What a Weekend!!

What just happened this weekend, it started with number 2 Miami traveling to Pittsburgh and getting upset and ended with the biggest coaching hire/fire fiasco ever.  On Friday at noon, Miami traveled to Pittsburgh, where apparently ranked teams go to get beaten in November, remember they also beat Clemson last November.  That was really the only shakeup that happened on Friday and then Saturday happened.  At noon, OSU and Michigan kicked off and the Wolverines jumped out to a 14-0 until the Buckeyes tied the game at 14 by halftime.  The second half between a good performance from the two QBs at Ohio State and terrible QB play by Michigan OSU ended up running away with this one 31-20 and it wasn’t that close.  Everything else held serve Oklahoma won, Clemson blew out South Carolina, Georgia won, and Wisconsin won all leading to the last game that mattered Auburn hosting Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  This is arguably the greatest  College Rivalry regardless of sport and is the greatest College Football Rivalry.  Auburn was dominating from the outset and upset Alabama to win the SEC West crown and a berth in the SEC Championship game where they will play Georgia.  So next week is all set for the championship games where Oklahoma will play TCU in the Big 12 Game, Wisconsin will play Ohio State in the Big Ten Game, Clemson will play Miami in the ACC title game, USC will play Stanford in the PAC 12 game, and as mentioned above Auburn will have a rematch with Georgia in Atlanta in the SEC title game.  Should be a great weekend to decide the playoff participants.

My six teams on Tuesday look like this:

  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Auburn
  5. Georgia
  6. Miami

Next three out are Alabama, Ohio State, and USC. Will discuss more as the week goes on.

I will give you championship winners on Friday.

The coaching Carousel has been unbelievable to date, here is what we know for sure.

  1. Florida hired Dan Mullen
  2. Ole Miss took off the Interim tag and made Matt Luke HC
  3. UCLA has hired Chip Kelly

Today two more FBS jobs came open, in addition to Mississippi State when Mullen left for Florida, Arizona State fired Todd Graham and Texas A&M fired Kevin Sumlin.  With Mullen going to Florida, if Scott Frost goes anywhere it will be back home to Nebraska.

Now on to the dumpster fire that is the Tennessee situation.  The Tennessee fanbase led by ultra contrarian Clay Travis wants Jon Gruden to be the head football coach in Rocky Top so badly, they will not take anyone else.  Therefore, when it was reported that Tennessee and Greg Schiano, the current defensive coordinator at Ohio State, were in talks for him to become Head Football Coach Travis rallied his cronies to blow up John Currie, the Athletic Director at Tennessee.  He even went as far as to post his direct phone number on Twitter for the zealots to block this hire.  Then they dug up articles and put them out as truth that Schiano was part of the Penn State cover-up.  There is no evidence of these allegations being true, the fan base got so fired up that they went to campus to protest the hire.  As was last reported Tennesse back out of a signed and agreed to MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and UT might owe Coach Schiano some compensation, reported upwards of $20 million.

This is an amazing turn of events, one that a sitting Athletic Director hiring for a top twenty football job would let a know it all lead a revolt and cause you to be embarrassed in the national media by punking you and causing you to back out of your deal with the next coach of Tennessee.  Mr. Currie, you should resign tonight, your lack of a backbone and courage has done you in, admittingly I do not think Coach Schiano is the best fit for the Tennesse program, but that is my opinion and I do not have to make the hire.  You are supposed to be the leader of the Tennessee athletic program and your lack of leadership and ability to stand up for your decision, a decision mind you that you get paid handsomely to make is embarrassing, I am embarrassed for you.

Secondly, Mr. Travis who do you think is going to come coach this dumpster fire you have created?  No one that is in a secure position that’s for sure.  I would have liked to see what Mike Leach could have done with the resources that Tennessee has, but with these events, I would not go there if I was him.  Why would he want to go to a University that operates on the whims of its fanbase?  He might as well either stay at Washington State or go to Arkansas and win there.  Who is next, Frost isn’t going there, Campbell isn’t going there, maybe Sumlin because he just got fired?  This situation is going to force UT to not only hire someone they do not want as Head Coach but also a new Athletic Director.

This shows the power of social media and what one guy with an agenda can do when he has mindless followers that will do his bidding.  This should serve as a cautionary tale to all future Athletic Directors when they are making a huge hire such as this, play it close to the vest so that you do not have to deal with all of the excess crap when and if you hire a guy that is not the most popular.  Most fanbases and Athletic Directors do not care who is hired as long as they win the press conference.  The fans are more interested in the sexy hire as opposed to the hire that is good for the program.  As I stated above, I was not in favor of this hire but who knows maybe he was the only guy on the short list that would talk to them. Obviously, John Currie thought he was the guy to lead them and as a great leader does he should have stuck to his decision and not get scared by a delusional fanbase.  HEY TENNESSEE FANS JON GRUDEN IS NOT GOING TO BE YOUR COACH!!

Took the weekend off as far as cooking goes, after Thanksgiving.  I will be back on the grill/smoker this week.

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Have a great week and look forward to keeping you updated on all of your college football playoff and coaches changes.

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