Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers and here’s to a blessed and healthy 2018!  In Jon Gordon’s book “One Word”, he writes about instead of making a New Year’s resolution which for most people, myself included, lasts about a week into the new year.  Pick a word to live by for the new year that is specific and is going to change your life.  Erin and I are going to commit to doing this, using the words Simplify and Health.  These two words for us go hand in hand, we love to commit to doing things with others whether it causes stress or not, a lot of the time it also leads to unhealthy choices that we make along the way.  Simplify will be the hardest to achieve because my wife and I are pleasers and are very social people and we love nothing better than saying yes to whatever plans arise.  The second word healthy is a great word for us, because although we both enjoy cooking at home, hence the title of this blog, admittedly we do not do this enough.  Cooking at home allows us to control not only what we eat but what ingredients go into what we are eating.  Here is to a healthier and simpler 2018!

Last night we went to church at St. Raphael at 4 pm the children’s mass.  It was jam-packed, we got there at 3:20 and was still not able to sit in the main church.  There is one tradition, if you will, that I am not of fan of and it occurs twice a year, at Easter and Christmas mass, people saving seats for their late arriving families.  Presumably, these people only attend mass twice a year, so why should they get a seat while there are weekly attendees sitting in the back in folding chairs.  There should be no saving of seats at mass, if you are unable to get there in time tough luck, that is the way of the world.  What got me on this rant was last night, there was this sweet elderly lady just south of 100 walking around looking for a seat and these people saving whole pews would not give up one seat for this poor women, so of course she sat next to my wife and I and she was an awesome lady to talk too.  So, next year do not save seats for your ungrateful and late son,  his wife who is hating life right now,  and their two screaming kids, give that seat to a kind sweet elderly lady that will appreciate it. The last point on this is there is nothing that fires me up more than when ladies are standing and there are able-bodied young men sitting in chairs.  Be a gentleman. do not let chivalry die!

Today is the day that I am making the prime rib and I can not wait! Last night I pre-prepped it by putting Himalayan rock salt all over it.  It has been in the refrigerator since about 11 pm last night.  I will do the final rub at 12:30 about two hours before I fire up the Big Green Egg. I will cover it with olive oil, the good kind from Olive Scene then put the rub on, I will use Three Little Pigs Memphis Style covered by All Purpose, also from Three Little Pigs.  I figure that it will cook for 2 hours and 20 minutes or to an internal temperature of 130*, for a medium cook.  Then it has to rest 20 minutes while I raise the temperature of the Big Green Egg to 500*.  The prime rib goes back on for 90 seconds at 500* then I will cut it against the grain.

As was on the previous blog my wife is pairing the prime rib with her famous roasted redskin potatoes and onions, ricotta and mozzarella stuffed shells, brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon and an opener of salad with truffle oil (my favorite salad of all time). I love holiday cooking and so does my wife which makes us a great team.

Shout out to my brother and sister-in-law for a tremendous meal last night.  We had flank steak marinated in a scallion based marinade, homemade au gratin potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, truffle oil salad, pureed butternut squash, popovers, and Catey made homemade Irish Cream for the after dinner coffee.  My sister-in-law Catey is one of the best cooks that I know and I have loved going to their house for dinners for the past 9 years.

My nieces Anna and Francesca turn 7 today and Pat’s daughter Norah, turns 4 on the 27th.  We are going to their house for dinner on Wednesday, I am making my delicious pulled pork for the occasion.  I am using a Carolina style rub that I got as Christmas present, thanks, Kai. I will put it on the night before since we will be cooking a 10-12lb pork butt.  I will inject the pork with the rub before rubbing it down in yellow mustard and sprinkling rub on pork.  Not sure what other sides Catey has planned for the dinner but as good a cook as she is I am sure they will be awesome!

Shoutout to the best barber in Cleveland Theo from Quintana’s Barbershop!! If you need a fresh cut see my man, master barber Theo!  Instagram @theodabarber @qbdsclehts

The speakeasy is awesome and Alex the owner is awesome!  Go see these guys I’ve been going for three years now and my brother Pat has been going for 7 years.  Check out their video:

F&F&E is 9-7 since the bowls started which is 56% wins!  55%is magic number to make money, so get aboard the money train!! Not making excuses but Toledo completely crapped the bed, when was the last time a top MAC team got shut out?  Also, FIU lost their QB on the first possession all downhill from there.  Here are your winners for this week:

  1. WVU +6.5
  2. Northern Illinois +5.5
  3. Kansas St -6 UCLA lost coach and will be scrambling, KState is always solid with the ageless wonder Bill Snyder.
  4. Southern Miss +16.5 easiest one of the season FSU is a disaster (sorry Geoff)
  5. BC/Iowa under 46
  6. Purdue +3.5
  7. Texas +2.5
  8. Navy pick em over Virgina (sorry John)
  9. Va Tech +6.5
  10. Wash St +2.5
  11. Standford +2

Lots of dogs during this week of bowl season, let’s go 11-0!

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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


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