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I have been chomping at the bit since my last blog on Monday to write this one today.  Topics we will touch on today are the Cleveland Browns, their fans, a preview of big NFL and College Football games, winners, and some turkey cooking for next week.  So here we go with another installment of food football and everything else.

The Cleveland Browns are a franchise in disarray although I do believe that they have a few things going for it at the present despite their 0-8 record.  One I believe they have an average to above average Head Coach and a good defensive coordinator, even though he is a bit crazy (bountygate and all).  I believe they have a serviceable quarterback in Deshone Kizer, I might be biased being that he is from ND, but nonetheless, we do not have an immediate need to draft a QB #1 next year.  I believe they have a competent front office although I think they need to bring in a football mind to go along with the analytics guys to make it a really good front office.  The reason I say this is because they have not taken fliers on draft picks and have stockpiled assets and in the NFL those are draft picks.  I will get to passing on Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz a little later subjects Browns fans like to bring up all the time.  I truly in my heart of hearts believe that the Browns are on the verge of being at least .500 and a playoff contender every year.  The Browns need to focus on weapons at the skill positions in the next draft.  Tall wide receivers and a big power back to complement Duke Johnson.  I know I’m an optimist but I believe the Browns are close to being a playoff contender.

Browns fans need to give up on the talk about Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, are they good? Yes because they went to teams as quarterbacks that had weapons.  If either one was on the Browns do I believe they are a better team maybe but they are in a worse position as they would not have the draft picks that they stocked up through trading those picks.  Carson Wentz went to a team that won double-digit games two years prior and Deshaun Watson went to the Texans that is in the playoffs every year.  The front office is doing a fair to a good job at stocking picks, but to be even better they do need a football guy in there to guide in football-related matters.  Browns fans need to be patient because, in my opinion, they are on the right track.

Now on to the weekend, we have a huge day Saturday in terms of college football and I love the fact that we have #MACtion all week leading up to Saturday.  Saturday every potential playoff team has a huge game.  The noon slate of games is a little lacking save two ranked vs. ranked games Michigan State is a 17 point underdog at Ohio State.  This game has huge implications for the Big 10 East race and also indirectly the playoff.  If Michigan State wins that looks great for ND since they beat them at MSU and virtually knocks OSU out of the B1G title game, bad for Wisconsin assuming they get there since OSU is a more marquee win then MSU in name only.  The other ranked vs ranked matchup at noon is Oklahoma State at Iowa State, Oklahoma State is a 6.5 point on the road.  Iowa State is an awesome story lead by an Ohio guy and Mount Union alum Matt Campbell.  This will game will go a long way in how the season is viewed by both programs.

At 3:30 there are 3 games with huge playoff implications, Georgia at Auburn, Iowa at Wisconsin, and Florida State at Clemson.  One at a time Georgia at Auburn could be huge but I think that Georgia’s strengths are the strengths that Auburn has and I believe Georgia is stronger.  Auburn likes to run the ball and Georgia stops the run well they held Josh Adams, statistically the best running back in the country, to 29 yards.  Georgia’s front seven is the best in the country and they are really well coached.  The line in this game is Georgia -2.5 and that seems a little funny to me.  Iowa at Wisconsin is a sneaky game Iowa on the road is an entirely different animal then when they are at home.  Wisconsin is a 12 point favorite, I will be interested to see what happens when they finally have to play someone.  Wisconsin has a horrible schedule and finally, they are playing a team that is credible.  The final game is Clemson at home vs Florida State.  On paper, this does not seem like much of a matchup but do not sleep on FSU they are still talented and well coached.  Clemson is a 15.5 point favorite but this seems like a game where FSU salvages a little of the season by spoiling Clemson’s bid at repeating as National Champions.

At 7:00 Alabama at Mississippi State, wow this could be the best matchup of the day.  Mississippi State is a 13.5 point home dog.  Alabama is banged up at the linebacker position and Miss St loves to run the football, this game has all of the makings of being a close game down to the wire.  Both teams are well coached and this could be the feather in Dan Mullen’s cap if he can upset Alabama.  Two games at 8:00, the defacto Big 12 championship game Oklahoma vs TCU on FOX can only hope Gus Johnson is on this one and then the new installment of Miami vs Notre Dame.  Oklahoma vs TCU the winner will more than likely be in the Big 12 championship game and thus still alive for the playoff and the loser will be out of everything.  Oklahoma is a 6.5 point favorite at home.  This game promises to be high flying and a lot of points, turnovers will decide this one.  The big game at 8:00 on ABC is The U vs ND, this is a huge matchup, with a win ND solidifies itself in the playoff and with a loss, they are out.  If Miami wins they are probably in the playoff and with a loss, they are out.  This is pretty much a must win for both sides.  ND is a 3.5 point favorite on the road which seems about right again turnovers win this one.  I bet no one saw this coming last spring a battle between Mark Richt and Brian Kelly in November with the playoffs on the line.  This was always one of the best rivalries in the country and thank goodness it is back with some swagger.


Michigan State +17 OSU still licking wounds MSU can win this game and OSU not blowing them out.

Iowa State +6.5 I love home dogs

Georgia -2.5 don’t usually like road favs but this defense is too good and 2.5 points are nothing.

Iowa +12 something about this team and not sure Wisconsin is good.

FSU +15.5 sleep on FSU at your own peril, this is a game they will be up for

Mississippi State +13.5 love home dogs and Bama is beat up.

Oklahoma/TCU over 61.5 Number never going to be high enough

ND -3.5 Best Oline in country and defense rebounds this week

Also, not a big game but my guarantee of the weekend is Texas -33.5 at home over Kansas man is Kansas bad. Take that to the bank, that’s a house bet.

Getting ready to cook a turkey next week for thanksgiving, I️ found a new receipe for a Cajun Turkey I️ am going to tryout. I️ love my wife and my mother but they hate change and me trying a new recipe for thanksgiving is driving them crazy! I️ will reveal the recipe next Monday, this recipe takes me back to my roots and will be awesome when cooked on the Big Green Egg.

A couple plugs real quick, skin care if you need it contact me my wife will get you some Roden + Fields.  Number 2, my youngest brother started to work for TB12 he gave me a few of their products to try and they are tremendous. Give them a try, pretty responsibly priced too.  Also, if you need any catering let me know.

TB12 Nutrition

Until Monday when we analyze the weekend, go make some money.




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