Bowl Season is Back!!

Back to my favorite thing that I do, writing this blog.

I am going to address one Mr. Doug Gottlieb and his comments from Sunday after the hit on Tom Savage.

Gottlieb Tweeted that “High School Football would be dead in ten years.”  I for one disagree wholeheartedly with this statement, in fact, every year one of these media guys trolls every football guy with this take.  Football is a violent game and is safer now than it has ever been, even with the players being bigger, faster, and stronger than they have ever been.  The game is being policed closer than it has ever been, especially at the high school level, and being taught better than it has ever been.  There are a few organizations out there that are spearheading this movement to make the game safer and to better educate the youth and high school coaches so that the athletes and fans can enjoy their experience and be able to walk away from the game relatively healthy.  USA Football is a wonderful organization that is spearheading this campaign to educate coaches and to modify the game at lower levels so that athletes are not thrust into 11 vs 11 tackle football but work their way up to that so they and their parents do not become afraid of the game and they can work on fundamentals.  This is how the game is becoming safer and will be around long after I am gone.

Football is the greatest team sport that there is, and I defy anyone to challenge that assertion.  The lessons that you learn from the game are countless and can be taken with you throughout your life to make you a better member of society.  Football is the one class in school that they can not make easier, you have to be able to perform, there are no participation trophies.  In the state of Ohio, it is the only sport that every team does not make the postseason, you have to win your way into the tournament.  Football teaches you about adversity, we start practice in July when it is humid and hot and while your other friends are going to the p[ool you are out running sprints getting ready for the season.  Football is hard, it is a great accomplishment no matter how many games you win to finish a football season.  Football also teaches you about accountability, every player has his job to do and if one person does not do their job the play breaks down and you lose.  Accountability to your teammates means so much than being afraid of your coach yelling at you.  The worst feeling in the world is knowing that you let your brother/teammate down.  Football will make you mentally tougher, as there is nowhere to hide, you have to line up nose to nose with a guy for 60-70 plays and it is you vs them.  If you think you will get beat you will but if you have the attitude that I’m going to give 100% each and every snap no matter what, you will have a fighting chance.  I was in the United States Army Basic Training in 1999 in Fort Jackson, SC.  I believe in my heart of hearts that the only thing that had gotten me through the first four weeks when they are trying to get rid of the mentally weak soldiers,  was the fact that I was mentally strong after being trained that way during football in high school and college.  I would get the same treatment that everyone else did, doing multiples of push-ups, getting screamed at, and told I was worthless, but I was able to shake it off and move forward and I believe a big factor in that was I played football and was mentally strong.  This is the real reason football will prevail because the world needs football players.  We need tough people that won’t back down and will lead with character, and high school students learn that on the football field.  As Dabo Swinney, the Head Football Coach of the Clemson Tigers said, “The world needs more of what we have in a locker room.  Football players come from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and races and they love each other and all fight for the same cause.  The world needs what a football locker room has.”

We are on a one-game win streak so we are rolling into bowl season hot! Army pasted Navy last week 14-13 as a 3 point dog. God Bless those young men in that game, everyone on that field is a true winner.  That being said I am still going to collect from my brother on the 27th two cases of @PlatformBeers New Cleveland Palesner, my favorite.  So heading into the beginning of bowl season I’ll give you the first five winners this weekend:

  1. North Texas/Troy over 62 not sure either team can stop the other one in the air
  2. Georgia State +7 Always like dogs in bowl season
  3. Boise State +7 Always go against team that lost HC a week ago
  4. Colorado St -5.5 Don’t usually like favorites but CSU is good
  5. Arkansas St/Middle Tennesee St under 63 neither of these teams are impressive love under here

Now that the coaching carousel is over for the most part, by the way, what a couple of weeks that was, and early signing day is Wednesday, consequently the last day of school, before Christmas break, I turn my attention to my Alma Mater, Kent State.  What are you doing? Can we hire a coach already and one that makes sense?  A report that I read from Footballscoop, which if you want coaching information is the only source you need, Ed Warriner, the offensive line coach at Minnesota and has been at Notre Dame and Ohio State among others is interested, lock him up!! What is Joel Nielsen doing? According to reports he is interviewing and contacting numerous lower level coaches who have all turned him down, surprising.  According to the report, Vince Kehres is a target, awesome I am all on board with this hire.  He comes from the winningest D3 program anywhere and his father just got inducted into college football hall of fame.  Lock him up Friday night after they win another national title.  If Nielsen is trying to go cheap on a hire for the biggest program we have, his rear end should be fired tonight.  You get what you pay for!  I am not even going to give credence to the younger brother of Lincoln Riley they supposedly interviewed.  He has one year of on-field coaching quarterbacks at Kansas!  As I see it Nielsen has two choices, Kehres or Warriner, let’s get this done!

As we get into the Christmas season the food part of this blog will be a little sparse, but will ramp up in the spring and summer just hang in there, please!

Also adding a new segment to the blog, starting with next Friday’s blog there will be a ten question interview with a true football guy or a foodie or both.

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