Letdown Weekend!

After the big weekend that was college football last weekend and the shakeup in the college football playoff, this weekend leaves us wanting.  The SEC does this thing where at the end of the year they have a cupcake weekend where they play patsies that they will destroy in preparation for next weeks rival games.  For example, Alabama plays Mercer and Auburn plays UL-Monroe.  Clemson also plays the Citadel, I agree that you have to have a patsy in their somewhere but at the end of the season in the middle of the playoff season leaves a bad taste in your proverbial mouth.  In my opinion, the playoff rankings will not change this week unless Michigan can beat Wisconsin, but I do not see that happening.  All in all this weekend of college football is a dud.

The coaching carousel has begun with a couple of big-time jobs coming open, University of Florida parted ways with Jim McIlwain and the University of Tennessee showed Butch Jones the door.  As for Florida, all reports are that Chip Kelley will be named the Head Football Coach there in the next week or so.  As for Tennessee, I know their fanbase is clamoring for Jon Gruden but that is not happening.  A couple interesting names to watch are Mike Leach, a winner everywhere he’s been and won without the amenities he will have at Tennessee.  Matt Campbell, winning at Iowa State, this guy is a breed winner from his days at Mount Union to Toledo and now big wins at Iowa State.  I think Les Miles is also an interesting name to keep in mind, he could build a great staff in Knoxville and he would bring the style of offense that would remind the fans of the Phil Fulmer days.  Buckle up folks this is going to be a wild ride on the carousel this year I do believe!

Tomorrow I will be in South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame vs Navy football game.  This game is a special game and really what college football is all about, pageantry, two teams playing their hearts out with respect and honor for their opponent, and a mutual respect between the two teams.  The storied rivalry began in 1927 and has continued annually except for a few interruptions.  This game is special because during World War 2 the University of Notre Dame was strapped for cash, the US Navy made Notre Dame a training center and paid enough for usage of the facilities to keep the University afloat.  Notre Dame to this day is still the second largest commissioners of officers for the United States Navy.  My wife who hates cold weather and is not a super fan of football loves this game and what it stands for and all of the traditions.

A side note on the happenings of last weekend, Miami is really good and Notre Dame did not play well at all.  For anyone that wants to jump off the bandwagon, I say good riddance.  Brian Kelly is a good to great coach and he will be our coach for the foreseeable future  One day ND will win a primetime game and then everyone will want to get back on the bandwagon, I say you are either in or out no in between.  Go Irish!!

Now for what you have all been waiting for, time to bounce back and make some money!!  I have a mix of NCAA and NFL games for ya so here goes:

  1. Wisconsin -7 over Michigan Michigans offense is terrible, Wisconsin is good and is at home.
  2. Iowa State -8.5 at Baylor Iowa State is good and Baylor is terrible.  Iowa State scored 42 points against a good Oklahoma State team and had them beat and also beat Oklahoma and TCU earlier in the season.
  3. Oklahoma -37.5 at Kansas Jayhawks are that bad
  4. Ohio State -41 over Illinois see above
  5. USC -15.5 over UCLA in the battle of LA and QBs USC is much better.
  6. Patriots -7 over the Raiders
  7. Saints -8 over Redskins
  8. Eagles -5 over the Cowboys

There you go let’s go 8-0 this week!

A quick shout out today to two of my favorite high school football teams coached by some of my favorite humans, they are not just great coaches but great people too.  The Canfield Cardinals bowed out at 12-1 after a heart wrenching 13-10 loss to the St. Vincent-St. Mary Irish and the Olmsted Bulldogs bowed out at 11-2 after losing to the Avon Eagles for the second time this year.  Great seasons gentleman you have much to be proud of and keep up the good work! Cheers!

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