Game of Thrones, Pork Shoulder & Football

I figured now would be as good a time as any to start my blog, a great many things happened this weekend that I think you will enjoy reading about, but first let me introduce myself.  My name is Charley Peters, I am 39 years old, married with a puppy, Special Education teacher, and a varsity football coach.  I love my family and my job, we live in a suburb of Cleveland, which is awesome.  Enough about me and more to the point of what happened this weekend.

The weekend started on Wednesday actually with a trip to the butcher, who is fantastic, we picked up some meat brisket, pork chops, bacon and the crown jewel two 13.5lb pork shoulders that I would be smoking this weekend.  I got the pork shoulders home and little did I know but they came with the skin still on them.  Let me tell you this is not an easy process of taking the skin off, especially since I am not equipped with a filleting knife.  So I got out one of the good sharp steak knives and went to town, please do not tell my wife, this process took about 15 minutes at which time I was full sweat.  Then I injected the pork with a mixture of the rub I was going to use and water.  Once the pork was injected I rub the shoulder down with yellow mustard and sprinkled the rubs on to the meat.  I put in to our refrigerator outside for about 3 hours.  Then I proceeded to use the same process on the second pork shoulder.  About 6:30 pm Wednesday evening I started the smoker and let it go through its paces.  Once the smoker was ready to go I set the temperature at 250 degrees and let the smoker work its magic.  The first pork shoulder took about 22.5 hrs, during this time our wonderful neighbor boy came down to the house and helped me get the outside ready for the party on Saturday.  He mowed the grass, we re-mulched the beds, edged and weed wacked.  Then on Thursday, I started the next pork shoulder, but it did not get started till about 10 pm Thursday night.  Then on Friday as the pork cooked we cleaned out the garage and got it ready for all of the company that we were going to have at our house Saturday.  You see my wife loves to host things so she volunteered us to host a couples shower for her cousin.  Mind you her Dad is one of nine and seven of the nine live within 20 miles of us, so everyone is coming.  I think we thought 80 at some point but I believe at peak attendance we were closer to 70.  On a side note when we decided to build our house the only thing my wife wanted to do was host Thanksgiving, which we did for 35, I think this year the number will be closer to 50 and we still have 4 months for her to invite others!  So, the second pork shoulder was done around 8 pm Friday evening, I smoke them until the meat temperature is 195 degrees, and  I forgot to mention that after the shoulders are done I cover them in foil for an hour and then pull the bone out and shred the meat.  Friday night we have three different sets of cousins staying with us, so Saturday morning it was a packed house of women running around decorating the place, thank goodness all I was charged with was getting bagel’s.  About 11 am we boiled chicken broth and the rubs that I used on the pork poured them over the pork and stuck in the oven to warm at 250 for about an hour.  About 1:30 the family started to show up and then it got rocking, everyone at and I got a ton of compliments on the pork, some said it was the best they have ever had. I don’t know about that but it was probably pretty good.  Then the party ended and it was finally Sunday.

My wife and I woke up around 8:30 am something we never do, and went downstairs for coffee and breakfast and as it turned out a couple of movies.  We had been invited to a combination one and three-year old birthday party, you can imagine my excitement, and my wife God love her had told me Saturday night “how about you bring the gift over in the morning and tell them I’m sick?”  My response “No problem!”  Then Sunday morning she tells me she would like to go to the birthday party, you can imagine my dismay.  So we go to the party for about 1:30 pm, oh we watched a couple of lifetime movies in the morning, don’t worry they had happy endings, one I think a governess from Brooklyn ended up marrying the King of England, of course!  We got back from the birthday party and started to watch TV, my wife proclaimed she was going to bed at 5:30 pm, which was ok since I wanted to watch the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 before the season 7 premiere that night.  I had forgotten how great those two episodes were and what total bad asses the characters are in that show.  So me and Hank, that’s the puppy watched episodes 9 and 10 in preparation for season 7.  At 9 pm season 7 started with what can only be described as the greatest opening scene of a season ever, Arya Stark disguised as Lord Frey kills all of his relatives and men who had killed her brother and mother at the red wedding.  If that was not awesome enough she utters a pair of great lines to the girl she left alive: “Tell them the north never forgets and winter has come for the House Frey.” I believe Arya Stark is going to be a major player this season although I do not think she will sit on the Iron Throne, it would not surprise me if she did, I believe she will play a large part in who does end up there.  I am not sure the great amount of time spent on Sam who looks to be a librarian, server, toilet emptier, and basically does every terrible job at the citadel.  The Hound is slowly becoming a favorite character of mine, I hope that doesn’t mean he is going to die soon, he is growing as more of a deeper character than a killing machine.  Overall, I thought the season premiere was awesome and I am looking forward to an awesome season

As of today, Monday July 17th, my life will be consumed by mostly school and football.  I am a varsity football coach, I coach the running backs and the corner backs.  I love football as I have grown up playing the sport and now that I am older coaching the sport. This is my fourteenth year coaching football, not consecutively as I was in the army and deployed to Iraq but we will get into that at a later date.  As early as I can remember my father had us either at football practice or watching football on Saturdays and Sundays, it was just what we were supposed to do, even my younger brother who is not that into sports played through high school and even full pad intramural in college.  I am a huge Notre Dame fan and obviously a Browns fan also, hey even the Cubs won a world series! We have a camp day today and the rest of the week, then off until July 31st when two-a-days starts.  So with that being said I am going top touch on a hot button issue, head injuries and concussions.  People ask me all of the time if I had a son would I push him to play football, absolutely not, he can play if he wants to but if he wanted to play golf I’d applaud that decision also.  I played eight years of football and my golf game stinks!  Football is a great game and the lessons it instills in young men are far more valuable to them then the actual game itself.  The lessons of teamwork, integrity, respect, loyalty, courage and facing adversity are all lessons that football will teach you and that is why I would let my son play the game.  The problem I have with people is the ones that A do not have a son and say if they did they would not let them play football, looking at you President Obama, and I voted for him twice.  Or B people who made millions of dollars off of football and that is how they got their status talking negatively about our great game, looking at you Kurt Warner, if you don’t like the game go back to bagging groceries.  Hey whether you want your child to play or not is your business they are your child, you just don’t have to run down the game that you have profited so much from.

I think this was fun I hope you enjoyed it as you were reading it.  Please leave any and all comments on my Twitter feed @Coach_Peters1 Until next week as my father has always told us God put us here for one reason be nice to other people and have a good time!

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