Rivalry Week!!

As I sit here and watch ESPN College Gameday, I love the chaos that could ensue in the college football playoff.  Huge games today Auburn vs. Alabama and OSU vs Michigan, plus do not sleep on the Minnesota vs Wisconsin game.  These three games will go along way in determining the final playoff rankings.  This is why I love college football, every game counts and everyone talks about it all year long.  I love debates and this year is an all-time great one.  Although I have to respectfully disagree with David Pollack when he said that a 2 loss Clemson gets in over a 1 loss Alabama.  The committee is in love with the Tide and I feel that they would need at least two losses probably three losses to not get in and considered the favorite.  Clemson has a tough one today at South Carolina which would be disastrous for the ACC if they lose because then they would have to have Miami win the ACC title game to get a playoff representative.  Miami losing yesterday was not good for the ACC because they needed Miami to be undefeated to have a great case for a playoff participant coming from the ACC.  The ACC took a critical shot yesterday because their two championship game participants have a loss to a 4 win team and a loss to a 5 win team.  Not a good look for a conference that isn’t really strong anyway.  The more this is shaping up the playoff is looking like one team from the Big Ten, Big Twelve and two from the SEC, assuming Auburn wins today.  I will save my top six until the Monday post.

Speaking of Auburn it is unreal that Gus Malzhan has them in the position he does and there is legitimate concern he is going to Arkansas.  That would be something if he took a parallel move on the same side of a conference.   You would play the same kids you recruited every year, unreal animosity in those games.  As far as Arkansas goes my best guess for the next coach is Norvell from Memphis or Kiffin from FAU.  A job like Arkansas is a tough one to call because it is a second tier job and will depend on which dominoes fall before them.  The big domino that will fall this year is Chip Kelly, former coach at Oregon, the Eagles, and the 49ers and it looks according to reports will go to UCLA.  Jon Gruden is not going to Tennessee no matter how much their fanbase wants him too.  The FBS jobs that are open as of me writing this are:

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia Southern
  3. Kent State
  4. Ole Miss
  5. Oregon State
  6. South Alabama
  7. Tennessee
  8. UCLA
  9. Nebraska

With Kelly pulling his name from being a candidate at Florida that leads everyone to believe that he is headed to UCLA.  That is a great move by him in my opinion, he is a huge name on the west coast and PAC 12 is easier to win than SEC.  Florida will make a huge push for Scott Frost from UCF and if that does not work maybe Kiffin or Strong or Willie Taggert from Oregon.  Nebraska just whacked Mike Riley which puts a huge player in the Scot Frost sweepstakes, since he played there have to assume he will at least entertain the idea of returning them to glory.   Georgia Southern I think will be Ivan Jasper current OC at Navy, that offense is dangerous and difficult to defend, just ask ND.  Kent State, my alma mater, is a tough one.  You can win there, as proven by Coach Hazell in 2012 when they went to the MAC Championship game and lost a close on to Northern Illinois led by Jordan Lynch.  Maybe Coach Hazell will come back he is currently the WR coach for the Vikings or maybe think out of the box and get one of the great coaches in High School in Northeast Ohio, that way they can recruit the dickens out of NEO and keep some of these players at home instead of going to the other MAC schools and then beating us.  I think this would be a  draw for any of those coaches in high school right now because they have a fertile recruiting ground with relationships already established and being a state school will continue to pay into their STRS, the state retirement system.  In fact, as of this post, I am throwing my hat into the ring to lead the Golden Flashes.  Ole Miss is a tricky one especially if Mullen stays at Mississippi State because he is a great coach, but Ole Miss winning the egg bowl Thursday night probably went a long way in Matt Luke getting the interim tag lifted and becoming the Head Coach.  Oregon State reportedly is hiring current California OC Beau Baldwin, not sure of any information about him but he has had a hand in making California competitive again.  South Alabama not really sure but suppose it will be an up and coming Assistant with ties to the school.  Now to the big fish, Tennessee with all of the amenities that they possess they can draw a huge name, a few positives are they play in the SEC East which is an easier road to SEC Championship game and they have a rabid fan base which can be a blessing and a curse.  I like Mike Leach for this job always have he is a great personality to put in the SEC and he can win.  He won at Texas Tech, had them at #1 at one point, and he is winning at Washington State a tough place to win.  Would love to see what he can do at a traditional powerhouse with all the resources you could imagine.  Which brings us to the last one, UCLA and Chip Kelly the biggest name out there going to Pasadena.

Rivalry week winners:

  1. Georgia Tech +10.5 Home dog in rival game
  2. OSU -13 OSU wins by 3 TDs sends Harbaugh into 2018 squarely on hot seat
  3. Auburn +5 Home dog think they win outright
  4. South Carolina +13.5 SC can play some D and just enough O to make this close
  5. Washington State +10 PAC 12 North Title on the line
  6. LSU -10.5 Guarantee of the week what A&M administrators did by leaking the report that Sumlin is gone regardless of outcome is criminal.  LSU at home drills them.

We just finished Thanksgiving which was awesome by the way, hosted 50 friends and family.  Made three turkeys, one in the oven which we have since decided that we will not do next year.  One on the gas grill and a creole turkey on the Big GreenEgg, which in my opinion was the best one we had.  The Creole turkey was injected with homemade creole butter into the breast and legs.  Then rubbed down with olive oil and sprinkled creole seasoning all over the bird. We also stuffed the turkey with a half of an onion and a whole apple.  There will be a vlog coming on this creation tomorrow.  The grilled turkey is also great as it has bourbon poured all over it.  I love cooking and loved making turkeys Thursday, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  There are no presents being exchanged just great food and family and football all day long.

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See you next week as I am sure there will be awesome developments in the college playoff rankings and the coaching carousel.



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