The Week in Review

I think that I have found a format that I like, which is to recap the week and then finish up with a little football talk at the end.  After hosting the shower and smoking 27 lbs of pork over 45 hours, this week started with a little cleanup on Monday.  Meaning I folded the tables up and left them in the garage to be taken downstairs.  This week has been more about the news as apparently Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.  This does not seem like a very bright idea, but on the flip side it has allowed for some great discussions on what people think that the Cavs can get in return.  I’m not a big believer in insiders whether that be NBA, NFL or whatever I think a lot of them say a lot of outlandish things and every once in a while they get one right and they become an insider.  This could all be made up which I am in the camp of, or LeBron and Kyrie could be messing with everyone and really behind closed doors be best friends.  If the Cavs do trade Kyrie I think they need to get younger instead of always signing these broken down veterans looking to win a ring on the King’s coattails.  Which brings me to the next order of Cavs business, signing Derek Rose, at least it was for veteran minimum.  I love when a team signs a veteran with a history of major injuries and then tweets out the four highlights from the year before with the caption “He’s still got some gas in the tank!”  I am hoping he does and some how found the fountain of youth and can return to his MVP days for the playoffs at least, but I’m not holding my breath.  Back to the Kyrie trade I am hoping that with the signing of DRose maybe trade KI for Boogie Cousins and John Wall and then get Coach Cal to coach team.  That would make them 1000% better than last year already!

Last Sunday, what a finish to the Open Championship.  My man Jordan Spieth, what a finish.  The biggest putt he made was to save bogey on 13 then to come back and play the last 5 in 5 under, amazing.  Sidenote, my wife loves his combos he wears during the tournaments, I think I have every combination he has ever worn.  My game might be crap but at least I look good.  The eagle putt he made on 15 was unbelievable read.  Also I love to see him having a good time as a young man as evidenced by him ball tapping his caddie on way in and drinking out of the Clarrett Jug on the plane ride home with Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler.

Also on Sunday my wife and I went and saw The Big Sick, which was a pretty good movie.  The main character Kumail had some very funny one liners and the girl Emily plays a good part also.  Plus, it was good to see Ray Romano back out there again in something besides being a voice over in an animated movie.  I ill not give any of the move away here but I highly recommend seeing it.

On a positive note the Indians are on a roll, they have won 5 in a row and a couple of those in walk-off fashion.  Over the weekend the Tribe swept the Blue Jays two blowouts and a Frankie Lindor walk-off home run on Saturday.  Monday they beat up the Reds in a makeup game.  Then yesterday they jumped out to a seven run lead after the second inning only to squander that and be forced to go to extra innings tied at 7 a piece with the Angels.  Then in the 11th inning Zimmer lead off with a single then two intentional walks to Lindor and Bradley to load the bases and then Encarnacion hits grand slam to win it!  Here is the call from Tom Hamilton from last night

And Lindor’s walk off from Saturday:

For my money there is nobody better in baseball than Tom Hamilton, his home run calls are magical.  As good as his homerun calls are, his calls of regular plays might be even better, that man gets excited for routine ground ball outs but I love it!

Sunday was also the second episode of Game of Thrones in season seven.  This season has been a little slow with a few revelations in the beginning.  This episode showed us Khalessi and her alliance with the Doerns and the Tyrells.  Lady Tyrell tells Khalessi to be a dragon, in one of the greatest pep talks of all time.  Greyworm’s sex scene was odd since he has no junk, but good for him because that girl is pretty hot!  Sansa seems to be dismayed by Jon Snow leaving Winterfell to meet with Khalessi until he tells her that she is in charge until he gets back, then she seems ok with it.  At this point I am still rooting for someone to kill Little Finger, no words made me happier than when Jon told him that if he touched his sister he would kill him personally.  Arya finds out that Jon and Sansa have taken Winterfell back from the Bolten’s and is now on her way there to reunite with them, on her way back she runs into her wolf from when she was younger and they part ways.  I think this will serve to play a bigger part in future episodes the wolf will help Arya at some point.  Then it cuts to Theon, Yura, and Ellaria Sand in the bottom of the boat when Euron Greyjoy attacks and destroys Khalessi’s fleet and captures Yura and Ellaria.  When Euron has a knife to Yura’s throat Theon has a choice to either fight to try to save his sister or flee and let Euron have her, he jumps overboard to save himself.  Obviously the gift that Euron is going to bring Cersei is Ellaria who killed Cersei’s daughter.  I can not wait until next Sunday for the third episode, I will try and live tweet it.

As we come upon football season, I am going to write about a few things that are very near and dear to my heart.  They all fall under the umbrella of culture as they are the aspects of leadership, sacrifice, character, and team.  The first one I am going to talk about is sacrifice not only of the coaches and the players but also the families of those involved.  As a player,  my parents had to sacrifice a ton to get me to and from practices and games, especially when I couldn’t drive.  Buying  cleats and gloves and spirit wear for me, I cannot thank my parents enough for the sacrifices that they made for me and my brothers for us to play sports.  I remember as a youngster we never took family vacations in the summer, because one of us had a game every night of the week at Dover City Park and I do not remember my parents every complaining about taking us.  Now as a coach my wife makes a huge sacrafice for me to be able to do something that I love and to make positive impact on the lives of the young men of our team.  She often jokes that she is a football widow as one of our neighbors the other day made a comment about Where has Charley been? She told him to get used to it football is here you will see him Saturday evening and Sunday.  Which is true, I will leave before the sun comes up and be home around dark in August and September, the months after that I’m never home when it is light out.  I do not think it is said enough to the parents and spouses of players and coaches, thank you for making it possible to do what we love.

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