Championship Weekend and The Coaching Carousel

Welcome back to another addition to football, food, and everything else.  I love my Blog this is probably the funniest thing I do twice a week.  I do not have a ton of followers yet but I do appreciate all of the people that read this, so thank you very much.

As for the weekend, I am really looking forward to Sunday as that is when the playoff field will be set.  I’ve said for most of the year and I think it is going to work ou that the SEC gets two teams in the playoff.  Also, the Big twelve will get one along with the ACC. This is how I see the weekend going:

Friday night USC beats Stanford to win the PAC 12 and add some intrigue to the playoff selections.

On Saturday, Oklahoma takes care of TCU to win the Big 12 and all but wrap up a spot in the college football playoff.

Georgia beats Auburn in a tight game to win SEC and also securing their spot in the playoff.

Miami beats Clemson to win the ACC to secure their spot in the playoff.

Ohio State beats Wisconsin winning the Big 10 Conference title and putting them in the conversation for the playoff.

So after Saturday night, the playoff is three-fourths set with an argument for the fourth spot between Alabama, who did not play this weekend, Ohio State, Big Ten Champion, and USC, PAC 12 champion.  The committee is not charged with putting the most deserving teams in the playoff but the four best teams.  In my opinion, if you are going to include a 2 loss Ohio State team in the conversation then a 2 loss USC team also needs to be in the conversation. The arguments for the three teams go something like this:

-Alabama plays in the toughest division in the toughest conference and has one loss to the number 2 team in the country.  They are 4-1 against ranked teams and are the darlings of the committee’s eye.  Negative they did not win their conference or division.

-Ohio State is Big 10 Champion, and if they beat Wisconsin will have the same 4-1 record against ranked opponents.  The committee also loves the Buckeyes and having Gene Smith on the committee cannot hurt either. Negative got blown out by 31 by 7-5 Iowa.

-USC Trojans are PAC 12 Champions, and if they beat Stanford will be 2-2 against ranked opponents.  Negative PAC 12 is not a really respected league and they hit a mid-season lull.

After reading the arguments, first off I only included USC because now healthy I think they can play with anyone in the country but they will not get in.  So the argument is really Alabama vs Ohio State, I do not see how you can keep a one-loss team out and take a two-loss team.  It is essentially the same scenario you had last year with Penn State vs Ohio State and they took a one-loss non-champion OSU over PSU.

So, in my opinion, the playoff field will be:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. Georgia
  3. Miami
  4. Alabama

Will make for an interesting field Baker Mayfield vs vaunted Alabama D and Mark Richt sees his old team in the semifinal.  This is why I love college football!! I will pick against the spread later in the blog.

Now to the most interesting story of the coaching carousel.  Tennessee is essentially a dumpster fire, made by their fanbase and their administration.  I read a tremendous article by Clay Travis today about why and the reason the fanbase rose up when Tennessee tried to hire Greg Schiano.  It was a truly great article and had some really good points about how successful companies such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook use the data of the masses to keep their consumers happy and to keep giving them what they want.  This can work with companies that can use the data to ensure that the consumer will get what they want, it is an exact science.  I am not as convinced that this model will work for a college football team where you are dealing with so many variables and is not an exact science.  I am in total agreement with him that Schiano was not the right pick for Tennessee and that it is absurd that he was a candidate in the first place, but the problem I have with the Tennessee fanbase doing what they did, basically having a mutiny, is scaring off any coach that might come to Tennessee.  As of the last count, they have been through at least 5 coaches that have said thanks but no thanks.  They couldn’t even lure the guy from NC State, which might be the biggest slap in the face.  Guys are shying away from the job because of the mutiny, who wants to work at a place where the administration acts on the whim of the fanbase.  I know I wouldn’t want to work under those conditions.  Admittingly, I am not on the inside of the Tennessee athletic program, but Clay must be correct when he says the Haslams are running the department and putting their puppets in charge.  Only logical explanation why John Currie still has his job after the embarrassment that was Sunday night.

I have plenty of experience watching the Haslams screw up once proud franchises, they own my Cleveland Browns and have succeeded in only making them the laughing stock of professional sports.   The Browns front office consists of a lawyer and Jonah Hill and they are 1-26 in the last two years.  I am on your side Clay Travis and I think I just talked myself into your point, Tennessee fans revolted not because of the coaching candidate, but because they are tired of one family screwing up another storied program Tennessee football.  I am going to stand with you Tennessee fans and Clay Travis I am also tired of the ultra-rich taking control and putting their puppets in place and destroying things.  I also have a personal stake in the Tennessee hire as my next door neighbors are huge Tennessee fans and I would hate for them to suffer through another terrible season like the one that just passed.  I hope Tennessee does the right thing and goes to Pullman, Washington and offers Mike Leach same contract they offered Mike Gundy and they will get a winner.

On another note, if Arizona State hires Herman Edwards, which it looks like will be done this weekend.  I am going to become a huge Sun Devils fan.  That hire is awesome!!

Now for the winners of Championship week:

  1. USC -3.5 They are too explosive for Standford and Stanford is banged up
  2. Akron/Toledo over 57.5 a lot of points in the #MACtion Title Game
  3. UCF -7 Scott Frost is headed to Nebraska after he brings AAC championship
  4. North Texas +11 love the dog in this one plus Kiffin doesn’t like to cover
  5. Oklahoma -7 blowout TCU to get to playoff and Big 12 Title
  6. Georgia +2 this line is fishy Auburn beat them by 100 last time why is it only 2?
  7. Wisconsin +6 think OSU wins but it is close
  8. Miami +9 wins ACC outright

There it is let’s go 8-0!!! This is the weekend to turn it around.

I am going to post a poll as to which meat I should put on the smoker next ribs, brisket, turkey breast, or pork butt.  Please vote and I will probably vlog it again.

Happy 40th Birthday to my first sister in law @CFazP welcome to the club!

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