I’m Back!!

Thought today would be a great time to start back with my thoughts on different topics.  The first of those would be the political unrest in our country.  It seems to me that no one lives by their values and standards anymore, they just pick a side and argue that side whether they believe in it or not.  We as a nation are struggling to get things done because it seems in Washington that they would rather prove their idea correct rather than compromise and do what is best for the people most affected by their lack of leadership.  Leadership is a lost art today, people think that leadership is about everyone doing what you say, rather it is about giving people ownership and really listening to them.  I am tired of Washington, rather it is democrats or republicans arguing and fighting like middle schoolers and getting nothing done and the only ones that are affected by it are the citizens of this great country.  We need real leaders to step up and unite this great country of ours so that citizens can once again flourish.

Enough with the political rantings just had to get that off of my chest real quick. Now on to a lighter subject the college football playoff.  Admittedly, I am a die-hard Notre Dame fan, but I feel as though I am a realistic ND fan, which is like finding a unicorn.  To start with I will give you my top four heading into the all-important stretch run of the season.

  1. Georgia
  2. Alabama
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Clemson
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Miami
  7. Wisconsin

Georgia is number one because they have the most impressive win of anyone this year, beat Notre Dame on the road week 2.  This win becomes more and more impressive as the weeks go by and ND keeps steamrolling their opponents.  They also have the most impressive front seven on defense that I have seen this year, admittedly I have not watched much of Alabama since their games are usually over by halftime.

Which brings us to number two Alabama, they have made the playoff basically their invitational every year.   They have the best coach in the top seven.  If you make the playoff you would much rather play Alabama in National Championship game than in the semifinal, give Nick Saban that much time to prepare and it is not good for you.  They also have to be in the playoff hunt until someone knocks them off, they are just that good.

Notre Dame is an interesting case if Mike Elko doesn’t win the Broyles award that system is messed up.  ND’s defense was practically unwatchable the last two years, if the offense didn’t score 40 they had no chance to win and even if they did it was about 50-50.  This year with virtually the same players they have given up 20 or more points twice in 9 games.  The offense has been a great help to that stat also, a commitment to running the ball has done wonders cutting down turnovers and also keeping the defense off the field.  With the top three, they all have two things in common they can run the football and play great defense.  In my experience, if you can do those two things you have a great chance to compete for championships.

Rounding out the top four is Clemson, who I believe has to be considered next when you compare resumes because they are defending national champions.  They got beat by a better than average Syracuse team on the road on a Friday night.  They also play great defense and can run the ball, not as well as the top three but not very far behind either.  They also have a National Championship winning coach, and full disclosure I was not a Dabo Swinney fan but the more I see of him and his team I am starting to really be a fan of his.

Oklahoma, Miami, and Wisconsin are the next three should any of the top four falter.  Oklahoma has a great win Ohio State on the road week 2 and a bad loss Iowa State at home a couple weeks ago.  This is why they are sitting at number 5 after the 62-52 win over Oklahoma State in Bedlam.  Miami is next by virtue of their win over Virginia Tech on Saturday.  The U controls their own destiny as the play ND this week at home and then most likely get Clemson in the ACC title game, Miami wins out and they are in knocking out ND and Clemson in the process. Wisconsin is a little trickier since their schedule is so soft.  They do play Iowa this week, and will most likely have OSU in Big Ten title game, but they have to win out to be in and even then depending on how things shake out they might be left out.

A lot of football left to be played but this is the way that I see it as of now.  I think one thing we can all agree on is that the playoff is awesome for college football and I personally can not wait to see what happens in the next four weeks!

I want to touch on an issue that is coming up at the end of the season, the coaching carousel.  There have already been a number of openings already, Mississippi, Florida, and others to come.  As more jobs come open I will give my opinion on who I think would be a good fit.  As Big Cat and PFT from “Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports” say: “I will not talk about another man’s job!”

As the Thanksgiving season is now upon us, my wife like to host Thanksgiving this year I think the count is something like 50.  We are making three turkeys and I am responsible for one of them.  Of course, I am going to cook it on my Big Green Egg so yesterday I told my wife to get a turkey and I’ll cook it on there today so my first turkey is not Thanksgiving, that’s a lot of pressure I do not need.  Erin brined the Turkey overnight and I started the process of cooking it around 2:30 pm to eat at 5:30.  This, as it turned out, was not near enough time.  The turkey was finally done at 7:30, I had to refill the charcoal twice as I did not put enough in at the start.  The turkey, after all, was said and done was pretty good and thank goodness I practiced because now I know what I need to do next time to be perfect.  I am thinking about starting my own catering business, small at first and see where it goes from there.  I am thinking about parties of no more than 50 people and it would be BBQ for sure,  not sure if I am going to offer ribs, I know everyone likes them but they are a pain in the rear end to prepare.  I am going to offer pulled pork, my specialty, brisket, smoked turkey breast, and pork, along with a few sides like mac and cheese, green beans, and baked beans and a few other choices.  Let me know what you think of my idea.  Also, one more plug my wife has started to sell these skin care products for men and women called Roden + Fields, so if you need any skin care products do not hesitate to slide into my DMs, I’ll get her your order.

I am going to try and keep this going twice a week to start I will be back on Friday to preview the biggest games in college football and give some gambling advice.


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