Christmas Break!!

As many of you know I am a teacher and today marked the first day of Christmas Break.  This break is a great one as it coincides with the end of the first semester.  As I venture into the Christmas Holiday this is where I really get into the Christmas spirit.  At the Peters’ household, you can always hear the sounds of Christmas music coming from Alexa or see a Hallmark Christmas movie on the screen, my wife has me trained pretty well after two years.  This is the week that I try and convince her that Bowl Season is equal to Christmas and we should alternate evenings watching Bowl Games and Christmas Movies, I usually lose that argument every night,  I wish she could train our puppy, Hank like she trained me.  My entire life I have never had a real Christmas tree now I have one every year.  She even gets away with blocking the soundbar by putting up the garland on the mantle, now I have to get up every time to turn on sound and/or adjust volume.  My wife does a great job of decorating our house, it looks like a Christmas card! I do mean SHE does a great job decorating, about all I do is carry stuff up from downstairs.

Speaking of my beautiful wife Erin Peters, this week on the 19th marked our second wedding anniversary.  We had dinner at Strip steakhouse on Tuesday evening, let me tell you if you are ever in the Avon, Ohio area and are hungry, stop in at Strip you will not be disappointed!  Erin is not a big steak eater so we split a Tomahawk steak, steamed broccoli, she had a salad and I had lobster bisque before the meal, it was tremendous as always.  We have been together four years, and if you would have told me five years ago that in five years I would be living in Avon, Ohio in an awesome neighborhood, and having a dog sleep in my bed in between me and my wife I would have said you’re nuts! I would not change one thing about the last four years of my life, I have a wonderfully talented and beautiful wife, a great puppy, great place to live, great job, and as I’ve said before “If I knew being an adult was this fun I would’ve done it a long time ago!” I know you read this and I just wanted to say that I love you more and more each day!  Happy Anniversary Babe!

I am an admittedly terrible gift giver.  I love giving gifts but I am terrible at buying them early and keeping them until Christmas Day, which my wife wants to do.  I have already told her about two different presents that I got her, oops!  I love Christmas Day but I love Christmas Eve, even more, there is just something special about Christmas Eve.  In my family, it is usually when all the adults get together and pretty much reminisce about Christmas’ past and things that have happened over the past year.

Last night as a thank you to the guys that helped build the loft and workbench in my garage, my wife and I had them all over for a little dinner party.  Since I had my last day of school yesterday, and we were having smoked pork, I got up at 5:00 am and started the smoker.  After I got the temperature correct, I went and got ready for school. During the day Erin kept the smoker going at the correct temperature.  The night before on Tuesday, I prepped the pork with Three Pigs rub Touch of Cherry and put it in the outside refrigerator until the next morning.  I will only use Three Pigs rubs as they are one of Chris Marks’ companies.  Chris is a wonderful human being, my father in law and myself took one of his smoking classes last May at the Heat Exchange and during the class, he said follow me on Facebook and if you have a question ask me and I will answer it.  I thought it was just a ploy to get more followers but he is true to his word, I have asked him questions at least six times during the summer and a couple times on Thanksgiving Day and sure enough, he responds quickly and efficiently with the information I need.  I digress, we cooked the pork at 250* for 10 hours it was almost 9 pounds.  During the day Erin texts me and asks if we could make pork fajitas and of course I thought this was a great idea!  We had hard and soft shells for the fajitas, sauteed peppers and onions, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, and salsa.  I told Erin what a great idea she had.  We brought out the Margaritaville Margarita Machine, thank you Lafayette Berniards, and had a few Margaritas to go with our fajita/ taco bar fiesta night.

On Christmas Day I am cooking on the Big Green Egg a prime rib for my wife and in-laws and I think a couple neighbors.  Again after talking to Chris Marks on Facebook, I am rubbing the prime rib down with Memphis style rub and topping it with all-purpose, it should be excellent.  I took it out of the freezer today, four days before it will be cooked.  On Sunday, I will prepare the prime rib and put it back in the refrigerator till Monday.  On Monday, I will take the prime rib out of refrigerator two hours before it goes on Egg to get to room temperature so that it will cook more evenly.  The prime rib is a little over 5 pounds so first, it will indirectly cook at 300* for an hour and forty minutes.  Then I will take it off the Egg and let it rest for twenty minutes, while it is resting I will set up Egg for direct cooking by taking out the conveggerator and get the temperature up to 600*.  After 20 minutes I put the prime rib on Egg at 600* for 90 seconds, then it will be done.  I will post pictures on Twitter and Facebook on Monday and again on Friday’s edition.

If you have been taking or keeping track F&F&E is 5-2 so far in bowl week, 71% winners!  With one game tonight that does not look good so we will call the record 5-3, still 62.5% winners!  I called over in Temple/FIU game and FIU’s QB gets hurt on the first possession, it is 7-0 Temple in mid 3rd quarter I feel confident calling this one.  There are six games over the weekend and here are six winners:

  1. UAB +6.5 Love dogs and Bill Clark can coach ’em up! (Friday)
  2. Central Michigan/Wyoming over 44.5 Josh Allen is playing there will be plenty of points. (Friday)
  3. USF -3 Texas Tech cannot stop anyone (Saturday)
  4. Army +6.5 Love Army here (Saturday)
  5. Appalachian St/Toledo over 61.5 #MACtion=lots of point (Saturday)
  6. Fresno State +2.5 Take Dog here (Sunday)

That is all for this week, see you all again Sunday!! Let’s Go 6-0!

If you are looking for inspiration to wow your holiday guests we are pairing the prime rib with shells stuffed with ricotta cheese, salad with truffle oil, bacon sauteed brussel sprouts, and roasted redskin potatoes and onions.

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Merry Christmas!


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