on my television more in the last two days than it will be for the rest of the year.  I do not like the news media because it is slanted one way or the other.  The media is what is leading to the divide in this country, but I digress.  Although it does seem that  NBC only has about six people working for them, since the same people are on in the morning, noon, and night.  Last night was fun my father, my brothers Pat and Mike, and myself all went to Platform Brewery and had a blast.  It was fun shooting the shit and busting each other’s guts.  I know it sounds like BS but my three brothers and my father are my best friends and I can count on them for anything.  God bless my mother and I do not know a whole lot but I am 100% sure that when my mother passes and gets to the gates of heaven St. Peter will not even ask her any questions and wave her into heaven.

Having family in town means a lot of cooking for this guy.  It started with cooking the prime rib for Christmas Day.  The temperature was 14* which made it hard to control the temperature, but I was able to get it under control and the prime rib turned out great.

For the 27th I made 15lbs of pork for a family party for Pat’s daughters birthdays.  I made 1/2 of the pork Memphis style and 1/2 of the pork Carolina style.  They turned out great, as I was told by everyone at the party.  The cooking of the porks was a little adventurous.  Since it was 10* overnight making sure that the smoker was keeping the temperature at 250* was a little hairy.  I put the pork on around 5pm on the 26th and stayed up with it all night making sure the temperature held.  I was up every 2 hours after I went to bed to make sure that they were cooking correctly.  The first one was done around 5am and the second one was done around 7am.  At that point, I was up and couldn’t go back to sleep, around 12:00 we went to lunch at Slyman’s in Beechwood, which was really good.  After lunch, we went to Pat and Catey’s house and I promptly took a 2-hour nap, I needed it!  We had a great dinner and great birthdays for all of the girls!

God bless my wife, as my brothers, dad, and I were at Platform brewery, which is tremendous, she ordered us a Peloton bike.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this piece of equipment.  My plan for the new year is to ride this thing 5 times a week, I am told that I can do classes all over the world.  My plan for the new year is to eat better and get a lot more exercise so that, as Deion Sanders says, “You look good, you feel good, you feel good, you play good!”

F&F&E was not good this week, we went 4-6-1.  Which puts us at 13-13-1 for the bowl season, but good news, we will make it up this weekend starting today!

  1. USC +7.5
  2. Miss St +6.5
  3. Iowa St +4
  4. Penn State -2
  5. Wisc -4.5

Go 5-0 folks and let’s make money!

Watching the bowl games as they are happening, this UK/NW game had one of the most bizarre first halves I’ve ever seen.  The RB from UK getting thrown out was trash!  That referee should go officiate flag football if he thought that he was contacting the referee, especially when the ref initiated it!  The targeting call was unbelievable!  I have been around football for at least thirty years between playing and coaching.  Two things I have no idea about anymore are the targeting rule in college football and the catch rule in the NFL.

One thing that I would like to see changed is the final two-minute report that comes from the NBA office.  After the Christmas Day game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, they said that KD fouled LBJ four times on the last two drives.  Thanks, how does this information help us on Tuesday?  The Cavs still lost and now your referees look like idiots because they clearly missed those calls.  If you watched the game at all Jeff Van Gundy was going crazy because the NBA officiating was so bad.  That will be the last I talk about the NBA until the playoffs.  The NBA has the most non-competitive and meaningless regular season of any sport.  See you in June when the Cavs and the Warriors play for the title again!

Shoutout to my good friends and neighbors Neil Patel and Kristie Benson on their impending nuptials this Sunday.  I am looking forward to being in attendance on New Year’s Eve.  Here is to you two and many years of health and happiness! Looking forward to all of the good times we will have together in the future! Cheers!

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Happy New Year!


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