Favorite Time of the Year!!

As I am writing this, my wife Erin, my dog Hank, and I are watching “White Christmas”, the old version with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.  We have loved this movie ever since I surprised her with tickets to see the play at playhouse square in 2014.  As she said her favorite gift I’ve ever given her.

Mount Union won their 13th National Championship on Friday in Salem, Virginia.  They beat Mary-Hardin Baylor 12-0, the second time in MHB’s football history.  Mount Union has an unprecedented dynasty with the 13 national titles all coming since 1993.  This brings me to my topic that I love talking about, the Kent State Football coaching search.  I have sent an email to Joel Nielsen, Athletic Director at KSU, asking what is going on with this search.  Coach Paul Haynes was fired November 22 and since then at last report over 15 people have turned it down. Vince Kehres should have been offered the job on Friday night after they won the national title.  If he wasn’t in Virginia Friday night he should have been fired Saturday morning. Nielsen is lucky he is at Kent because he is making a mockery of this coaching search the same as John Currie did at Tennessee.  A Cleveland.com report said that it was offered to high school coaches I would like to know which ones because if he offered it to the right one they would have taken it.  Northeast Ohio is some of the best football in the country and you could recruit from Toledo to Youngstown and put together a competitive MAC football team.  December 20th is the early signing day if they do not have a coach by the time I wake up Nielsen should be fired.  This is setting our program back years, in a conference where with one good recruiting class you could be competitive right away.  As an alumnus, I am disgusted by this botched search.

As the NFL regular season is winding down and the playoffs are taking shape, there was a huge game between the Patriots and The Steelers.  The fact that the referees can determine a game that will very likely determine home field for the AFC championship is ridiculous.  This video cost the Steelers the game:

In my book that is a touchdown and would have won the Steelers the game.  Once the ball breaks the plane of the goaline it is a touchdown.  One rule that the NFL has to fix is the “Catch Rule”, no one on this planet can give you a definitive answer when you ask what is a catch.  Among other things that the NFL needs to fix the first thing is the definition of a catch.  Although the playoffs are shaping up to be awesome!  The Jaguars are making an appearance as they clinched a playoff spot in AFC as two of the four divisions are locked up with the Patriots and the Steeler winning the North and the East respectively.  Right now the 3rd seed is projected as the Jaguars and the 4th seed is the Chiefs.  The wildcard is projected to be the Bills and the Titans.  In the NFC the Eagles are projected as the 1st seed and the Vikings are projected as the 2nd seed, with the Rams 3rd and the Saints 4th.  In the NFC the Falcons and the Panthers are the wildcard teams.  The NFC South will be represented by three teams, that is pretty impressive.  Nice to see that the playoffs will have some new flavor this year with the Rams and Jaguars both probably going to win their division.

The Cleveland Browns are still a dumpster fire!  They fired Sashi Brown and hired John Dorsey as General Manager.  Owner Jimmy Haslem made the statement that Hue Jackson will return in 2018 as the Head Coach.  This week John Dorsey said that Hue coming back may not be as certain as Haslem made it sound and that the regime before him did not bring any players that could play.  That has to make the younger players on the roster feel really good.  Now that the Marvin Lewis is stepping down after 15 years with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jackson may have a shot to go and be their head coach despite his 9-27 record to include an 8-8 season with the Raiders.  Jackson has been 1-29 so far in his stint with the Browns and I see no reason that 1-31 is not going to be the record in two weeks.  I have no idea who would come and coach this mess, the front office is a disaster and so is the roster.  The best thing that could happen to them is that the Haslem’s sell the team in the offseason and just start over from the top.  Next year will be a huge draft for the Browns as it sits now they will have two picks in the top 5, so they theoretically could get two playmakers that they desperately need.  Here is hoping the Haslems sell and the next regime can get it right for the fans of this great town.

After a rough start during the regular season, we went 3-2 on Saturday.  Troy/North Texas flew over at 50-30, Georgia State was getting 7 points from Western Kentucky and beat them outright 27-17, and Boise State getting 7 points from Oregon jumped all over them and held on to win 38-28.  The two we lost were Marshall getting 3 from Colorado State and beat them outright also 31-28 and the under in the Arkansas State game at 60.5 the game ended 35-30.  Every underdog won outright this weekend.  Remember that going forward. Here are the winners for this week as we have bowl games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  1. FAU -22.5 and over 64 Kiffin has these owls soaring on O Akron will score a few TDs late. (Tuesday)
  2. La Tech +5 See rule above love dog here especially against team that lost their head coach (Wednesday)
  3. FIU/Temple over 56 and FIU +7 Both teams will score points which means it will be close till the end and final will be less than a TD

There you go have a great start to the week and go 5-0!

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