As we approach the beginning of the Thanksgiving week, I feel that it is time for me to discuss all that I have to be thankful.  This Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful for my health, I was told of a story of a football coach from Vermillion that just dropped over dead at the age of 38 at The Winking Lizard, so sad.  That was a huge wake-up call that I need to do something to take care of my health so a tragedy like that does not strike our family.  The next thing that I am so thankful is my beautiful wife!  She works so hard for us to give us a great life and to take care of me and Hank.  I am also thankful for my loving family, to include the Peters, Berniards, and Cunninghams.  I am so blessed with the love and support that these people have shown me over my 40 years.  I am thankful that I have a great job that I love going to every day.  I get to work with fantastic people every day and get to interact with the youth of America every day.  I relish the fact that I get to influence and teach middle school students how to be productive citizens.  Lastly, I am thankful that I live in the United States of America.  One of the greatest things that I have ever done in my entire life was when I went to Iraq and served for this great country.  I am extremely proud of the fact that I can say that I am a veteran of the United States Army.  Now on to the lighter side of this blog.

As anyone could have seen this weekend the college football playoff standings were not going to get shaken up with the slate of games this weekend.  Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all won by a ton.  Miami got an early scare from Virginia before pulling away late and beating them by a couple of TDs.   Auburn won by 30 over UL Monroe and Wisconsin beat Michigan by 14 to remain unbeaten in the only game that had a chance to be good.  Wisconsin is really good, I do not care what their schedule says they are really good and if they finish unbeaten this year they should at worst be the second-ranked team in the playoff.  They pass the eye test and their schedule cannot be held against them, they can only play the teams on their schedule and they just so happen to be on the worst side of the Big Ten, so their schedule stinks.  The Big Ten title game is shaping up to be a great one between, presumably OSU and Wisconsin.

Thanksgiving weekend is rivalry week, with a lot of the rivalries having huge playoff implications.  The Iron Bowl, for my money the best rivalry in college football, showcases Auburn hosting Alabama with the winner going to Atlanta for the SEC championship game.  Interesting thought here if Auburn beats Alabama to win the SEC West then they go to the championship game and Alabam has one loss, is this the way the SEC gets two teams into the playoff?  Winner of SEC championship game goes along with Alabama.  I am of the mindset that Alabama is the favorite son of the committee, for good reason, and that they would need two losses not to be included.  Let’s say the SEC gets two teams in and OSU beats Wisconsin on the Big Ten title game so they do not get a team, that means Oklahoma assuming that they win the Big Twelve Championship game and the winner of Miami and Clemson in the ACC Title Game.  So here is my prediction for the final four:

  1. Miami I think they are the best team and they win the ACC
  2. Oklahoma They are sound and may have the best player in the country in Baker Mayfield
  3. Auburn They win the SEC
  4. Alabama The best team left

Sorry to get sidetracked but another great rivalry this upcoming weekend is OSU/Michigan, a question is this a must win for Harbaugh or does he go into 2018 on the hot seat?  Since his arrival in Ann Arbor, if he loses this weekend he will be a combined 1-5 vs Michigan State and Ohio State. Harbaugh makes $9 million a year and I’m pretty sure they are not paying him that to beat Indiana and Illinois.  Huge opener next year for them if he is on the hot seat as they travel to South Bend which they will see a much improved Notre Dame team week one.

Being that is Thanksgiving week there are three games on Thursday for the NFL.  A big game in the NFC North division Vikings at the Lions, the Cowboys are hosting the Chargers, and the Redskins are hosting the Giants.  Thanksgiving winners are:

Lions Pick ’em Home team always love the home team in these short week games when the line is close

LA Chargers +4 Getting points against the Cowboys banged up defense and they are missing their best offensive player

NY Giants +7 getting a TD vs the Redskins I’ll take it every time

To quote Jack Buck “Go Crazy Folks!”  Lets Go 3-0 Thursday!

College football only has one game on Thursday Mississippi at Mississippi State.  Mississippi State is a 15 point favorite at home, this is a tough one because Ole Miss has been getting better every week.  In the rivalry games take the points especially two TDs plus.  I like Mississippi +15 in the egg bowl.

To get us started this week we have some #MACtion.  The battle for the Wagon Wheel feature Kent State at Akron, this one hurts a little as I’m saying lay the points, 15 in this case and take Akron.  Paul Haynes is a great guy but his time at KSU is up I’m afraid, this program needs a shot in the arm and some new blood in charge.

Bowling Green is at Eastern Michigan and Miami (Oh) is at Ball State, also on Tuesday.  Take the over in these two ball games, it’s #MACtion!!

To Recap:

  1. Akron -15
  2. Miami (Oh) over it’s #MACtion
  3. Eastern Michigan over again it’s #MACtion
  4. Lions Pick ’em
  5. Chargers +4
  6. Giants +7
  7. Mississippi +15

There you go have a great Thanksgiving and let’s make some money!!

I will be making a turkey for Thanksgiving on the Big Green Egg.  First, on Wednesday I will inject it grid style with cajun butter and rub it down with creole seasoning.  Can’t wait to have this turkey I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing.  I haven’t decided yet but I may do a vlog as I prepare the turkey on Wednesday and cook it on Thursday, poll to becoming on Twitter. Also, if you are in the Cleveland area and need some BBQ catering contact me @WCPeters_1

As always the blog is brought to you by my family, for Roden + Fields see my wife @RodenFieldsECP, for @TB12sports supplements see my brother @mbpeters4, and for your employment law needs @patnd02.

TB12 Nutrition

See you on Friday with a preview of the weekend’s games!

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