Playoff is set!

A lot to discuss today, first off the playoff is set and in my opinion, the committee got it correct. The number one seed and the best team in the field is Clemson. I try to dislike them but then they post this video.

Man, I wasn’t sure about Dabo Swinney as an elite head coach but man that dude is a great leader and his team is awesome. I like Clemson and the way they play on the defensive side of the ball.

Number 2 is Oklahoma and they might have the best player left in the playoff I’m Baker Mayfield. This dude is biggest in their biggest games. He is going to win the Heisman Trophy next week. The only problem with them is they have a rookie head coach which might not bode well against at least two of the other coaches, Swinney and Nick Saban.

Number 3 is Georgia they may have had the best season of anyone, save one week. They lost to Auburn, who they beat in the SEC Championship game, and have the best loss of anyone in the country. Oklahoma lost ton7-5 Iowa State and Clemson inexplicably lost to Syracuse. I will touch on this later but I think committee judges bad losses more harshly than good wins.

Number 4 is Alabama which is 11-1, and their loss was last week to Auburn. Alabama top to bottom is the best team in the country. They also have the best coach in the country. They are a machine and the semifinal game in New Orleans between them and Clemson is going to be a war.

So I was correct in my prediction on Friday, I had Georgia, Oklahoma, winner of ACC (Clemson), and Alabama.

Onto the big debate of last night and today, Bama vs Ohio State who finished 5th. Alabama got in for three reasons I believe 1. The committee loves Alabama, 2. Alabama has one loss and it is not as bad as OSU getting housed by 31 at Iowa, and 3. Bama plays in SEC which is the toughest team for team conference in the nation. If you follow my Twitter timeline I was in a spirited debate with a good friend of mine, as stubborn as he is, @jaybird3452. A little backstory he is a huge OSU fan, the worst kind the ones that only see the good and never the bad, and he is a Big Ten hardo and legitimately thinks they are the best conference in the country. The problem with most Big Ten guys is that is the only game all weekend that they watch, so they have a slighted opinion. The reason I am good at writing this is because I try and watch all conferences to really be able to tell. Being a Notre Dame fan helps since they play teams from all different conferences and all over the country. Also, this gives me an experimental control watching Georgia, Miami, and Michigan State against the same team. To me, the SEC is the best conference still because they are top loaded and there isn’t a huge divide between top and bottom, whereas the bottom of the Big Ten is terrible. The argument is LSU got beat by Troy, Troy won the Sunbelt and will probably in their bowl. Nebraska got beat by Northern Illinois who is middle of the road MAC team and barely made one of the 41 bowls. It is a debate and I love it, which is why college football is great!

I believe the committee judges bad losses harsher than they give credit for good wins. If OSU doesn’t play Oklahoma and is 11-1 with that loss to Iowa I believe committee still takes Bama because OSU getting blown out at Iowa is way worse than 10 point loss at Auburn. I think the same thing happened last year to Penn State after they got housed by Michigan by 31, now that I think of it both PSU and OSU got beat by 31, don’t get beat by 31 and you’re in.

I will give bowl predictions every week, so let’s make bowl season profitable!

The coaching carousel is awesome, we have had 18 openings and half of them are filled. The story at Tennessee is the best story of the year, heck maybe the last ten years. Now that Phillip Fulmer is the AD the search is taking another twist. Earlier in the week, it was reported that they had a deal with Mike Leach, which would have been awesome but then they fired current AD John Currie and hired Fulmer. I think that it is going to be hard to find a great head football coach with Fulmer as the AD, the new coach will be looking over his shoulder all the time because there is no doubt in my mind that Fulmer wants to coach again. Basically, Tennessee has a Wisconsin situation where the coach will hav3 to deal with AD’s ego and wanting to meddle in the program. I hope it works out for them, I really do, but this has been a great story to follow.

Rating coaching moves:

A+ Grade:

Dan Mullen to Florida

Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M

Scott Frost to Nebraska

Chip Kelly to UCLA

All top names that can burn up recruiting trail. Proven winners and program builders.

B Grade:

Herman Edwards to Arizona State

Joe Moorhead to Mississippi State

Good coaches see if these moves will pan out. Moorhead first time HC at big-time Program interesting to see how his staff shapes up and how he recruits in South. Herman Edwards loved him on TV, he couldn’t wait to be back on sideline see how he translates to college kids.

C Grade:

Chad Lunsford Georgia Southern

Matt Luke Ole Miss

Jonathan Smith Oregon State

All unproven guys and Luke feels like a lazy hire by promoting him from Interim.

Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold for us. A prediction once the Giants fire MacAdoo tomorrow, they will hire Brian Kelly from Notre Dame. So another blue-chip job will come open.

This weekend I was at the Representative Assembly for the OEA and it was a great experience. We heard moving speeches by all of the Democratic candidates for the primary for Ohio State Governor. Two of them stuck out Betty Sutton and Joe Schiavoni. Betty was an attorney and a career politician that has made her mark by helping labor. Schiavoni is a lawyer and State Senator that has fought the illegal funding of schools, especially the wasted money on charter schools. After Saturday, football, food, and everything else is throwing our support behind Joe Schiavoni for Governor of Ohio. Please visit for more information and to help him win.

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