We Sang Second and Other Musings

Yesterday was the annual Army/Navy Game in Philadelphia.  It was a perfect setting for this physical game snow and cold.  Army got the opening kickoff and took it down the field for a TD.  Then Navy got a FG and a big touchdown run from QB Malcolm Perry to take a 10-7 lead at the half.  Navy came out in the second half with another FG and Army closed the scoring with a touchdown for a 14-13 lead.  The game ended with Navy attempting a FG as time expired that missed wide.  The stats for the game were awesome as the two quarterbacks combined to be 2-2 for 22 yards.  Army had 221 yards rushing compared to the 294 that Navy put up and neither team had a turnover.  As Gary Danielson said on the call of the game on CBS, “there was a lot of action at the end of the half for a 10-7 ballgame.”  This game was a perfect ending to the regular season of college football.

Things happen during the game that you do not see every weekend in college football and we probably should.  For example, the Army QB called the sideline reporter, Allie LaForce, ma’am.  We as a society should hold these players to a higher standard, we should not be astonished when a young man is polite to a sideline reporter.  The other thing I saw on Twitter more than once was the astonishment that there were no late hits, no taunting, no one calling attention to themselves or pounding their chest, this is the way it should be every week.  This weekend was what college football should be about brothers playing the ultimate team game for each other and the name on the front of their chest instead of the one on the back.  The way this game was played should be the standard, not the exception, but we as a fan base have come to be satisfied as long as their team wins.  Winning is not enough, we should demand that our teams win the right way.  These coaches are paid way too much and are charged with the development of these young men not only as players but as human beings as well. We as a fan base should demand that the coaches and their programs be held to a higher standard and winning is not enough, but winning the right way and competing the right way should be demanded.

The Army/Navy game is a sight to behold from the Cadets and the Midshipman on the field in formation to the sight of them in the stands in their uniforms, but the greatest tradition is the signing of the alma maters after the game, where the loser sings first and the winner sings second.  This is the second year in a row where the Black Knights have sung second after singing first for fourteen years in a row.  The Intro to the game was one of the greatest things I have ever seen and it included a quote from one of the player’s father, “this is the only game where the guys playing are willing to die for the ones watching.”

I tweeted after watching the intro that, “I dare you to watch the intro without swelling up with pride!”  I am not ashamed to say that I teared up with pride while watching this, here is the link:

As everyone knew, Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma won the Heisman Trophy with Bryce Love finishing a distant second and Lamar Jackson, 2016 winner finishing third.  Mayfield completed 71% of his passes for 4340 yards and 41 TDs and 5 Ints.  As I stated in Fridays blog post a Quarterback will win the Heisman trophy since their stats are out of this world.

On to the coaching carousel:

Rating coaching moves: (Updated)

A+ Grade:

Dan Mullen to Florida

Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M

Scott Frost to Nebraska

Chip Kelly to UCLA

All top names that can burn up recruiting trail. Proven winners and program builders.

Willie Taggert Florida State even ole PK couldn’t keep him at Oregon, homerun for FSU incredible Florida recruiter that program will be back in business next year.

Scott Frost Nebraska another home run hire a stud young coach turned UCF from no wins two years ago to Undefeated and Big Ten West is not loaded, save Wisconsin, year in and year out.

A Grade:

Jeremy Pruitt Tennessee Unproven but comes from a lot of success with three National Championships

Chad Morris Arkansas He won at SMU hard to do, but that is nothing like what he will face in the SEC West

Mario Cristobal got hired at Oregon, Offensive Line Coach at Oregon last year and at Alabama from 2013-2016.  He was the head football coach at Florida International from 2007-2012.  It will be interesting to see who he can hire at Oregon for his staff and if he has learned from his time with Nick Saban.

B Grade:

Josh Heupel UCF Former OC at Missouri good recruiter in a fertile recruiting ground

Herman Edwards to Arizona State

Joe Moorhead to Mississippi State

Mike Bloomgren Rice Great OC at Standford hopefully can bring some of that mentality to Rice

Dana Dimel UTEP OC from Kansas State bring some stability and a great culture to a program that needs it

Good coaches see if these moves will pan out. Moorhead first time HC at big-time program interesting to see how his staff shapes up and how he recruits in South. Herman Edwards loved him on TV, he couldn’t wait to be back on sideline see how he translates to college kids.

C Grade:

Chad Lunsford Georgia Southern

Matt Luke Ole Miss

Jonathan Smith Oregon State

Steve Campbell South Alabama

All unproven guys and Luke feels like a lazy hire by promoting him from Interim.  The reason I feel that Luke was a lazy hire was Ole Miss hired a search firm, the same one LSU used last year and they hired Ed Orgeron who also was already on staff.  If you hire a search firm they should recommend someone outside of your staff and someone that will win the press conference as well as games on the field.  If I was president of a university and we had hired a search firm and they recommended hiring a coach that was already on staff I would have a few questions for the Athletic Director.  Why am I paying you and a search firm to hire a coach already on staff, why do you not know that he is best we can get?  Those would be a few questions I would have fo the AD at his exit interview.

I have to give a quick shoutout to my neighbors for helping me build a storage space in the back of my garage.  In about six hours, we built a loft that was 3’X11′ and a bench that was 2’X11′  it is awesome, and I could not have done it without them.  Thank you, Sam Tippy, Jack Tippy, Jay Farrar, and Tim Knotek.  Thank you I live in the best neighborhood with the best people, I owe you.

Today I smoked a 9.5 lb Creole pork butt.  I infused the pork butt with creole butter and rubbed it down with creole seasoning.  Then smoked it at 250* for about 13 hours and an internal temperature of 195* then tented it and let it rest for about 25 minutes.  As it was resting my wife made Brussel Sprouts in bacon and bacon grease.  It was a great meal of pork and Brussel Sprouts as we start on our diet for the end of the year.

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