This weekend the college football playoff was shaken from the top. Number one and number three both got blown out while number two got a scare and number four escaped.  The Browns were the typical Browns and we have the recipe for the Cajun Turkey for next week.  Also, we will go to my winners, ahem or losers.

First, the college football weekend was something at noon I thought OSU would come out flat and MSU comes out flying high based on last weekend, but as Lou Holtz always says you never coach the same team two weeks in a row.  Wow, was I wrong I was watching the first quarter of the Oklahoma State vs Iowa State and then flipped to the OSU/MSU game and it was 35-0 OSU.  Looks like I was wrong on that thought!  Iowa State was not going to be allowed to win the game vs Oklahoma State.  They were up 8 with about 6 minutes to go and the referees called a penalty so that Oklahoma State had three shots for the two-point conversion.  Then at the end of the game, Iowa State’s best WR was in the end zone and gets tackled and no call. Iowa State ends up losing by 7 in a game they should have won.  At 3:30 the carnage began Georgia started off good and were up 7-0 in the 1st quarter and then it was all downhill from there.   Auburn ended up running all over the Bulldogs 40-17. Clemson beat FSU as expected, although I did think FSU would give them a scare and they did for a while but not near enough of a scare.  Wisconsin shut down Iowa a week after they scored 55 against the vaunted front seven of the Buckeyes.  Then at 8, the two games that had huge playoff implications Oklahoma vs TCU and ND vs Miami were both not very good games.  Oklahoma beat TCU by 18 and The U crushed ND by 33 in South Beach.

Admittingly, I did not watch much of the Notre Dame game Saturday night, my wife scheduled us to go to a comedy show with my brother and his wife.  It’s funny after the game all you read is how Kelly did this wrong or how people can’t believe he didn’t do this.  Most of the people have never ever called a play or experienced what it is like coaching a team sport but yet are experts from the couch in their living room.  How about instead of tearing ND and BK down give Miami and Coach Richt a little credit, they may have had a lot to do with how ND played.  The same people that praised BK for the last seven weeks and what a great job he did are the same ones tearing him down now.  Coaching is one of the only professions in the world where you become an idiot overnight and the people calling you an idiot have no idea what it is like to stand on that sideline.

As far as winners I gave out last week I was 1-9 .111%  Stay with us though folks the tide is about to turn.

The Browns gave us some hope but again against the Lions being tied 28-28 at the half even though they could have had the lead if they played the end of the half correctly.

Now for the recipe for the Cajun Turkey: (14 lbs.)


Creole Butter

Creole Rub




Set the Big Green Egg for indirect cooking at 325*F and put hickory chips on coals add more chips at least once.

Inject Turkey with Creole Butter in a grid pattern, rub turkey with the Creole rub.

Place apple and onion inside the turkey and set on the grid of Egg.

Cook turkey for approximately 3.5 hours, or until the internal temperature is 160*F.

Remove from EGG, tent with foil and allow to rest for 20-30 minutes.

Have a great week everyone and let’s get back on the money train this weekend.  Let’s go 10-0!!

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